Expats in China Take Note: These are the Most Expensive Cities

Expats in China Take Note: These are the Most Expensive Cities
Apr 20, 2018 By eChinacities.com

Expats in China who are finding themselves a bit strapped for cash can now choose where to live based on how expensive it is.

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The 2018 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, which has been compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit for over 30 years, is out.

As might be expected, the special administrative region of Hong Kong was ranked as China’s most expensive city.

It was also ranked as the fourth most expensive city worldwide, behind Singapore, Paris and Zurich.

China’s list then follows with Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian and Beijing.

China’s other first-tier city, Guangzhou, came in at seventh after Taipei, while Qingdao came in eighth.

The report looks at 400 price points of 160 products and services across 133 worldwide cities.

The list of products and services is specifically chosen in relation to expat, as opposed to local, living.

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Hangzhou is quite expensive, too.

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what is there left that this website can big up about China? not a lot. next article: China has the world's best space program

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