Hot Chinese Girls Fully Exposed…as Hackers

Hot Chinese Girls Fully Exposed…as Hackers
May 14, 2009 By

Hot girl on computer

Hot girls that become hackers are bound to cause a stir. Ages ago a famous Polish beauty Joanna Rutkowska wrote a massive exposé blog that made huge waves in the security sector.

China has plenty of hackers, but female hackers are few and far between and hot female hackers are even rarer. Stunning looks and technical ability have pushed Shanghai’s YingCracker in to the spot light.

A recent forum posting “Chinese Hottie Hackers” caught the attention of plenty of Netizens. A few days later I made contact with YingCracker. Her web space was filled with articles on hacking, the basics to get people started and free downloads of software on how to do simple things like change you IP address and wipe Office passwords etc.

Of course, not all the software is free, but YingCracker told me that she got into hacking as a hobby and also because she came from a less than well-off background and she wanted to use her skills to make some cash.

Hackers can make a living by selling their software creations and giving classes. For example, an ‘Ants Empire V6.8’ kit will set you back RMB 500, with prices peaking at RMB 2400 for some high-tech kits. Due to her amazing skill at hacker software writing, she has built up quite a fan base.

Hot girl on computer

From what I’ve found out, even the most low level IT student learns how to use Oday but it can take up to 3 months to master. YingCracker on the other hand will take you through the course quickly for RMB 4000. “There are loads of people studying this simple hacking tool, some for personal reasons, other for ‘chicken meat’ (controlling someone else’s computer) and others for industrial uses, hacking into foreign websites for profit.” YingCracker told me.

On top of this, she helps people crack software, for which she charges between RMB 500-5000 per job, the price depending on the difficulty, price of a legal copy of the software etc. She let me know that she can make an average of RMB 15,000 per month in the hacking business.

Apart from all the software downloads and recorded seminar downloads, YingCracker is also the host of a forum called ‘We Love Hacking Safety Group’. As far as she knows there are almost no other girls doing hacking and this forum and blog have allowed her to build up a huge fan base. She is known to many as ‘China’s No. 1 Beauty Hacker’.

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