China's New LOHAS Revolution

China's New LOHAS Revolution
Apr 14, 2009 By

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Wen Xin, a second year university student heads to the nearest supermarket carrying a yellow cloth bag with the words for ‘Study the Good Example of Lei Feng’ stitched on the side. Wen Xin is just one of many students who makes her own environmentally protective bags.

Wen Xin is what we now call in China a ‘Le Huo Zu’ (乐活族), which is the transliteration from the English acronym LOHAS (Life Style of Health and Sustainability).

These LOHAS people are poping up everywhere in campuses all over Beijing. They are noted for eating healthy food and organic vegetables, for wearing natural fibers, using second hand and recycled products, cycling or walking everywhere, doing Yoga, listening to relaxing music and looking after their bodies. It is through doing all of this that they hope to improve their energy levels.

Wen Xin and a friend of hers opened an eshop on the Chinese equivalent of eBay, Taobao. The shops sells their customized environmentally friendly shopping bags, each covered in bright designs and with revolutionary style slogans stitched on the side.

Lin Lin of Beijing Normal University has signed up as customers of her shop. Lin Lin loves making clothes from natural fibers and has opened up a shop on the site Dou Bian Wang to promote not only her clothes, but also tree planting activities under the slogan: “The Earth is sick, we should heal it!”

Photo: fjny

Beijing University student Liu Xia has to cope with studies and an internship outside of class. The pressures of studying and working so hard at the same time are being to break Liu and she complains of sleepless nights and digestive problems.

Nowadays Liu Xia goes for a jog around the edge of Beijing University’s famous Weiming (No Name) Lake with classmate. “Jogging can help me get my head in order and I get chance to think about lots of things.” Said Liu, who claims that her new healthy lifestyle is helping her cope.

Yu Wen was a classic example of a young Chinese clubber. She would always be going out till all hours of the night letting off steam in the clubs of Wudaokou and Worker’s Stadium. However, after being ‘brainwashed’ by Liu Xia, she and her boyfriend have now become LOHAS people too. Now they get their kicks ridding their bikes out into the hills around Beijing.

Looking at the photos of their trip they organized for Tomb Sweeping Festival you can see what a good time was had by all. They all look so happy among the trees and under the blue sky.

It is now customary for a massive sale of all the second hand goods that the students who are graduating that year have collected during their time at university. This not only serves to make some money for the students on graduation, but also to promote the LOHAS lifestyle.


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