Where to Buy Outdoor Sports Gear in Shanghai

Where to Buy Outdoor Sports Gear in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli , eChinacities.com

With the weather warming up and spring (hopefully) on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor sports. While Shanghai may not seem like the ideal place to pursue things like hiking, camping, or biking, there are plenty of places just a few short hours away where you can indulge in all your outdoor favorites. But whether you’re in it for fun or looking to get serious, it’s always important to have quality gear – both for comfort and safety purposes. Here are the best stores in Shanghai in which to find everything you need – and or want – for your outdoor experiences.

1) Decathalon
By far the most comprehensive sports store in Shanghai, Decathalon is basically the store that everyone in the city will refer you to for any – and I mean any – of your athletic needs. They have the standard sporting equipment for your run-of-the-mill sports like football (or soccer, according to your preference), basketball, dancing, or just basic workout attire. They also have equipment for sports you may never have considered, like wakeboarding, horseback riding, snowboarding and windsurfing to name a few. They have the gear, now it’s up to you to figure out where you’re going to play all these sports!

DecathalonView In Map
Add: 88 Xianxia Xilu, near Jianhe Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市仙霞西路88号, 近剑河路
Tel: 021 6238 5511
Opening Hours: Fri-Sat, 09:00-22:00; Sun-Thurs, 09:00-21:00

2) Wild Rampage
Specializing in “action clothing,” Wild Rampage is a great stop for those planning on participating in hardier outdoor sports. While they sell plenty of sports equipment, this is a particularly good place to go when you’re also looking for all the apparel to go with the equipment – coats, gloves, hiking boots, etc. You’ll find items catering to sports such as snowboarding, mountain biking, camping, hiking and skateboarding. The stores have a pretty loyal following and host specialized sporting events in their shops, like skateboarding nights. 

Wild Rampage (branch)View In Map
Add: 718 Changle Lu, near Fumin Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 5403 0423
Opening Hours: Daily, 09:30-22:00

3) Quest Sports
With over twenty store locations in Shanghai alone, a list of sports shops in this city simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Quest Sports. In fact, if you’ve walked more than a few blocks at a time, chances are you’ve seen them – or at least their signs (Glaringly yellow? Fire-engine red, triangle shaped person in the middle? Yup, that’s the one.) Here you will find both sports equipment and apparel, with tons of international brands like Reebok, New Balance, and official NBA merchandise. They’ve got a particularly nice selection of athletic shoes, so runners and basketball players should definitely stop by. 

Quest Sports (branch)View In Map
Add: 998 Huaihai Zhonglu, near Shanxi Nan Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 5467 0246
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 09:30-21:30; Sat-Fri, 09:30-22:00

4) Weald Outfitter
While Weald Outfitter sells relatively little athletic equipment (they tend to keep it to the basic accessories, like climbing hooks and belts), it’s a must-visit for outdoor sports clothing. Specializing in hiking, mountain climbing, and biking, you can find every article of clothing you could possibly want in preparation for a big hike or climb. From North Face coats to thermal underwear to heavy duty boots, you’ll find enough clothes to prepare you for the nastiest weather you may encounter while out and about on your wildlife trek. Oh, and they also sell bug spray, which is helpful to anyone who plans to step outside this spring or summer.

Weald OutfitterView In Map
Add: 22 Chongqing Nanlu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市重庆南路22号 近淮海中路
Tel: 021 5386 4180
Opening Hours: Daily, 09:00-21:00

5) IconX
Well known around the globe, IconX specializes in board-related sports: surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. And while you may have thought they were simply a clothing brand aimed towards trying-to-find-my-place-in-the-world skater dudes, they are in fact a comprehensive sports store. Besides selling the actual boards for your respective sport, you can find helmets, kneepads and other safety equipment. Brands such as Volcom, Nike SB and Billabong represent some of the best in the industry. For those looking to hone their skills, the IconX stores have also started leading snowboarding and surfing lessons.

Icon X (branch)View In Map
Add: 2789 Yan'an Xilu, near Hongxu Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 6242 9154
Opening Hours: Daily, 09:30-20:30 

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