From Gambler to Call Girl: Guo Meimei Confession Reveals New Scandals

From Gambler to Call Girl: Guo Meimei Confession Reveals New Scandals
Aug 12, 2014 Translated by

Editor’s note: Three years after dominating headlines for singlehandedly smearing the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China, Guo Meimei is back in the news; this time with a fresh round of scandal and misconduct. After busting a gambling ring during the World Cup in July, in which Guo Meimei was involved, police investigations blew the lid off Guo Meimei’s dark world, a world defined by prostitution, huge gambling deals and blinding vanity.

“During my time on the inside, I thought about the things I’ve done over the past few years and feel a deep sense of regret. When I get out, I’ll never gamble, show-off my wealth or do illegal or morally-compromising things again; I’m going to be a good person.” In a detention center in Beijing, criminal suspect Guo Meimei wipes away a tear of regret.

In recent days, Guo Meimei – a name synonymous with the “Red Cross” scandal, which overnight turned her into internet’s “bling girl” – has once again found herself caught in a whirlpool of public opinion. But this time the situation is far more severe than that year when she became “infamous”: On July 9,   Beijing police busted a gambling ring organized during the World Cup; a total of eight people were apprehended. The ring had opened a website outside of China which allowed people to register and illegally gamble via telephone, WeChat and other methods. Guo Meimei was one of the eight.

The news [of Guo Meimei’s arrest] triggered widespread debate among society. What else is going on behind the scenes? Who is Guo Meimei really? Where does her massive “power” come from? What’s the actual truth behind the “Red Cross scandal”? To strengthen the investigation of the case, Beijing police joined forces with public security organs in Guangdong, Hunan and other provinces. As the investigation deepened, a web of mysteries was uncovered.

100,000 RMB in illegal profits

Information from the police shows that  on July 14, Guo Meimei and several other suspects were detained by the Dongcheng branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Faced with large volumes of evidence, Guo Meimei confessed to participating in an illegal gambling organization during the World Cup and to organizing illegal gambling activities. She also confessed to a long-term involvement in gambling activities and to the crime of profiteering from gambling.

Police identified that Guo Meimei had a gambling habit and had made over 60 round-trips to Macau, Hong Kong and neighboring countries for that purpose. At the end of 2012, Guo Meimei met Mr. Kang, a foreign Texas Hold’em player. Their relationship quickly turned serious and the pair moved in together in Beijing. In February 2013, Guo Meimei and Mr. Kang began to make plans to open a gambling house in Beijing. With the assistance of a Mr. Lu, the pair rented an apartment for 19,000 RMB a month in a housing residence in Chaoyang District. Shortly thereafter, they furnished it with gambling tables, chips and POS machines.

“The first time they organized a gambling session, her foreign boyfriend kicked off a session with a Chinese partner. Guo Meimei earned over 70,000 RMB but thought it was too little. She said ‘women should be the house. Next time I’m going to call the shots’” From then onwards, Guo Meimei herself dealt the cards and put a professional in charge of the finances. She also sent invitations to “friends” via telephone and WeChat to invite them to gamble. She would take between 3-5% in “liquid funds”.

Early investigations determined that each gambling session hosted by Guo Meimei involved funds of over one million RMB. She herself siphoned off over 100,000 RMB each time.

A person surnamed “Zhu” was one of Guo Meimei’s “friends”. Even though they’d previously only met once before, Guo Meimei seemed like an old friend and always enthusiastically invited Zhu to attend the gambling sessions. “She would call me non-stop from 8pm to 1am, inviting me to attend a gambling session. She said we should meet and that she has lots of friends, many of whom are influential and famous,” said Zhu. Accepting Guo’s invitation, Zhu went to the gambling house at 1am. Even though Zhu told her that she didn’t bring cash or bank cards, Guo Meimei insisted on giving her chips. In just two short hours, Zhu lost 400,000 RMB.

“I said I didn’t want to play anymore and everyone stopped. I said I’d give her the money the next time but she said that wasn’t acceptable and that I had to pay immediately. Her foreign boyfriend took my purse and threw it on the ground. All the contents of the bag came flying out – a menacing scene.  Guo Meimei was vicious too, dialling a number as if to call someone to come.” To this day, Zhu is still frightened.

