The Shanghai Pizza Delivery Test: The Good & the Nasty

The Shanghai Pizza Delivery Test: The Good & the Nasty
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting longer, and it's only a matter of time before Sherpa's is reinstated on my speed dial. But while it's certainly nice to have the option of ordering everything from Turkish to Mexican to German food, sometimes you just need a slice of home. Fast, cheap, and seriously greasy, delivery pizza is in a category all on its own – perfect for a massive party, for a late night snack, or just because the idea of actually getting up and going anywhere is too much to bear. So in the interest of convenience, here's a rundown of five of Shanghai's most popular quick-and-dirty pizza delivery services and a verdict on how they fared.

1) Pizza StreetView In Map

Price: About 70 RMB for a 12 inch (the only size offered), one topping pizza. The price goes up accordingly depending on add ons.

Ease of Ordering: Super easy whether ordering from the phone or the website. The guy answering the phone is usually the Australian owner, so English service is not a problem. The website is extremely straightforward and accessible. And they actually read the whole order – one time we typed in "crushed red pepper" on the "special requests" section and our pizza came covered in the glorious stuff.

Wait Time: An average 45 minutes. Pretty much what we expected.

Taste Test: Yum! The quality shows in both the crust (chewy and thick) and the toppings. Our favorite is the spicy pepperoni (that indeed has a nice little kick to it!), especially good with anchovies if that's your thing.Once when we ordered artichokes online, the owner called us back to say he was sorry but they hadn't received their imported shipment of artichokes that week and he refused to use a lesser quality kind – so you know they're serious about commitment to quality!

The Final Verdict: Four and a half out of a possible five stars. Orders are accurate and fairly prompt, while the ingredients are better than you'd expect from a delivery only venue.

Add: No. 36, 818 Changshou Lu, near Wuning Lu (delivery only), Shanghai
地址:上海市长寿路818号36室, 近武宁路
Tel: 021 6233 5969
Delivery hours:  16:00-23:00

2) Pizza to Go View In Map

Price: About 90 RMB for a 16 inch, one topping pizza. The price goes up accordingly depending on add ons.

Ease of Ordering: Fine if you speak Chinese, otherwise it's hit or miss with English fluency.

Wait Time: The usual 45 minutes. This seems to be the bar by which pizza delivery joints set their standards.

Taste Test: Disappointing. And we mean really disappointing. The crust was tasteless and left uneaten on everyone's plates. The sausage topping was the perfect example of Chinese sausage – ie: slightly sweet. Everything tasted like it had come from a can which gave all the toppings a weirdly similar taste, regardless of whether it was supposed to be a green pepper or a slice of pepperoni.

The Final Verdict: One out of a possible five stars. Pizza unfit for anyone's consumption other than the extremely drunk.

Add: 193Wulumuqi Lu, near Jianguo Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市乌鲁木齐路193号, 近江国路
Tel: 021 6431 2378

3) Domino'sView In Map

Price: Around 80 RMB for a 12 inch (which is considered a large). Depending on your topping combo, it can get up to as much as 90 RMB.

Ease of Ordering:  Extremely easy phone ordering. They offer an English service which has some of the best English speaking staff of any restaurant that I've encountered in Shanghai. And they're super cheerful too, which makes the whole experience even nicer.

Wait Time: An unbelievable 20 minutes. They are the only pizza delivery company I know that offers a "delivery in 30 minutes or your next pizza's free" guarantee – and so far, so good!

Taste Test: Delicious! Personally we found the thin crust to be delightfully cracker thin – basically just a way to shovel the tasty toppings into our mouths (the hand tossed crust is average). Extra points for the jalapenos (which are obviously fresh – and super spicy) and pepperoni (which doesn't have a hint of that dreaded sweetness). While some thought that the pizza could have a bit more tomato sauce on it, I don't recommend wasting the 16 RMB it takes to add more.

The Final Verdict: Four and a half out of a possible five stars. Surprisingly great service and, most importantly, deliciously addicting pizza!

Add: 876 Humu Lu, near Baiyang Lu (branch location), Shanghai
地址:上海市浦东新区花木路876号, 近白杨路
Tel: 021 400 882 5252

4) Melrose Pizza View In Map

Price: Around 100 RMB for a 16 inch, one topping pizza. The price goes up accordingly depending on add ons.

Ease of Ordering: If you speak Chinese it will be no problem, but the English service can be a bit frustrating at times.

Wait Time: At least an hour. Hope you're not too hungry…

Taste Test: A tad nauseating. The crust is tough and the toppings are… well, they're what give pizza a bad name in China. The pepperoni is rubbery, the cheese comes off in one big glob, and the vegetables are basically on there just for color.

The Final Verdict: Zero out of a possible five stars. Don't do it. I don't care if you're drunk, high, or in the middle of a hallucinogenic freak out – don't do it.

Add: No.1, Lane 330 Tongren Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu, Metro Line 2 Jing'an Temple Station (branch location)
地址:上海市铜仁路330弄1号, 近北京西路, 地铁2号线静安寺站
Tel: 021 400 887 4992

5) Papa John'sView In Map

Price: Around 80 RMB for a twelve inch, one topping pizza. The price goes up accordingly depending on add ons.

Ease of Ordering: The English service is good. Just be warned that Papa John's has one of the most limited delivery service areas in the city (Jing'An and Jinqiao). Now that the Zhongshan Park location has closed, they won't deliver anywhere near Xujiahui or Changning.

Wait Time: A perfectly adequate 45 minutes.

Taste Test: This is another example of the thin crust outweighing the traditional hand tossed variety when it comes to crusts. The toppings are fresh, with the meat and vegetables all tasting exactly as they should. Those familiar with Papa John's in the United States will be thrilled to see the familiar sight of garlic butter that accompanies each pizza.

The Final Verdict: Four out of a possible five stars. Consistent and fresh, it's a solid choice for a pizza fix.

Add: 1226 Jiangning Lu, by Changshou Lu (branch location), Shanghai
地址:上海市江宁路1226号, 近长寿路
Tel: 021 6277 7272

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I do not really consider Pizza Hut to offer a real pizza, but it is kind of missing here... The area where I live Pizza Hut is the only delivery available :S

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