Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 1)

Bungee Jumping in Beijing: The 8 Best Sites (Part 1)

In recent years, bungee jumping has become one of the most exciting and stimulating outdoor leisure activities on offer. Just as with other extreme sports and their focus on “higher, faster and stronger”, bungee jumping is all about unleashing a person’s inner courage. When it comes to fun and exciting activities, bungee jumping may well be the most enjoyable of them all.

1. Huairou Qinglong Gorge Bungee .怀柔青龙峡蹦极View In Map

Qinglong Gorge is situated in Huaibei Town in Huairou County. It is a scenic area of ravines, the ancient Great Wall, green waters and white waterfalls. It takes 3 hours to get to the highest spot at Qinglong Mountain (called the “Jade Emperor Platform”), and you must descend a mountain and trek along the Great Wall to get there. You’ll pass steep and strangely shaped rocks along the way, as well as green trees that shade the path. There’s a big lake in the gorge, where you can sit with a bamboo rod and do a bit of fishing. You can also take a dragon boat or a motor boat that takes you past all the scenic spots in the gorge. You can even enjoy a wide and breath-taking view from the top of the mountain. The scenic area has newly added a fitness program to its attractions: bungee jumping, free fall, rock climbing and a sand beach by the lake.

In June 1998, the country’s highest bungee jumping tower was built in the scenic area of Qinglong Gorge in Huairou County, with a height of 68 meters and composed of armoured concrete. It is connected to the rock climbing wall and a cement platform serves as the leaping spot. The actual drop itself is about 50 meters. The jump costs 150 RMB per person. This spot’s bungee jumping site is 7 meters higher than that at Fangshan in Shidu, and is currently the highest in the country.

There are courtyard style houses within the scenic area, with double rooms and natural-looking wooden rooms, suitable as a resting area for the tired tourist. What’s more, there are also two integrated canteens that can simultaneously feed 200 people. Visitors can use the local speciality foods as a type of food therapy, and can even cook their freshly caught fish using a variety of different cooking methods, definitely a great opportunity to gorge oneself on delicacies.

Getting There:

Address: Dayu Village, Beizhen, Huairou County, Beijing 北京市怀柔县北镇大水峪村

By public transport:

1. Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station, Bus no. 916 (direct).
2. Take the no.16 bus from Dongdaqiao or Xuanwumen.
3. Three trains leave from Beijing Railway Station on a daily basis.


Take the Jingmi Express from Sanyuanqiao towards Huairou, follow the Huaifeng Public Road past Yanxihu and continue for 7km.

Admission Price:
Normal entry ticket 15 RMB, student entry ticket 7.5 RMB. Bungee jumping costs 150 RMB, free fall 50 RMB, rock climbing 35 RMB.

Opening Hours: 7:30am-6:00pm

2. Olympic Sports Center Bungee Jumping Tower 奥体中心蹦极塔

This was China’s first bungee jumping tower and it’s also the only bungee jumping site within the city. The bungee jumping tower is situated between the Yingdong Natatorium and the Jubilee Complex. The two venues echo off each other and together offer an amazing spectacle for the viewer’s eye. The bungee jumping tower has adapted the same structure and composition as that found in Las Vegas, USA, with a total height of 24 meters. You can choose from two options: one is to have an air cushion below, and the other is to have a pool below.

Getting There: Take Bus no. 108 or 387 to the Olympic Sports Center
Admission Price: Jumps cost 138 RMB.

3. Longtanhu Park Bungee Jumping 龙潭湖公园蹦极View In Map

Longtanhu Park is located in south-east Zuo’anmen in Chongwen District. The Hucheng River surrounds it to the south and east. It covers an area of 1.2 million square meters and a water surface of 700 acres. The main feature of this park is water, with the surface of its lake rippling and trees creating a pleasant shade. In 1952, the eastern, middle and western lakes were redone, with a total surface area of 680 acres. Longtan Park is a large scale park, with all sorts of plants and flowers. 

In 1999, a Bungee Jumping site was introduced in Longtan Park, featuring a Bungee sling shot. It has three 40 meter tall towers where three people can take part at the same time. You are tied together from the back, and the wire rope on your feet is connected with a free standing mast. A windlass tightens the wire rope. You are then lifted to a height of 40 meters. When the wire rope loosens, you fall down towards the ground. Just when you think you’re about to meet your bitter end, you’re hurled back up by two solid masts, bouncing back and forth. This makes people experience an exhilarating feeling of weightlessness.

Add: 8 Longtan Road, Chongwen District, Beijing .北京市崇文区龙潭路8号

Getting there:
By bus: Take Bus 47 or 800 to the Beijing Tumor Hospital (Zhongliu Yiyuan)

4. Yanqi Lake Bungee Jumping 雁栖湖蹦极

Yanqi Lake scenic tourist area is located 8 km from Huairou County. This area is famous for the hordes of wild swans, cranes and other migratory birds who flock here during the spring season.

The climate in the lake area is very welcoming, and the lake’s waters are dark blue and clear. It is the ideal place for water activities and recreation. Three sides of the lakes are faced by mountains and stretches of The Great Wall are also visible. The Red Snail Temple (Hongluo Si) adorns the west and to the South is the North China Plain, which stretches as far as the eye can reach. One can climb the mountain and gaze into the distance, and enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and clear waters. Yanxi Lake offers natural scenic views of its myriad landscape throughout the year.

In September 1998, a “Rocket Bungee Jumping Tower” was constructed on the banks of Janxi Lake, with an ejection height of 50 meters. People are buckled up in a seat and are catapulted into the sky by two rubber bands. However, this probably isn’t as enjoyable as an actual bungee jump.

Getting There: Take the no. 936 bus from Dongzhimen
Admission Price: 150 RMB per person.

Stay tuned for part 2 of The 8 Best Bungee Jumping Sites in Beijing.

Source: xinhua.com

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