Hainan Island Offering Cheap Housing and Fast China Visas

Hainan Island Offering Cheap Housing and Fast China Visas
May 16, 2018 By eChinacities.com

Ever fancied living a cushy life by the beach? China's tropical island of Hainan may be the door to your dreams. The southern province is offering subsidised housing and fast-tracked China visas in an attempt to usher in a million new residents by 2025.

The sun-soaked island, which currently has a population of around 9.3 million, is fast becoming the new poster boy for China's economic development, after President Xi Jinping recently declared it the country's largest free-trade zone.

Of the one million new residents the area hopes to attract by 2050, 200,000 are expected by 2020, and a large number will be foreigners, according to a plan released by the provincial government last weekend.

In particular demand are qualified technicians and other skilled workers from across greater China and abroad. All those fitting the bill will be encouraged to apply for permanent residency for their spouses and children as well.

The last major influx of newcomers to Hainan was seen in the late 1980s when thousands of Chinese migrated to the island after it was named a “special economic zone”. However, when the jobs and property bubble burst in 1993, large swaths returned home.

Foreigners can apply to five-year China work visas, which will be completed in just two days, according to authorities. Those under 40 with a bachelor's degree can enjoy a 1,500 RMB monthly rent discount, while those with a master's will see the subsidy rise to 2,000 RMB.

Last month Hainan's local government announced a ban on foreigners buying property on the island. However, this weekend it was confirmed that talented workers attracted under the new scheme would be exempt from such restrictions and can enjoy the same rights as locals when it came to property purchases.

See you on the beach!

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If the local restaurants get rid of the 3 menu policy, locals noodles 20rmb, tourist chinese 40 rmb, foreigners 60 rmb, somebody might actually visit the mafia stronghold. The Jinan mayor stopped tours there several years ago for this problem.

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