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Lazy Eating: Best (Non-Hotel) Brunches in Beijing

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Weekends are made for brunching. Whether you’ve stayed out bar hopping way past your normal bedtime or just find yourself in need of some extra shut eye after a long, hard week at work, brunch is for you. It’s the perfect solution for those of us that want to eat a delicious and potentially excessive breakfast… at lunchtime. This concept may not have originated in China, but Beijing has certainly embraced the idea, with delicious results. Though there do exist, the much touted ‘hotel brunches’, which may consist of five star buffets and bottomless alcohol, these are certainly pricey. Instead, why not try one of the following next weekend so you can fill your stomach without emptying your wallet?

Brunch Photo: Erica Firment

It may be strange to see this Beijing mall staple at the top of the list, but Toastbox does toast that well. The kaiya (special savory spice combination) or peanut butter toast are both quite delicious, though certainly not for those on a diet, given the amount of butter used. You can also pair them with a particularly strong Southeast Asian coffee and walk over to the adjacent Bread Talk for a cup of yogurt to finish off the meal. Toastbox can be found in many malls around the city, making it an easy option for the weekend.

ToastboxView In Map
Add: B1-01, Raffles City Mall, 1 Dongzhimennan Dajie, Dongcheng District
地址:东城区 东直门南大街1号,B1-01来福士商场
Open Daily: 10:00-22:00
Tel: 010 8409 8892

Grandma’s Kitchen
Grandma would be proud of the consistent use of wicker furniture, hanging plants, and country-style plaid linens in all Grandma’s Kitchen locations. The omelets with potatoes and toast are hearty, and the vegetable omelet stands apart from many others with appealing bite-size veggies as opposed to the almost non-existent, diced vegetables appearing in some competitors’ dishes. The Beixinqiao location is particularly enjoyable on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Grandma’s Kitchen (Jianwai Soho branch)View In Map
Add: 103, Building B, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
地址: 朝阳区东三环中路39号建外SohoB座0103
Open Daily 07.30-23:00
Tel:010 5869 3055 6

Grandma’s Kitchen (Beixinqiao branch)View In Map
Add: 28 Shique Hutong Dongcheng District (Beixinqiao Exit C)
Open Daily 10:00– 21:00
Tel: 010 8403 9452

Element Fresh
Element Fresh certainly gets points for options. You can choose from a variety of set meals such as the egg white vegetable omelet with toast, yogurt, fruit, and juice or the peanut butter French toast with roasted vegetables, potatoes, toast, fruit, and coffee. Beyond the list of inclusive meals, there is also the option to order from a small a la carte menu. With six locations across the eastern side of Beijing, there’s probably an Element Fresh near you.

Element Fresh (Tai Koo Li branch)View In Map
Add: 3F, Taikooli Sanlitun, 8 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District
Open Daily 08:00 – 23:00
Tel: 010 6417 1318

Element Fresh (Kerry Centre Branch)View In Map
Add:1F, Beijing Kerry Centre Mall, 1 Guanghua Lu Chaoyang District
Open Daily 10:00-22:00
Tel: 010 8529 8680

Element Fresh (Indigo branch)View In Map
Add: 1F, Indigo, 18 Jiuxianqiao Lu Chaoyang District
Open Mon-Fri 11:00-22:00;Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00
Tel: 010 8420 0565

If you want to try something more unique, you can head to Nola for some New Orleans inspired cuisine. The warm Cajun dishes would be great at the end of the day and for brunch you can choose from a variety of eggs and pancake dishes including well done Eggs Benedict. Did I mention there were beignets?

Nola View In Map
Add: 11A Xiushui Nanjie Chaoyang District
Open Mon-Fri 08:00-23:00; Sat-Sun 10.30-23:00
Tel: 010 8563 6215

Café Alba
If you want to brunch over in the Gulou area, you’ve got to try this place. It has a menu of classic set plates such as pancakes, spinach and feta eggs, and even baked beans on toast, but the best aspect of the menu maybe the easy and still affordable a la carte style ordering. Go on a day with sun and blue skies and you may have to fight off the other brunch goers for a seat up on the rooftop, but it will be absolutely worth it.

