Companies Offer Singles Working in China Time Off to Find Love

Companies Offer Singles Working in China Time Off to Find Love
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Single, working in China and no time to find a date? Changes could be on the horizon as business in one city start offering extra time off for lonely single employees to find love. But not everyone is starry-eyed about it.


News broke this week that a performing arts company in Zhejiang province, eastern China, is offering an extra eight days of paid leave on top of the normal Spring Festival public holiday to unmarried female employees over the age of 30. If they secure a promising blind date, the extra leave dates can be stretched farther, and those who get married before the end of the Chinese Lunar Year will get double their annual bonus.

The idea, spearheaded by the Hangzhou Songcheng Performance group that provides entertainment at Hangzhou’s Song Dynasty Town, has been hailed by some who say the extra time off will help unmarried older women, known in China as “leftover women”. However, others claim the move only increases the pressure on them and exacerbates the conviction that Chinese women should be married in their mid-twenties.

After receiving accusations of sexism on Chinese social media, a HR executive from the company explained that single male employees were not offered time off because they go on more business trips and therefore have more chance to find partners than their female counterparts, whose jobs apparently include more stage performance.

Meanwhile a school, also in Hangzhou, has committed to giving single teachers (of both genders) two extra days of leave a month to find love. The “Love Leave”, which was introduced at Dinglan Experimental Middle School on January 15, now compliments the school’s other programs of “Family Leave”, for employees with children under 18 and “Happiness Leave” for those with grown up kids.

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i guess its a good idea

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Why do I get the impression the men will spend more time doing price comparison of sex dolls rather than socializing, why is that my first thought? Hey Mom, while you are at the mall, pick me up a wife just like you, only 20 years younger, thanks.

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