10 of the Best Jobs for Foreigners in China Right Now

10 of the Best Jobs for Foreigners in China Right Now
Jan 28, 2021 By Cian Dineen , eChinacities.com

When you think of working in China, you may think that the only jobs available are for English teachers. While there’s no doubt those roles are in the majority, the truth is that over the past few years the opportunities available to expats have diversified massively. Now foreigners in China can work as anything from an e-commerce expert in a tech company, to a journalist at a TV station, to a chef at a brewpub, to a storyboard artist at a game maker. In a bid to show you the wide variety of opportunities on offer, I’ve selected 10 of the best jobs for foreigners in China to have graced eChinacities in recent weeks. Obviously these particular jobs won’t be available forever, but I hope this list gives you a good overview of the kind of varied and exciting opportunities that await in the Middle Kingdom.

best jobs for foreigners in China

*Pro tip: If you click on one of the below jobs and it has already expired, try searching eChinacities for the company name or similar job titles. There’s bound to be something else currently available that also piques your interest.

Job Title: Academic Director
Company: Pangbourne College
Location: Shanghai
Salary: RMB40,000 – 50,000/month

While there are many jobs at international schools worth your consideration in China, few are as prestigious and well-paying as the Academic Director role recently advertised by Pangbourne College in Shanghai. The renowned school, first founded in Bournemouth, England, in 1917, has recently expanded to open a Shanghai campus.

As attractive as positions like this may be, they naturally come with some pretty high requirements for interested candidates. In this case, applicants were expected to have a Master’s degree in the education field, as well as 10 years of experience as a teacher and two years in a leadership role. The successful candidate will, however, be rewarded with a great salary, decent benefits and the associated perks of joining a school with a long and proud tradition of education.

Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher
Company: Abner Recruitment
Location: Ningbo
Salary: RMB15,000 – 25,000/month

There’s never a shortage of teaching roles for foreigners in China. Even if you’re not at the stage in your career where you can apply for something like the aforementioned lofty role at Pangbourne College, there will always be other positions open that will match your level of expertise.

Abner Recruitment has recently been advertising a fantastic position for a kindergarten teacher in Ningbo. The job provides a decent salary range, as well as an accommodation allowance, airfare allowance and international medical insurance. In return, candidates are expected to have a university background in education and at least two years’ teaching experience, as is the minimum required by China’s immigration law.

Job Title: European Customer Support
Company: Phemex
Location: Shanghai
Salary: RMB8,000 – 15,000/month

This role combines two of the most prevalent trends in the job market for foreigners in China in recent years: a cryptocurrency company that’s looking for international customer support. While cryptocurrency is still something of a mysterious entity in China, a role like this would provide a great opportunity for foreigners looking to make their way into a new and exciting industry. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in the early stages of development in China, so many such companies are relatively new and without a firm hierarchy. Even if customer service isn’t your dream role, therefore, something like this could provide a good way to get a foot in the door and prove your worth.

Based in Shanghai and led by eight former Morgan Stanley executives,  Phemex is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchange and future trading platforms around. As with most startups opportunities, the salary is fairly modest but the chances for fast advancement are strong.

Job Title: Game Concept Artist
Company: Yotta Games
Location: Shanghai
Salary: RMB20,000 – 40,000/month

One of the few industries that boomed during the pandemic – apart from face mask and hand sanitizer suppliers – was mobile gaming. The industry was already on a massive upward trajectory, but after a year where a lot of people found themselves in lockdown and with plenty of spare time on their hands, demand for new games has never been greater.

Many of the world’s biggest game publishers are based in China and therefore need native specialists to help them cater to the hugely profitable international markets. Yotta Games seems to almost always be looking for foreign specialists in areas such as localization, customer service, marketing and, in this case, artistry. With a high salary range and a job description that promises the successful candidate a lot of creative scope, a job like this would be perfect for someone with tons of artistic talent and a passion for the industry.

Job Title: English Copy Editor
Company: China Daily
Location: Beijing
Salary: RMB14,000 – 18,000/month

China is a land of opportunity for copywriters and editors, and, at least domestically, media entities don’t come much bigger than China Daily. The state-owned English language platform is one of the best-known news sources in the country, offering young journalism pretenders the kind of exposure and experience from which to build a successful career in the industry.