On that occasion, Zhu was forcefully held there by Guo Meimei and others until the break of dawn. She was only let go after she wrote an I-O-U for 400,000 RMB and went with Guo Meimei’s assistant to take out the money. Thereafter, Guo Meimei regularly assigned Lu to get the remainder of the debt back, threatening to shut down her workplace if she didn’t pay up. Right before Guo Meimei was detained, Zhu paid Guo Meimei 310,000 RMB in gambling debt.

“I think she’s really evil, unscrupulous and uses gambling as an excuse to scam people. This has been a bitter life lesson for me,” Zhu said. “I think the timing of the Beijing Public Security Bureau’s handling of the case was very good, otherwise more people would have gotten hurt.”

Massive debts and dirty games

Guo Meimei, who once showed off her wealth online, is now “the biggest loser”. Shortly before her arrest, she concocted a fresh round of sensational news. According to a Weibo post, Guo Meimei owed 260 million RMB in gambling debts in Macau and shortly after returned to Macau to pay off the debt. The post also claimed that Guo Meimei found a new “patron” who cleared half her debt on the condition that she strip off her clothes. Guo Meimei herself forwarded the post, together with a sweating smiley face. Shortly thereafter, police investigated the validity of the post and concluded that it was fake.

Guo Meimei confessed that during her time in Macau, she met a person in charge of a gambling website surnamed Jie. Jie made up the story about lending money to Guo Meimei in order to boost the website’s popularity. The two hit it off and as a reward, he gave her 400,000 RMB worth of gambling chips.

“When Guo Meimei came back from Macau she said that a big news story would break soon. She said she gambled in Macau and now owes a lot of money. In actual fact, she didn’t owe much money at all and was only helping her friend drive more traffic to his website,” Lu explained. Not long afterwards, Jie’s website published a post about “Guo Meimei losing 260 million RMB in gambling debts”. The news was quickly reposted on other major websites.  

“At the time, I was applying for a mortgage to buy a house. But because of the effect of this story, the mortgage didn’t come through. As a result, a few days after the post was published, I asked him to quickly delete it as it was already starting to have a negative effect on me,” Guo Meimei confessed.  

Guo Meimei said that at the time, Jie said that if he deleted it the media would think the story was fake and would therefore harm the reputation of his website. “As a result, they posted another fake story after a week saying that I found a “patron” who helped pay off half my debt.” Following this story, Jie paid Guo Meimei 100,000 RMB.

Guo Meimei also confessed that she signed a contract with a southern performance agency, which arranged a minimum of 50 “commercial nightlife performances” a year. She got paid 50,000 RMB for each performance and this was her main source of income. But police verified that Guo Meimei’s so-called “commercial performance” amounted to less than 20 a year and that she only used that title as guise for engaging in the sex trade.

“Guo Meimei would use numerous methods to find clients to have sex with, including the internet, connections and directly approaching people,” a police officer explained.

According to Guo Meimei’s confession, in July 2013 after receiving her set payment of 50,000 RMB, Guo Meimei flew from Beijing to Guangdong to meet with a man in a hotel. After receiving another 300,000 HKD, she had sexual relations with the man. After Guo Meimei returned to Beijing, the man transferred another 110,000 RMB into her account.

“She often told me she was going away to perform but when we arrived we were always picked up by a male stranger. In the evening, she would book a hotel room with the man and the next day I would pack her luggage for her. Each time she received large amounts of cash,” Lu confessed. “Guo Meimei’s life is a mess. Different men regularily spend the night with her; the majority were foreign men or Chinese men with lots of money.”

“Wants to restore the Red Cross’s innocence”

Netizens have been pondering whether the rumored “patron” and “background” is real.  Despite her twisted values- and the fact that she single handedly almost totally destroyed the reputation of a charity- this young girl has managed to come back from it. Who is her so-called “uncle” really? How much power does he have?

According to investigations, Guo Meimei was born into a single-parent family in Yiyang, Hunan Province in 1991. Her father had fraud convictions and her mother ran shower, sauna and tea ceremony services. Her aunt was detained on suspicion of prostitution and her uncle was sentenced on drug dealing charges.

