Burglar in Eastern China Foiled by his Stinky Feet

Burglar in Eastern China Foiled by his Stinky Feet
Mar 12, 2018 By eChinacities.com

A suspected burglar in Anhui province, eastern China, was foiled in his attempt to rob a house because of his stinky feet, according to reports.

The man, described as a “habitual and professional” criminal in a report by Kankannews.com on Sunday, took off his shoes after entering a house in the town of Lintou so as not to leave shoe prints as evidence.

While the man was searching the house for valuables, however, the property owner returned.

The alleged thief hid himself under the bed, but the stench of his feet was apparently so strong it instantly gave his hiding place away.

Although the man managed to flee his intended victim, he was apprehended at his home by police a few hours later and taken into custody.

Apparently he caused quite a stink about it.

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and his favourite food is stinky toe fu (ha ha ha, get it)

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