EF China Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student

EF China Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sexually Exploiting Former Student
Oct 20, 2020 By eChinacities.com

An American man who worked as an Education First teacher in China has pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a former student. Curtis J Baldwin from Springfield, Missouri, admitted to one count of the sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of receiving and distributing child pornography at the start of legal proceedings in the US earlier this month.

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The 47-year-old had been working for Education First in China but left his employment on November 20, 2019, before returning home. Baldwin then attempted to blackmail a former student, telling her via WeChat he had sexually explicit video footage of her. He threatened to post the video on the internet if she didn’t send him more content of a similar kind.

The victim’s father saw the messages and contacted Education First, who referred the case to the US Department of Justice. After Baldwin’s home was searched in March, a laptop containing child pornography, including multiple videos of underage Chinese girls engaged in explicit sexual acts, was uncovered.

Baldwin will now face sentencing of a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 50 years in federal prison without parole.

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An unethical and immoral act indeed. According to a press release from the US Attorneys Office of the Western District of Missouri, Curtis J. Baldwin, a 47-year-old American who previously worked as an English language teacher in China for EF Education First, pleaded guilty to one count of the sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of receiving and distributing child pornography. In 2019, a foreign teacher in Qingdao was arrested for allegedly molesting a young girl. The incident took place at a kindergarten run by RYB Education Inc.

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I Knew this guy and served with him in the Army for nearly 2 years in Germany 1992-94. Myself and a few other veterans from our unit reconnected on Facebook in about 2015 when he was in China posting photos of himself and a few different adult Chinese women. Then about two years ago he stopped posting and no Instant messages from him. We had assumed he just got caught up in censorship. Then a month ago his social media profiles were deleted and one of our former Sgt's got this message, "Excuse me. My name is Yichen Gao, a reporter from Southern Weekly in China. I'm looking for Curtis J. Baldwin. You know, he stayed in China as an English teacher for several years. I'm wondering, could you tell me something about him? How was him?" We thought the worst thinking he had been disappeared by the CCP and no one responded. Today I found this article and I spoke with that same Sgt. He immediately said he was not surprised. Baldwin was a frail-looking guy back in the Army and he was being discharged due to Scoliosis and he stayed around in Germany for a little while after divorcing his first wife. During this time he was "hooking up" with another Sgt's daughter of his wife, who was underage. A year later both of these Sgts were stationed in Fort Hood TX washing a vehicle on base and Baldwin approached them wearing civilian clothes. The one Sgt I spoke with thought he was there trying to patch things up with the daughter of the wife of the other Sgt. I spoke with the other Sgt who's now ex-wife's daughter was in question also. He said he never saw it coming and never had any problems with the guy. Regardless, those who knew thought it weird. That said i had no idea about his relationships and just thought he was a friendly frail-looking guy that I did not associate with. He pleads guilty and he deserves everything he is going to get. With a 15-year pedophile charge, he will not see freedom again. Springfield Missouri is an area known for the Klu Klux Klan and you can bet the state prison he is going to is loaded with them and Arian Nation members, as well as plenty of thugs out of St Louis and neither, have a very high tolerance of Pedophiles. I give him 2 years at best before someone kills him in prison.

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This is heartbreaking. As educationist, we should be preaching against such acts and not indulging in them. Well, I hope this serves as a deterrent to others.

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A great shame for his family indeed.

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Since a multiple of videos of underage girls sexual videos were found in his laptop, I wonder how many had this jerk exploited.

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throw away the key

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Disgusting pervert. There are many beautiful women to date in China so I don't understand this. I and many friends met their wives working in China. But it's not only bad Laowai doing this. South China Morning Post said: "Chinese courts heard 8,332 cases of child molestation from June 2017 until June 2019, the court said." .

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It is indeed terrible to read something like this. How I wish he is charged in China and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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While it is impossible to monitor the behavior of foreign individual when they are in China, The visa grading system actually helps to minimize bad apples. The biggest challenge is how to ensure these expat are discipline and behave ethically ?

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This is not something new, a friend of mine who is currently working in China told me, he knew that some of the expat are immoral that they cheat students to bed and exploit them.

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For some balance - here is one for you because you like to copy/paste links: Sexual misconduct by teachers: A persistent problem in the news: The news served as a grim reminder that sexual misconduct by teachers is a common problem in Chinese schools. In many cases, offenders are allowed to get away with their crimes because of a culture of covering up sexual abuse at schools, and the indifference of the authorities. In April, an unusually high number of stories about teachers engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior have made the news. https://supchina.com/2020/04/24/sexual-misconduct-by-teachers-a-persistent-problem-in-the-news-this-week/

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here is another link - you know, the sort of thing you like to post. Due to a lack of sex education in schools and parents’ reluctance to broach the subject, many children in China remain vulnerable to sexual predators. https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1005675/one-third-of-child-sex-abuse-happens-at-school%2C-report-suggests

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Your attempt to divert attention from main subject, should be complimented.

Nov 25, 2020 06:37 Report Abuse



Name a nation that is perfect in all aspect. You raised this question previously, perhaps it is high time that to consider does it add value to the comments in this article?

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ha ha. my comments above as as valid as all that you copy/paste as your 'answers'. Enjoy!

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"Minding your own business” might sound harsh, but in this case, it is actually a gentle reminder to stay in your own lane, so to speak you are not smarter by being a busy body.

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Being busy body isn't necessary smart , I can't see any valid evidence from word blow from your mouth rather than anything suit your personal agenda.

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how is what you are doing - copy/paste links, any different from what you are accusing me of doing? Is this how you behave when you are talking to someone who you disagree with? I am asking civil questions, but you are resorting to personal insults. Is that because you don;t have a reasonable or civil response to make? Why should i 'mind my own business' on a public forum? Just asking. And calling someone a 'busybody' (or any sort of name calling) reflects badly on the person who feels that have to use such language. It shows more that this person does not have a reasonable or logical response in a conversation.

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Blaming others may be an east way out. The truth is, everyone has a power and we can exercise it with free will and choice, but you choose by occupying your time by interfering on unnecessary things. Well, I hope there is a better way to describe a person, guess that may be the only best description on you, after you initiated with this time wasting reply. This can be long avoided if you just keep your mouth shut. Unlike You, I couldn't be bother spare time with whatever other had commented.

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I am enjoying our conversation. You are giving great insight into your way of thinking. Yes, this is entertainment for me, and also for many on this site. How am I 'interfering in unnecessary things' ? Please explain. You are not very good at answering questions, like most of the Asian people i have worked with.

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Why is it that when I read something like this, it’s almost always someone from EF? Last year it was a bunch of drug addicts, and now it’s a pedophile?

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that is almost always, 2 times!

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Horrific. As a father of young children myself, I hope he gets the maximum sentence possible.

Oct 20, 2020 15:58 Report Abuse