Hotpot to Beat the Heat

Hotpot to Beat the Heat

Trying to beat the heat this summer? Give these creative hot-pot spots a try. We promise they will not fail to disappoint! 

Specialty: Ice cream "hotpot"
Set atop a plate of treats like waffles, fresh fruit, and of course ice cream, sits a small flame which heats pure chocolate in which to dip your selected morsel for a blast of chocolaty deliciousness. There is also cream, selected liqueurs, and tangerine slices. Don't worry about melting your ice cream since it just takes an instant to cover the whole ball in milk chocolate. Enjoy with friends or all by yourself (though your belly might ache later).

Cost: Ice Cream Hotpot: ¥218, satisfies 3 persons for just ¥73 each.
Address: There are many Häagen-Dazs locations in Beijing including the one located in Xidan at #153 Juntai Department Store
Phone: 66164122

Fengsheng Shuixi Shunde Sifang Cai (风声水喜顺德私房菜)
Specialty: Porridge hotpot

If you enjoy either the salty or sweet varieties of Chinese porridge, then you will love this style of hotpot which takes the porridge and uses it to cook all sorts of hotpot fixings. Using several blends of rice porridge and Thai spices as the hotpot base, this seldom talked about hotpot style is a pleasing delight in the hot summer months. Apart from the soup, this will be similar to your other hotpot experiences making it special but not strange. This is actually the most nutritious hotpot soup around, however, due to the rice blends used. Cook your table's meat first, to give some hearty flavor to the soup, before adding in the vegetables. 

Fengsheng Shuixi Shunde Sifang Cai (风声水喜顺德私房菜)View In Map
Tip: While eating, make sure to continually stir the soup to keep all the ingredients mixed well for each bite
Address: Chaoyang District, Yuandadu City Wall Relic Park #6 Northside 元大都城垣遗址公园六号地河北侧
Phone: 64899380

Sweet, Sour, and Spicy Restaurant
Specialty: Tomato hotpot

As the name suggests, this hotpot is all about the sweet flavor of tomatoes. Tomato hot pot features a soup that is stewed for 24 hours to create a broth that is red and round for all the right reasons. Just like any other hot pot, meat, vegetables and tofu are thrown into the mix, only this time it all comes out infused with a tomato taste and it’s so flavorful there’s really no need for a dipping sauce. The scent of fresh tomatoes will whet your appetite as soon as the flame goes on, and the taste is enhanced with pork spare ribs and a blend of secret spices and other ingredients.


The restaurant is very quiet and has private rooms for larger parties complete with gigantic tables and even sofas to lounge on in between feasts.   

Sweet, Sour, and Spicy Reataurant 酸甜酷辣餐厅View In Map
Cost:Around ¥60 per person
Address: 8 Xinyuanxili Zhongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing  新源西里中街8号
Phone: 51663328

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