Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Calligraphy Lesson from Hangzhou Master

Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Calligraphy Lesson from Hangzhou Master
Oct 27, 2015 By

Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Beijing and Hangzhou this past week in his seventh visit to China. While in Beijing, Cook visited the Wangfujing Apple Store, and the Jinshangling Great Wall. In Hangzhou, Cook made a 10 minute appearance at the West Lake Apple Store to take photos with customers and staff, and then took a calligraphy lesson with renowned calligrapher Wang Dongling.

The last time Cook came to Hangzhou, he was impressed after seeing outdoor calligraphy near the Apple Store. On this trip, he specifically came back to Hangzhou and wanted to visit Wang Dongling to “study with a teacher,” during his short trip. 

“I first taught him how to write the character for “beautiful,” and then showed him how to write “goodbye.” Cook said that he and Wang chatted like old friends, and the lesson was very relaxed and happy. “We wrote on paper first, and then he took out an iPad to write.” Dong said that Cook’s calligraphy could still use a little work, and hoped that he could teach him again.


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Tim Cook should push for gay rights in China! The time has come to legalize gay marriage in China. It makes sense given the gender imbalance anyway.

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he taught him to write "getting your sorry butt of a China would be beautiful"

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