Foreign Woman Caught Sunbathing Topless in Qingdao

Foreign Woman Caught Sunbathing Topless in Qingdao
Aug 18, 2009 By

On August 12th, at around 2 pm, a foreign woman was seen (pictured on the right here) sunbathing topless at the Qingdao No. 1 Bathing Beach. She instantaneously became the talk of town and stirred up much buzz among the locals present. Some Qingdao residents thought that the woman had crossed the line, but many tourists present asked to have their picture taken with the topless woman instead.

“A foreign woman is sunbathing topless on the No.1 Bathing Beach!” At around 2 pm, a local resident Mr. Chu reported the '”scandal” to our news hotline 9663. Our reporter soon arrived on the scene and the beach was swarming with people looking to cool down in the hot weather.

We found the woman soon enough and she was seen casually heeding requests for pictures with local tourists. Even though many were pointedly staring at her, the blond-haired woman didn't seem at all bothered by the overzealous attention.

After a brief conversation, she told us that she's from Bulgaria and had been in Qingdao for four days. She thought that Qingdao is a beautiful city and had thought nothing wrong with her actions in choosing to sunbath topless – because it is indeed a “personal choice.”

“There are so many people around! This kind of public action is just vulgar,” said an elder man in his late 60s, shaking his head. “This might be the norm abroad, but it's a bit vulgar here.” Apparently, many locals thought the woman's actions to be too much out of the norm for comfort.

When we approached the managing staff of the No. 1 Bathing Beach about the matter, they told us that they've had several tourists bathing topless before but none so daring as to do so in front of so many gathered. “Our hands are tied,” the staff told us. Even though they've received several complaints from tourists and locals about the incident, there's little they could do to stop the woman as there are no actual regulations in banning this kind of public behavior.

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