Digging for Gold: London ‘Mistress’ to Help Chinese Women Find Rich Husbands

Digging for Gold: London ‘Mistress’ to Help Chinese Women Find Rich Husbands
Dec 17, 2012 By eChinacities.com

Editor’s note: The following was translated and edited from an article that appeared in the Chinese news site Information Times. It concerns a new business venture designed to teach Chinese women how to find rich—and reportedly, Western—husbands, the brainchild of a London woman who has made a successful career of doing the same.

London socialite Bienvenida Buck is starting a company to help Chinese women find rich Western husbands. The company, to be founded together with a Chinese partner, aims to provide relationship advice to Chinese women hoping to meet and marry rich Western men. 

55-year-old Spanish-born Bienvenida Buck, ex-wife of the late British Conservative politician Antony Buck and—more notoriously—former lover of Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Harding, has recently turned her entrepreneurial eye to the Chinese market. Buck has stated she wants to teach Chinese women how to attract wealthy husbands. At an exclusive photography exhibition in London, Buck told reporters, “I and a Chinese venture capitalist lady will give talks to women on how to find a suitable partner”. According to Buck, “A man needs to have looks, intelligence and status in order to be suitable.”

A veteran in the field

In the eyes of many British citizens, Buck is a classic example of a celebrity gold-digger. Born in Spain in 1957, she first entered the public consciousness in 1990 when she married the (much older) British Conservative minister Antony Buck, a relationship that ended after only a few years, but not before an infamous affair with Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Harding, whose discovery by British tabloids in March of 1994 forced Harding to resign from his position as Chief of the Defense Staff.

Though often labeled as a professional “mistress,” Buck has repeatedly denied the epithet and its suggestion of inferiority. “I like my independence, I do not want a man trying to control me.” In Buck’s personal philosophy of success, however, gender roles do appear to be quite clearly defined: “A successful man is the man who earns more than his wife can spend. A successful woman is the one who can find such a man.”

Mixing business with pleasure

Buck believes Chinese women are already on the right track when it comes to pursuing successful relationships: “The Chinese look at relationships in the right way, as if they are a business decision,” adding, “In Western Europe, we are still living in the dark ages. People believe in romance, but it is wrong. It is because they are stuck under the power of prejudice in this society.”

According to Buck, selectiveness when choosing a partner is just as important as it is in the corporate world: “In business, you shouldn’t just go to bed with anyone, and it is the same with relationships. I will be helping these women discover that.”

In justifying her reputation for pursuing rich older men, Buck has said “I like who I am. I can sleep with my conscience and integrity. I do not regret what I had to do to survive. I am proud of the woman that I am today.”

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Dec 20, 2012 13:24 Report Abuse



She has nothing to teach chinese. A her age She just envies chinese women. She doesn't regret? That's what she said. I think now that she can not seduct men anymore her scaming (entrepreneurial eye) can only work with women in China. Well that's also just a dream.

Dec 18, 2012 22:00 Report Abuse



That seems to be good idea, how to destroy China :-) men have no woman to multiply themself, that China die by sword :D But, why they do not help to find some poor husbands for them ? :D

Dec 17, 2012 13:00 Report Abuse



"entrepreneurial eye", hahaha! By that definition wouldn't activities like money laundering also be entrepreneurial? Okay I accept she's not doing anything illegal but even so. I suppose pyramid schemes and email cons are entrepreneurial - they're legal, kind of.

Dec 17, 2012 09:31 Report Abuse