Colombian Beauty Queen Faces Death Penalty for Drug Smuggling in Guangzhou

Colombian Beauty Queen Faces Death Penalty for Drug Smuggling in Guangzhou
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A Colombian beauty pageant contestant traveling to China was arrested when police found drugs hidden in her laptop in Guangzhou's Baiyun Airport.

Police reported that they found drugs hidden on Juliana Lopez when she entered the country on July 18. She has not had contact with her family but authorities have confirmed that she is in custody. 

If Lopez is convicted in China, she could face the death penalty.

Lopez traveled to China to purchase clothes and shoes in China for her shop in Colombia.

Colombian media has picked up the story and has interviewed Lopez's family and friends, trying to figure out why the beautiful, wealthy model would try to smuggle drugs into China.

Lopez lived in Medellin, Colombia and studied accounting in university. She also played in an amateur football league in the city. Her friend told Colombian media that, “She is a good girl, good student, athlete and model.”

“It is hard to imagine she would do such a thing because she did not need any money,” said Lopez's uncle. “She had a bright future and was paying her own way through school through modeling and working at a local TV station.” Lopez was to compete in the Miss World Medellin competition this week.

138 Colombians have been detained in China, 90% on drug trafficking charges.


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Poison pusher. You get what you deserve. At least if it's heroin. The news reporting is always short on details here. Why are all stories only a paragraph?

Aug 06, 2015 07:43 Report Abuse



meanwhile, foreign teachers in on campus housing puff hash purchased from islamic terrorists, and no one seems to care

Aug 05, 2015 15:51 Report Abuse



But she's beautiful! How can this be possible? China knows that the beautiful belong to the fortunate upper class. This definitely warrants a news article, unlike all the uggo's on death row. Being beautiful is a Chinese girl's most valued skill. It doesn't matter that she's otherwise unskilled, perhaps trying her hand as a beauty pageant contestant, a drug smuggler, whatever makes easy money. Nothing she can DO will undo the reality that she IS beautiful. She belongs with some rich tuhao, not on death row. That isn't who she IS. Static view of reality at its finest.

Aug 05, 2015 15:22 Report Abuse



Calvinism: your fate is decided the moment you are born.

Aug 06, 2015 16:54 Report Abuse



you never know what people can do for money. we all see these kind of things happen everyday but i think the girl must have been pushed or threatened to do so. maybe at the expense of her winning miss world or something we cannot yet figure...lets just wish her well

Aug 05, 2015 09:37 Report Abuse



Looks like she hasn't watched any episodes of Locked Up Abroad... But even if she is innocent and got framed how can she prove that she was unaware of those drugs in her stuff? Cause it might very well be the case that an other jealous competitor had the drugs put in her laptop somehow without her knowing about it :o People if you go to Peru or Colombia do watch your stuff...

Aug 04, 2015 20:11 Report Abuse



"Is this your laptop?" "Yes it is." "It's full of drugs. You are under arrest." "Oh no, it must have been tampered with. Those drugs aren't mine." Explain to me how you can still believe she was tricked.

Aug 05, 2015 15:27 Report Abuse



But why would she risk getting caught for a few grams of coke that she could put in her laptop? Where would she put the drugs in her laptop? In the DVD rom? Or maybe they took all the hardwares out and replaced them with drugs. That way they could have put in 1-2 kilos perhaps. Too bad the article didn't specify any details.

Aug 06, 2015 08:25 Report Abuse



Go figure!

Aug 04, 2015 18:49 Report Abuse