Café AlbaView In Map
Add: 70 Gulou Dongdajie Dongcheng District
Open Daily 08:00-02:00
Tel: 010 6407 3730

South German Bakery
Head up to the second floor for very large German-style breakfasts. The meat, cheese, potato, and egg combinations are definitely pricier but can often be shared between two people. Most sets come with a bread basket and some of the a la carte options, especially the muesli, are also good additions. Then when you’re done brunching you have to go check out the fresh German breads being made and sold daily downstairs!

South German BakeryView In Map
Add: 27 Lucky Street, 1 Chaoyang Gongyuan Lu Chaoyang District
Open Daily 09:00-22:00 (restaurant), 07:00-22:00 (bakery)
Tel: 010 5867 0201

Chef Too
Chef Too is serving up quality meat entrees, and if you like steak in the morning, the weekend brunch menu can oblige. You can also find slightly more unique dishes like poached eggs and huevos rancheros. One of the best aspects about this restaurant may be the location since it puts you in the ideal play to while away the rest of your Saturday or Sunday afternoon in Chaoyang Park after devouring some delicious breakfast food.

Chef Too View In Map
Add: Opposite Chaoyang Park West Gate (gate 3)
Open Tue-Fri 11:00-14:00; Sat-Sun 09.30-15:00; Tue-Sat -10pm
Tel: 010 6591 8676

Sunnie  American Diner
Eat brunch any day of the week at this relatively quiet eatery in Sanlitun! The omelets with potatoes and toast are simple but tasty and the bottomless coffee alone makes this restaurant worth a try!

Sunnie American DinerView In Map
Add: 30, Sanlitun North Rd, Chaoyang District
Open Daily 07:00-00:00
Tel: 010 6417 4205

Lily’s American Diner
Why not round out a delicious omelet or plate of pancakes with a scarily good milkshake? LAD’s décor and menu, hit the mark in terms of diner style, and you can imagine that it’s brunch all day long with breakfast items being served during all open hours.

Lily’s American Diner (Shuangjing Branch) View In Map
Add: 2 Tianzhi Jiaozi, 31 Guangqu Lu (northeast corner of Shuangjing Qiao) Chaoyang District
Open Daily 08:00 –00:00
Tel: 010 6592 5548

Comptoirs de France
Satisfy your need for eggs, alongside delicious, flaky French pastries at any of the several Beijing locations of this bakery and restaurant. Comptoirs de France includes a lot of nice touches such as a small macaroon with every coffee order.

Comptoirs de France (Xingfucun branch)View In Map
Add: 55-1, Xingfucun Zhonglu, Chaoyang District
Open Daily 07:00-20:30
Tel: 010 6416 2853

Comptoirs de France (Riviera branch)View In Map
Add: 2/F Riviera Plaza, 5 Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District
Open Daily 07:00-20:30
Tel: 010 8470 2347

Comptoirs de France (Silk Market branch)View In Map
Add: Stalls 1 and 2, 1/F, Silk Market, 8 Xiushui Dongjie, Chaoyang District
Open Daily 08:00-21:00
Tel: 010 5169 9298

Comptoirs de France (Hairun branch)View In Map
1/F, Bldg 5, Hairun International Apartment, 2B Jiangtai Lu
Chaoyang District
Open Daily 07:00-20:30
Tel: 010 5135 7645

The Den
Brunch is certainly a great weekend daytime meal; it’s also delicious at 4 o’clock in the morning after carousing at some Beijing’s bars and clubs for hours. This all-hours restaurant has been in the Gongti area since well before anything else and continues to put out great greasy classics like eggs and potatoes that will help you avoid a hangover or just satisfy a powerful late night craving for an American brunch.

The Den View In Map
Add: 4 Gongti Donglu (next to City Hotel's main entrance), Chaoyang District
Open Daily 24/7
Tel: 010 6592 6290

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