6 Chinese Universities Ranked Among Top 100 in the World

6 Chinese Universities Ranked Among Top 100 in the World
Jun 20, 2017 Translated by eChinacities.com

China’s universities are moving up in the world rankings and rapidly overtaking their Western counterparts. On Thursday, June 14, Times Higher Education published its 2017 World Reputation Rankings for universities across the world. Six Chinese institutions of higher education were ranked among the top 100 universities of 2017. Three Hong Kong universities and one Taiwanese university also made the list.

The six universities from the mainland that made the cut were Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Nanjing University. Tsinghua and Peking Universities ranked 14th and 17th place, respectively, an average four places higher than last year. These two universities rank second and third in the Asia-Pacific region, coming in only after University of Tokyo which placed 11th on the main list.

Zhejiang University did extraordinarily well, moving up approximately 30 places from last year (when it ranked in the 81-90 bracket) to the 51-60 bracket. Both Fudan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University fell in the 71-80 bracket, while Nanjing University ascended into the list for the very  first time in the 91-100 bracket.

Ranked 39th overall was the University of Hong Kong, marking its first time to place above 40 in five years. Two other Hong Kong universities, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, both ranked in the 71-80 bracket. The National Taiwan University fell into the 51-60 group.

The continued rise of Chinese universities in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings is a dominant feature of this year’s list, suggesting that long-term investment in higher education by the government is already starting to pay off.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, American and British institutions fill out the top-ten; Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, University of Chicago and the California Institute of Technology ranked in that order.

The institutions are ranked via invitation-only surveys of top academics in their fields. Each chooses at most 15 universities they believe are leaders in instruction and research. Some experts have however maintained that China’s rankings on the Times list are a little bloated. When measured on other scales, such as the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, Asian universities don’t place as highly.

Click here for the full list of the Times Highest Education World Reputation Rankings. 

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universities that offer re exams if you fail do not impress me at all. fail the bastard and pay for the class again like you do in the west. some western countries have a pass rate of 50 percent correct on an exam compared to 60 percent for others. comparing the graduates after completion is a better scoring system.

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He he he ; Yah right!

Jun 21, 2017 04:42 Report Abuse



Garbage. Nobody knows how to measure education. It's all bribery and pretense. Rankings? By whom? According to what criteria? Publications? Rich people attending? Noble prizes? That's all circumstancial and immaterial. The more languages you speak, the more you realize the serious deficiencies "educated" English speakers have relative to Europeans in general.

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Most "educated" English speakers can still spell deficiencies...or at least can look it up in a dictionary. How about "Europeans in general"?

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False news. Peking University is 60th overall. Still a big jump from 169th 2 years ago.

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The site lists the leading Chinese Universities as 29 and 35 respectively according to the World University Rankings list.

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