Guo Meimei lived with her mother from her early childhood and from 2006 onwards studied in Shenzhen, Yiyang and other cities. From September 2008 to September 2009, she took a performance course at the Beijing Film Academy, and upon graduation moved in to a rented apartment with others to begin her life as a “northern drifter”. She mainly relied on small roles and her mother’s support to survive, before meeting a Shenzhen businessman surnamed Wang in 2010.

46 year old Wang came from Shenzhen in Guangdong Province and invested in real estate shares and other funds – this man became one of the key people in the “Red Cross scandal” in 2011.  On July 24, Wang was arrested and detained by Beijing police on suspicion of criminal offenses.

“In August 2008, I asked a friend to introduce a girl to me for some fun; the friend introduced me to Guo Meimei. Guo Meimei flew from Beijing to Shenzhen and I arranged a hotel for her. On the second day we had sex and she demanded 30,000 RMB. From then onwards, whenever she wanted money she would come looking for me from Beijing. I would arrange board and lodging and give her 50,000 RMB each time, a nurturing fee so to say,” Wang confessed.

“She demanded that I buy her a sports car as a birthday present; if I didn’t, she would sever ties with me. In the end, I gave her 2.4 million RMB to go buy a car,” Wang admitted. “She knew I had a wife and kids but she wanted my money; I was drawn to her youth. Each had their own desires.”

How did Guo Meimei get involved with the Red Cross? “A friend – Mr. Wang – bought a company in Beijing called Zhonghong Bo’ai. I invested a 10% share of five million RMB.” Wang stated that the company was launching a project with the Commerce Sector of the Red Cross, that bought cars to provide free medical services to old people in communities. The cars were marked with Red Cross signs as a means to attract profits from advertising.

“One time, Mr. Wang told me that the company is looking for staff; Guo Meimei overheard him and said she wanted the job. In the end she said she wanted to be the CEO. At the time, I didn’t know what a CEO was and just laughed and said she can be anything she wants,” Wang remembers.

Guo Meimei said: “A few days after striking the job deal, I was on Weibo and suddenly remembered that sentence he said. Out of vanity, I posted the Weibo. I was ignorant and didn’t know that the Red Cross was such a large charity organization…”

To show off her capital, Guo Meimei changed her verified Weibo status from “performer/singer” to “general manager of the Chinese Red Cross Chamber of Commerce” and posted pictures of luxury cars and goods. She used herself and Zhonghong Bo’ai company – which were unrelated to the Red Cross – to drag the Red Cross into a whirlpool of controversy and credibility crisis. This massive internet situation caused the project to fail and Wang and Guo ended their relationship.

Guo Meimei became famous overnight. During interviews with the media, Guo Meimei referred to Wang as her “nominal father”. “After my mother finished filming an episode she asked me how I managed to get a “nominal father”?” “At the time I was only 19 and shy that my boyfriend was that much older than me. So I said he was my “nominal father”;  never did I expect that the more was said the murkier things got.”

“I’ve never met anyone as vain as that; she did anything to become famous and rich. The Red Cross’s reputation was gravely damaged because of her; because of her, it was ruined.” Talking about this incident today, Wang is full of regrets: “Guo Meimei is the biggest nightmare of my life!”

Guo Meimei expressed regret after the “Red Cross scandal”. “Actually my friends, ex boyfriend and I weren’t employees at the Red Cross. I don’t even know any Red Cross employees. Because of my vanity, I made a huge mistake, damaging the reputation of the Red Cross over the last couple of years. Now saying sorry isn’t even enough to express my regrets.”

“Today I wanted to use this opportunity to clear up some things, to speak the truth and to repair the damage I caused to the Red Cross. I want to sincerely apologize to the Red Cross, I’m really sorry. I also want to apologize to the public, and even more so to those people who can’t get help…” saying these words, Guo Meimei cries and drops her head.

Regardless of whether it’s about the Red Cross or the 260 million RMB debt issue, the online film titled: “My name is Guo Meimei”, or stories about her mother flying over from Japan to help with police investigations after her arrest; police have discovered that there are behind-the-scene forces trying to create a stir about Guo Meimei. Police are currently conducting intensive investigations into the matter as well.


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