Was it a Scam? Woman Still Single after Paying 700K to Matchmaking Agency

Was it a Scam? Woman Still Single after Paying 700K to Matchmaking Agency
Apr 06, 2016 Translated by eChinacities.com

Editor's Note: An unsuccessful bachelorette is claiming all is not fair in love and war. A matchmaking company promised to find Gao her true love if she paid hundreds of thousands of Yuan, but they did not deliver. Or was she just too picky? Is it simply a debate between never settling and taking it as it comes, or is there something more sinister at work? If anything, has been settled, it's that money can't buy love.

How much is true love worth? When it comes to matchmaking companies, the question is often: how much money do you need to spend to find true love? A young woman named Gao recently reported a company to a customer service fraud hotline after spending over 700,000 Yuan on matchmaking services.

Despite spending a small fortune, Gao was still single, and was dissatisfied with the company’s services.
Gao said she wasn’t asking for much: she just wanted a man who was five years older than she was or less. She claimed that the matchmaking company had deceived her. She paid more than 600,000 Yuan upfront with a promise of meeting a man she could marry. However, all the men she met through the company did not meet her requirements. “I was tricked by the company, and now they will not return my money,” she said.

“We did not lie to her. She met 43 men through us but was unable to find true love,” said a spokesperson from the matchmaking company.

78,000 Yuan Membership Fee
Gao is a heavyset young woman in her thirties from a well-off family. She owns her own international electricity supply company. Gao sees herself as a “strong woman.” She was very successful in business but not in love. Gao and her previous husband divorced after disagreeing on a number of issues. She decided to turn over a new leaf in 2014 and try to find a husband. Gao turned to a matching company to help her out.

“I registered with Baihe in 2014 and sent in my personal information. Soon, a representative from the company called me and said to come in person to chat. I went to the office near Gucui Road and Wen’er Road in Hangzhou to speak to them. The representative said that to find a suitable match for me, I needed to pay the 28,000 Yuan membership fee and a 50,000 Yuan agency fee. They told me that higher fees meant better service, and it would be easier for them to find me a man with my requirements.”

Gao said that when the matchmaker started to show her men, she was not satisfied with the results. “I asked to be matched with unmarried men, with an annual salary of more than 800,000 Yuan, and an age difference of less than five years. The men I met through the service were divorced with salaries of 300,000…” Gao complained that the services of the matchmaking company were not acceptable after she had paid so much money for them.

Pay More for the Millionaires
In the end of 2014, Gao returned to the matchmaking agency where she was told that if she spent more on services, they could set her up with men who had salaries of over 100 million Yuan. Gao paid another referral fee to the headquarters of 600,888 Yuan. “I had already lost confidence, but they told me that they had men that definitely made over 100 million Yuan. However, after meeting four or five of them there was no way the agency was being honest- those men did not make 100 million Yuan,” she said. Gao asked for a refund, but the matchmaking company said that the money could not be returned but they would work harder to introduce her to suitable men.

The two sides had a few meetings, but did not solve their issues. Gao went to the media and went on television to talk about her bad experience with the agency, but they still refused to refund her money.

Scam or Just Business?
“This is something that has been overdue for a long time. I’ve even spoken with a collection agency to try to get the money back. The company did technically introduce me to men, but the 600,000 fee was a scam- how can they not return it? Now I am trying to share my story so others don’t get cheated.”

Yesterday, a finance reporter from QQ News visited the matchmaking agencies office. The person in charge was not there, but an employee surnamed Yao gave the reporter a statement.

“What happened was nothing like how she said it was. Why would she go on dates with 43 different men if they did not meet her conditions in the first place? She went on 43 dates and was unable to find love. She even found a collection agency to threaten us, and now there is a police record of the case. From our point of view, we have acted entirely in accordance with the contracts, and we intend to take legal action to solve the issue.”

Gao later read Yao’s statement and still claimed she had been wronged. “I always thought that the men I was going on dates with met my conditions…until I actually met them. This whole thing is a scam. The only thing left to do is to take legal action.”

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So few men that are unmarried are making 800k/month. THose that make over 100M are already married. This girl is already divorced. And many men don't want a divorced woman, since she is no longer 'fresh". A guy earning 300k is already very well off in China. And she is in her 30s. Men these days want 20s. Her expectation is too high.

Jul 12, 2016 11:58 Report Abuse



Just a greedy woman who deserves to be single. She's fat because she can't say no to that extra bit of cake and she's single because she can't look beyond a mans wealth.

Apr 09, 2016 04:17 Report Abuse



I would rather have gone travelling with the money she's spent....What if she does find someone after spending all this money and he turns out to be a total b*****d...Stupid,silly,daft money.

Apr 07, 2016 20:14 Report Abuse



How about trying to date the guy first and getting to know them better instead of constantly thinking of marriage

Apr 07, 2016 12:35 Report Abuse



Suitable men should make more than 800,000 yuan, according to this woman. In the second round the agency would select men making more than one hundred million. That's a Great Leap Forward.

Apr 06, 2016 19:26 Report Abuse



750k would have done it. She was just unwilling to go the extra mile and failed as a result. She doesn't deserve the sympathy

Apr 06, 2016 16:53 Report Abuse



liposuction woulda been cheaper

Apr 06, 2016 12:15 Report Abuse



God, what a dumb, insufferable bitch. She deserves to die cold, fat and alone.

Apr 06, 2016 10:43 Report Abuse



If a man was making 800,000rmb a year they would not need a dating agency. They would easily find some hot 20 something and wouldn't be interested in a 30 plus fatty. I guess she has gotten used to people always saying yes to her because she has money. It has perverted her view of the world.

Apr 06, 2016 10:11 Report Abuse