Looking for a Job in China? These are the Best Companies to Work for

Looking for a Job in China? These are the Best Companies to Work for
Dec 26, 2018 By Cian Dineen , eChinacities.com

Looking for a job in China? Searching for the right move for your career? Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to find a job in China where you can improve as an employee, move up in the company and transfer that experience to a role overseas, if you chose to. These companies do exist, however, and with the right mix of the relevant experience, hard work and good timing, young expats looking for a job in China can land their dream role.

While the top Chinese companies come from a broad range of industries, what they all offer is the opportunity to carve out the kind of career that will allow you to get into higher salary ranges in China and transition to a good job in another country, if you choose to leave. If you’re looking for a job in China that can change your career and life, look no farther than this list…


Companies to keep an eye out for Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei, DJI

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world can be found in China. Although the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google may grab the most global headlines, these Chinese companies boast massive resources and high market shares comparable to their Silicon Valley counterparts.

You can get involved with industries ranging from mobile phones, computer gaming, social media, e-commerce, search engines, drones and everything in between with famous tech companies like Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei and DJI. These companies offer modern and dynamic work environments and access to cutting-edge software and technology.

Despite their success and size in China, generally speaking the international-facing departments of these companies still have a lot of room for growth. There are therefore plenty of opportunities for foreigners to come in and carve out their own roles, areas of expertise and even entire departments.

With the right experience on the right projects, working for one of these top Chinese tech companies can easily lead to a job in Silicon Valley. You may even find yourself making the switch to San Francisco with the Chinese company itself, as many are expanding their presence overseas and need foreign employees that understand their company culture and the local business landscape.

Advertising, editorial and translation agencies

Companies to keep an eye out for CSOFT, Fred & Farid, McCann Worldwide

It may seem like an unlikely leap, but it’s entirely possible to make your way up from a willing young freelance writer to an experienced copywriter at a top advertising, editorial, translation or PR agency in China. It just requires a considered, carefully plotted and patiently executed career path.

In recent years, as Chinese companies have become more interested in cultivating an international image and marketing directly to the West, there has been an increase in demand for translators, copywriters and editors in almost all business sectors.

Companies such as CSOFT offer modest (yet reasonable) salaries, but most importantly they provide great experience to young writers and translators. Through agencies like theirs, you can work with a wide range of different clients on a variety of writing projects. It’s the perfect training ground for young professionals still honing their craft and expanding their network.

Those who thrive in such environments can even turn their sights to global advertising agencies that have offices based in China’s major cities, examples of which include Fred & Farid and McCann Worldwide. While these agencies require significant experience and skill, it’s not impossible to get a foot in the door once you’ve earnt you industry stripes.

From there, the sky’s the limit! You can expect to be working with some of the world's largest companies on their ad campaigns and, when the right time comes, you can make the switch to one of these agencies' many offices around the world. Mad Men, here you come!

Chambers Of Commerce

Companies to keep an eye out for European Union Chamber of Commerce, The British Chamber of Commerce, Australia Chamber of Commerce etc

Although Chambers of Commerce – or anything government-related – may seem out of reach or belonging to another world altogether, attainable roles do appear from time to time for those outside the loop.

The Chambers often post a variety of roles, but typically positions in events and marketing appear at both entry and senior level and are perhaps the most attainable. These kinds of roles represent an amazing opportunity to increase your network of people with influence across a wide spectrum of industries, leaving you with a WeChat contact list that’ll be the envy of most expats.

Again, the Chambers offer good career trajectories, and it's very possible to seek out similar roles in different countries if you decide to leave China.

International schools

Companies to keep an eye out forEtonHouse, International Schools Services (ISS), Quality Schools International (QSI)

They say there are two types of foreign teachers in China: those that teach in English training centres and those that teach in International schools. And while there’s certainly an element of truth to that, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to transition from the former to the latter.

It’s true that International schools usually require foreigners with a professional teaching background from their home country, but there’s also a lot of value in young teachers that are willing to learn and have proven themselves to be stable and settled in China.

Second-tier cities are sometimes the sweet spot in this regard as they have International schools but cannot always attract enough teachers from abroad. This type of school is often willing to work with locally-based foreigners who show potential.

Once in the school’s network, if you can show a good attitude and work hard to gain the qualifications you were initially lacking, there’s no reason why you can’t go on to have a shining career in an international school. You can then stay in China and rise up in the management system, transfer to another country that needs English teachers or even try you hand at teaching something entirely different back home.

Forging a career in China can be your ticket to the world!

What other Chinese companies should we be looking out for? Drop a comment in the box below!

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