Dongguan Sex Clubs: Reporter Explores City’s Prostitution Underworld

Dongguan Sex Clubs: Reporter Explores City’s Prostitution Underworld
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Editor's note: The following article was translated and edited from a recent report published on The article describes the experience of a reporter who went undercover into one Dongguan's infamous sex service institutions. Dongguan has gained infamy over the years for its thriving underground sex industry that caters largely to its migrant worker population and visiting businessmen from Hong Kong. In a fascinating investigation into the heart of one of Dongguan's sex center, this article takes a look at what really goes on in one of China's main prostitution hubs.   

A reporter recently discovered that a website named "9 Sauna Sisters" (桑拿九妹) was posting large advertisements for "prostitute carpooling" (拼车嫖娼) advertisements showing the names of many Dongguan-based sauna hotels and "ISO service" clubs, as well as the various services and prices of prostitutes. Customers could also arrange a door-to-door service taking them to and from the establishments. Unsure whether or not these advertisements were real, the reporter began an investigation.  

Door-to-door prostitution service

Around 19:00 one evening, the reporter, under the guise of a tourist visiting Shenzhen, called a number advertised on the website, and got in touch with a manager named Wang. Asking whether or not there really was a pickup service for these Dongguan institutions, Wang immediately answered yes, saying that someone would be in touch within ten minutes. Not long after, the reporter received a phone call from a person who had been told by Wang to drive him to Dongguan.               

Around 20:00, the reporter arrived at a nearby hotel where Wang told him he would be picked up. After spotting two cars parked outside the hotel, the reporter approached the driver of a white saloon and asked if he was in the right place. After getting in, the driver informed him that they would also be stopping near the Meilinguan area to pick up another two clients from Hong Kong. Once these fellow carpoolers were picked up from another hotel in Meilinguan, they began driving on towards Dongguan.

A hundred clients every weekend

On the way to Dongguan, the reporter began asking the driver about his profession. "We are a team of about 20 drivers who have contractual agreements with various hotels in Dongguan. We're responsible for picking up clients from Shenzhen and other nearby areas, and make several trips to and from Dongguan each day. It's usually pretty quiet, but on the weekends we can get as many as 100 clients."    

The driver also told the report that the carpooling pick up service had been running for two years, and was mainly for the convenience of customers visiting or passing through Shenzhen. "Many people who want to come to Dongguan don't know where to go or how to get here, so after talking with a few hotels we came up with this pickup service. As long as you're in Shenzhen, we'll come and pick you up regardless of the time for a 120 RMB roundtrip."

"Our girls come and go all the time"

It was after an hour that the reporter arrived at the entrance of a hotel in Dongguan. After calling a service manager named Liu Mou, a polite young man came to greet them and escorted them up to the fifth floor of the hotel to a "talent room". The room was lavishly decorated with pink lights and a large circular table in the middle. The reporter asked if any of the girls pictured on the website were available. "Our girls come and go all the time" he was told, "they're all new. We already got rid of all those girls you saw on the website." According to separate reports, there are approximately 300,000 people working in the sex industry in Dongguan, with high levels of turnover as Liu Mou's statement suggests.

After taking a seat, a man dressed in a black suit standing next to the reporter spoke into an intercom, saying, "We've got customers, get ready". A moment later, a group of girls wearing flimsy, transparent clothes appeared in a line, winking and flirting in the direction of the customers. After seeing the two fellow carpooling clients from Hong Kong head up to rooms with the girls they'd chosen, the reporter announced that the girls were "not beautiful enough", pretended to take an urgent phone call, and left the hotel.        

"Completely safe"

"Our ISO service is completely safe," the reporter was told. After asking if there were many carpoolers like himself coming from Shenzhen, Liu Mou answered: "To tell you the truth, we're fully booked on the weekend, so between you and me, it's better if you come between Monday and Thursday." 

After expressing concern about being caught by the police, Liu Mou reassured the reporter: "Relax. Our ISO service is of the highest quality and is completely safe. Just relax and have a good time." 


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