China’s state media outlets are almost constantly looking for foreigners to work as writers, editors, presenters and hosts. In this role for an English Copy Editor, the successful candidate will be expected to pitch their own story ideas, help to record audio and video segments, and edit others’ work. Ideally, the candidate would have a degree in journalism with two years’ experience, but as with many similar openings, fresh candidates with a passion and enthusiasm to learn will be considered.

Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer
Company: EyeBuyDirect
Location: Shanghai
Salary: RMB15,000 – 22,000/month

Graphic designers with Western sensibilities are one of the most sought-after commodities in China. There are many highly trained and experienced designers around, but when a company needs a distinctly Western style it can be hard to find a local who fully understands all the nuances. As a result, there is a great number of opportunities for talented foreign graphic designers in China.

One such opportunity was advertised recently by EyeBuyDirect. Founded in Texas, the company leads the fast-growing online prescription eyewear industry in the US. From their base in Shanghai, EyeBuyDirect was looking for a senior graphic designer to help design products and their accompanying PR campaigns, produce landing pages and website banners, and select and retouch product and model images. The posting specified that candidates should be fluent in English, qualified in design, communications or a related field and have a minimum of five years’ experience.

Job Title: Vlogger
Company: AOSS TV
Location: Beijing
Salary: RMB10,000 – 28,000/month

From a word that didn’t even exist 20 years ago to one of the fastest-growing industries around, vlogging provides an exciting opportunity for personable and media-savvy China expats. While many vloggers in the West are self-managed, in China there are companies lining up to hire foreigners who are comfortable in front of the camera.

AOSS TV is one such company. Based in Beijing, they specialize in the weird and wonderful world of product unboxing videos. The best thing about this kind of job is that often no experience is required. What matters is that the candidate is able to follow scripts, can get creative with ad libbing when necessary and has a sense of humor. Who knows? Perhaps vlogging could be your route to stardom.

Job Title: College Admissions Consultant
Company: Tongtu Education
Location: Shenzhen
Salary: RMB24,000 – 28,000/month

Helping Chinese students get places at universities overseas has fast turned into a massively profitable industry with huge potential for further growth. In the last two decades, Chinese parents have been sending their children abroad for their college education like never before, and international universities have been quick to capitalize on the demand.

Tongtu Education, and other similar entities, are often looking for College Admissions Consultants to help these students nab a place at their dream overseas university. For this particular job posting, the candidate is expected to have a degree from one of the top 30 US universities, as they will be expected to consult with students and their families, helping with each step of the application process. Strong writing and editing skills are essential in a role like this, as is the ability to work some evenings and weekends.

Job Title: Head Chef (Mexican)
Company: Slow Boat Brewery
Location: Beijing
Salary: RMB10,000 – 20,000/month

While it may not be the first career path that springs to mind when you think of expats in China, there are actually plenty of varied and interesting opportunities out there for foreigners with experience in the culinary world. A lot of these roles appear at international hotels, but if you look around, you can also find jobs at some pretty cool smaller establishments in China’s most happening cities.

It doesn’t come much cooler or more happening than Beijing’s Slow Boat Brewery. The F&B group, among the most famous craft beer brands in China, is opening a brand new concept in China’s capital. In this instance, they’re specifically looking for a chef with experience cooking authentic Mexican cuisine. While this particular job is unlikely to match every skillset, keep your eyes peeled and another is bound to pop up in your niche soon.

Job Title: Senior Electronic Engineer
Company: Astera LED Technology
Location: Shenzhen
Salary: RMB20,000 – 35,000/month

Shenzhen may have transitioned away from its image as a manufacturing center to become known as the Silicon Valley of China in recent years, but there are still countless manufacturing opportunities for expats in this thriving southern city. Foreign factory bosses, product managers and quality control specialists remain in high demand.

Astera LED Technology is one of many companies that has recently been looking for foreign expertise. For this Senior Electronic Engineer role, the German LED manufacturer was in search of an expat with five or more years’ experience in the sector. This particular role would even be suitable for a China newbie, as no Chinese language skills are required.

So there you have it. A random selection of just some of the openings that have been posted on eChinacities in recent weeks. We’re always getting new opportunities across all industries and cities, so don’t forget to check back in regularly in your search for that dream China role.

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