6 Fun Part Time Jobs in China

6 Fun Part Time Jobs in China
Mar 02, 2018 By Degen Hill , eChinacities.com

Making extra cash via a part time job in China isn't difficult, but it can often be unfulfilling. One-to-one English tutoring with some snotty-nosed brat is the common go-to. However, there are many unusual part time jobs in China that are not only interesting, but well paid too. Here's a list of some part-time and freelance gigs you can do to make some extra cash in China while also enjoying the work. Disclaimer: always consider your visa status when taking on part time work in China.


1. Voice Acting (Pay: 300-600 rmb/hour)
Foreign language commercials, cartoons, voice-overs and how-to videos usually require foreigners, often native, to speak the written lines. Many such jobs can be found on China job websites, like our very own eChinajobs, but from personal experience, I’ve found a lot of these type of jobs are spread through word of mouth or social media. Ask around among your friends or put a post out on WeChat indicating your availability.


2. Using Fiverr to promote your city (Pay: 5 USD+ per gig)
Fiverr is an online platform that allows users to do freelance work for other people, so long as it can be done digitally. Among translation, writing, programming, and digital marketing, one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr is providing testimonials or footage from a certain city. For example, if I’m trying to market a product to China, I might want a short clip of someone saying how much they love my product standing in front of Tiannanmen square or on The Bund. Alternately, someone might want a time-lapse shot of pedestrians crossing a major Chinese intersection or an insider travel guide on your city. By taking advantage of the unique environment you live in, you’ll find there are opportunities to be had.


3. Photographer (Pay: Varying - either per picture or per gig)
Anyone with a smartphone and an Instagram account can claim to be a photographer these days, but most people willing to actually pay for services will want someone with at least a portfolio and a DSLR. The most frequent freelance photography gigs you might pick up in China include weddings, gallery exhibitions and corporate head shots. Experience aside, your photos will speak for themselves, so hone your talent, create an online portfolio and start marketing yourself through friends and on social media.


4. Crypto currencies and trading stocks (Pay: depends on the market and how savvy you are)
We’ve all heard about Bitcoin, but the crypto currency market is much more than that. Buying up and trading in crypto currencies and other stocks can be highly lucrative, if you know what you’re doing (and you’re lucky). Often, the best play will be a long-term hold of a coin or a stock, with the ultimate goal of it gaining value so you can sell it at a profit. Getting into this as a newbie can be pretty daunting, but there are plenty of online tutorials and advice about how to start. Ultimately, though, the best advice is to start small and be strict with yourself.  This isn’t so much a part-time job as it is an investment in your future.


5. Musician / Singer (Pay: varies)
We’ve all been to a Chinese bar with foreigners playing live music before, but are they getting paid for it? At more upscale bars, the answer is most likely, yes. If you’ve got some musical talent this could be the perfect part time job for you since most gigs occur at night, after your regular job. Some venues will require a contract and a scheduled commitment, but that’s something you’ll need to negotiate as you go. Touring bars with recordings and videos of your music is a great way to pick up gigs, but taking advantage of unpaid open-mic nights is also worth trying; you never know who might be in the crowd.


6. Graphic Design (Pay: around 250+ rmb/hour or one-time fee per project)
Whether you studied graphic design at university or simply learned through YouTube, you’re skills are in huge demand in China these days. One of the most common job postings we see on eChinajobs is for logo designers, which requires little more than a creative mind and a proficiency with Adobe programs. This is a great part time job as it allows you to work on multiple projects at once, usually at a high price, and you can work from anywhere.

If in doubt about what part time jobs you’re suitable for, read our guide on skilling up for the China job market.

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