7 Companies Hiring Onsite and Online English Teachers in China

7 Companies Hiring Onsite and Online English Teachers in China
Dec 03, 2020 By Alistair Baker-Brian , eChinacities.com

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESL education continues to flourish in China. While there are some foreign teachers currently in China that are benefitting from the lack of competition for jobs, others that are stuck outside the country can pick up remote teaching opportunities. Here I bring you seven companies hiring onsite and online English teachers in China.

Online English teachers in China

The companies listed here are currently providing English lessons for both adults and young learners within China. Some provide online classes only, while others offer both online and offline learning. I’ll tell you a little about each company, where they have jobs available, and how you can apply.


One of the biggest China-based online English teaching companies, VIP Kid claims to have 100,000 teachers, 800,000 students and over 500,000 classes a month targeted towards young learners.

As teachers work remotely, you can in fact work from anywhere (accounting for time differences).

How to apply?
Via the VIP Kid website. Steps include making an account, preparing and teaching a demo class, and signing a contract.

NOTE: Unlike a lot of online teaching positions, VIP Kid positions are only open to those with eligibility to work in the United States or Canada. This includes US and Canadian citizens and those with green cards for either country. You do not have to physically live in the United States or Canada to teach for VIP Kid, however. More information can be found here.

Applicants must also have at least a Bachelor’s degree and reliable technology in order to teach online classes (the latter, of course, being a requirement for all online teaching positions).

51 Talk

Another company in China currently hiring English teachers for online positions, 51 Talk is part of a larger company known as the China Online Education Group. Their classes are marketed towards K-12 students, an American term referring to kindergarten through to grade 12 school ages. 51 Talk is the company’s line of one-to-one classes, while HAWO is their group class product.

As 51 Talk exclusively offers online lessons, teachers can be based anywhere.

How to apply?
According to the 51 Talk website, applicants should be native English speakers and have a “neutral accent”, a typically arbitrary term used frequently in the ESL industry. Applicants should have at least a BA degree or be currently enrolled as an education major. Teaching experience in the US or Canadian system is also listed as a requirement, although applicants may find the company is flexible on this.

Steps in the application process include interview, orientation, training, onboarding and “launching”, i.e. getting ready to start teaching. As already mentioned, make sure you have suitable technology for delivering quality online lessons.

EF English First

English First, which operates ESL centres in China, is the sister company of Education First, a global education company established in 1964. Teachers can teach young learners aged 3-18 or adults learners in both online and offline classes.

As one of the more established education companies in China, EF centres can be found in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as many second and third tier cities across the country.

How to apply?
Applicants must have a minimum of a BA degree and hold a passport for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa or New Zealand. Applicants can apply directly through the EF website, after which they will be contacted by a company recruiter if successful. The applicant will then take part in a virtual interview, during which they may have to teach a demonstration lesson.

DaDa English

Founded in 2013, DaDa English is a China-based company specialising in online classes for young learners aged 4-16. Their official partners include Pearson Education, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press and National Geographic Learning.

As positions with DaDa English are all online, teachers are free to work remotely from wherever they please.

How to apply?
DaDa English does not specify that candidates need to be native English speakers, merely that the parents of some students may request a teacher with a particular accent. Requirements listed are a teaching certificate (which could include CELTA, TEFL or others) and a BA degree. Candidates will need to undergo an interview and training in order to start work. 


Founded in 2006, METEN operates English training centres in over 30 cities in China, including in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. They are partnered with National Geographic Learning, TED Talks and Cambridge University Press. Their four products include General English, LIKESHUO (an online course), the Young Learners Program and English for Studying Abroad.

Teachers can work in one of METEN’s more than 100 centres across China or take a position as an online teacher.

How to apply?
Candidates must be from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. A BA degree is listed as a minimum requirement. Candidates will need to undergo a telephone interview before receiving an offer and starting work.

iBest Teacher

iBest Teacher, a Shanghai-based company that has been around since 2017, is the only institution on the list that is in fact a training and recruitment company rather than a direct employer. This means that potential teachers can complete an ESL qualification with iBest Teacher before finding a teaching job with one of the company’s partner employers. iBest Teacher offers specialised courses, including TESOL Advanced, TESOL for Children and TESOL for Business.

Once qualified, teachers can find a teaching job either online or in a physical school or learning center within China.

How to apply?
Enrolling in a TESOL course is relatively straight forward. Candidates are, of course, expected to pay the necessary fee and complete the required coursework.

The job application page does not specify any requirements for employment, only that teachers should choose the “Teach Online Channel” or the “Teach in China” program. However, as all iBest Teacher’s partner schools are in China, a BA degree is a minimum requirement as dictated by the country’s visa rules.

Wall Street English

A teaching company that has established itself globally, Wall Street English has been in business since 1972 and claims to have taught more than three million students. Their classroom and online lessons are targeted towards adult learners of English. Students can sign up for general or business English classes.  

Wall Street English has 71 centres in mainland China, including in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as a host of second-tier cities.

How to apply?
The company’s website dictates that teachers must be native-English speakers and have a BA degree. The company also lists a CELTA certificate or a TEFL equivalent as necessity. See this for a thorough explanation. The website does not provide information about the application process itself, but as with many other ESL jobs, candidates should expect an interview and to teach some form of demo class.

Many industries have fallen on hard times as a result of the global pandemic, but demand for onsite and online English teachers in China remains high. Above are seven legitimate companies that are currently hiring English teachers in China, but many other opportunities can be discovered with a quick search of the eChinaJobs website.

Do you have experience working for any of the companies listed above? Let us know how you got on in the comments section below. 

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EF and Wall Street have bad reputations in how they treat their teachers, among other questionable behaviors. I have not heard of the other training centers. Note that these are training centers. Public and private schools are currently hiring for the new semester in February. If you enjoy more free time, holidays, and daytime working hours, public and private schools are best. Training schools usually work when regular schools are not in service. This means weekends, evenings, and public holidays.

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I've worked for Wall Street before, and I must say my experience with them was very positive! Their HR isn't the greatest, however, they always pay on time, only late once in the 5+ years, I worked for them. They are a very service KPI results-based company that tends to override educational outcomes, but overall it's a pretty nice school to work for.

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As these are franchise run businesses, I am sure that there are some honorable management teams. But, there is no denying that Wall Street, Disney, EF, and a few other franchise training schools have been in the news in past years for "questionable" actions.

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You should have done better

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