From Cooks to Flight Attendants: China’s Top 11 Professions with the Most Singles

From Cooks to Flight Attendants: China’s Top 11 Professions with the Most Singles
Nov 06, 2014 Translated by

Editor’s note: No holiday in China can be complete without the release of numerous very unscientific lists of superlatives, generalizations and questionable survey results, and this year’s Singles Day is no exception. The following article, translated from, lists 11 professions most likely to have single employees in China. Similar lists have appeared in previous years, but this year’s list claims to include a few new professions. How exactly the data was collected remains a mystery.

With China’s “Singles Day” just around the corner on November 11, a number of media have released new 2014 lists related to singles. These lists include “China’s Biggest Bachelors”, “The Top 11 Universities with Singles”, “China’s 11 Hottest Singles” and “China’s Top 11 Cities with the Most Singles.” Following the popularity of these lists, author of a notable book on bachelors, “Singles Day Ambassador” Zhang Yiyi announced another list with more information on singles in today’s society: the 2014 “Top 11 Professions in China with the Most Singles”. The professions on the list include “very decent” jobs including writer, chef, stewardess and more.

“Writer” tops the list

According to a recent 2014 survey, cell phones have all but completely replaced books in terms of leisure in the new electronic age. The era in which “nothing is greater than a book” has sadly ended. A bachelor who has published dozen of books and sold millions of copies recently said that “Writers work now simply to ensure a quality life for themselves and their families. Today, fewer and fewer young people in society enjoy reading books. A writer is a job where one is shut in at home all day. It is hard for them to find a partner. Even celebrated writes such as Guo Jingming, Jiang Fangzhou and Kong Ergou are still bachelors. It seems right that “writer” tops the list of the Top 11 Professions with Singles.”

Laborers, singers and flight attendants also tend to be single

Urbanization has created many migrant peasant laborers in China. They often lead stressful lives in the city and are unable to afford a house and a wife. Some migrant workers have wives that live back in their rural hometowns. The couple lives separate lives for most of the year and only sees each other during Spring Festival. The life of this kind of migrant worker and a “bachelor” are similar, and therefore “laborer” comes in second on the list.

Singers take the third spot on the list. “The volatile nature of the entertainment industry is becoming more and more apparent. All the stories of singers seem to be the same; they all think they will be able to rise to fame and fortune. However, singers are externally superficial, and therefore many are single.”

Flight attendants were also high on the list. Many were surprised that a profession that attracts mainly beautiful young women had such a high number of singles. However, flight attendants are shuttling between countries and cities and work intense hours. The people that they mainly are in contact with are passengers. However, because flight attendants are usually still young and beautiful we do not have to pity them for still being single (unlike many of the other professions on the list!).

2014 Top 11 Professions with the Most Singles in China

1) Writer
2) Laborer
3) Singer
4) Courier
5) TV/Radio Presenter
6) Salesman
7) Lawyer
8) Cook
9) News Editor/Reporter
10) Athlete
11) Flight attendant


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