Organic Farms around Shanghai that Deliver Vegetables to your Doorstep

Organic Farms around Shanghai that Deliver Vegetables to your Doorstep

Food safety is a topic that never gets exhausted in China. And yes there are enough shocking stories about fake or contaminated food in China to keep us ranting for days or even weeks. However, merely complaining is not going to make a significant impact on the way food is produced in China. Exerting your power as a health-conscious consumer and choosing organic over non-organic, on the other hand, will help drive up the demand for greener production methods and will help give China's organic farmers the incentive and drive necessary to expand their production and to encourage other farmers to follow in their footsteps.

It doesn't end there. As the phenomenal demand for organic food in the US and Europe has proven, a greater demand for organic produce leads to an increase in organic farmland, wider availability of organic products in conventional supermarkets and lower prices. For eco-conscious people in Shanghai, the good news is that there are several organic farms situated around the city which not only have an open-door policy towards visitors, but which also deliver organic vegetable boxes right to your doorstep on a weekly basis. If you're a constant complainer but still buy non-organic vegetables in Shanghai, stop and ask yourself why? This article provides all the information you need to switch to organic without even leaving the house!

1) BiofarmView In Map
Biofarm offers three types of baskets for delivery and gives customers the choice of 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Customers can also choose whether to receive the baskets once or twice a week. The cheapest costs 99 RMB and includes 8-10 types of seasonal vegetables and is enough for one person. The middle-sized basket costs 129 RMB and also includes tofu and bean curd (enough for 2-3 people). Finally, the large basket costs 209 RMB and includes 10-12 types of organic fruit and vegetables, a carton of eggs, tofu and bean curd and is enough to feed over three people. Other items from the farm such as chicken meat, eggs and additional packs of tofu or bean curd can be added on to each purchase. Delivery is free when you spend over 99 RMB. A 30RMB delivery fee is added for purchases under 99 RMB. Check out their website for more details.

Add: 8019 Liutuanchuansha Lu, Pudong New District, Shanghai
地址:上海市浦东新区川沙镇六团川沙路8019号, 百欧欢有机生态农场
Tel: 400 620 0789 or 021 6469 1721 (8:30 - 18:00)
Fax: 021 5156 4076
Getting there: take the Chuan-Lu special line (川芦专线) to Chuansha Lu Nongchang stop (沙路农场路)

2) Tony's FarmView In Map
Located in Datuan, in Pudong New District, Tony's Farm covers almost 1.3 square kilometers of rejuvenated, organic land. Tony's offers 3kg or 6kg boxes of vegetables which each contain six or more types of organic vegetables. Customers can choose from two types of combo boxes which can be delivered once or twice per week using 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Prices range from 1580 to 17,800 RMB depending on subscription length and frequency and delivery to Shanghai is free. More info, recipes and resources can be found on their website.

Add: 7007 Nanfeng Highway, Datuan Township, Pudong New District, Shanghai
地址:上海市浦东新区大团镇川南奉公路7007号, 多利农庄
Tel: 400 820 2162/021 3127 2121 (visitations and orders must be booked at least one day in advance)
Getting there: take the Fengnan line to Duoli Nongzhuan stop (多利农庄)

3) Mahota Biodynamic Farm View In Map
Mahota is the only farm in Shanghai that practices biodynamic agriculture, a part spiritual, part ethical, part ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. The emphasis of biodynamic farming is on restoring and harmonizing the land and livestock from within the farm itself – in other words using a self-sustaining system that uses home-made fermented fertilizers instead of artificial pesticides and treats the soil as an organism in its own right. For 168 RMB, you can buy a basket containing eight different types of vegetables or get your own customized vegetable box (prices vary depending on the vegetable types you choose). Boxes are delivered (free of charge) within two days of ordering and can be paid for upon delivery. However, the website doesn't support online booking so you must call the hotline to place an order. Mahota also has a store on Kaixuan Lu that stocks a full range of the farm's products.

Add: Beiqiyao Xiandai Agricultural Development Zone, Chongming County, Shanghai
地址:上海市崇明县北七滧现代农业开发区, 泰生农场地址(上海中新农业有限公司)
Tel: 021 6944 1040,021 6186 9650(泰生农场一日游预定电话)
Getting there: take the Baoqi (堡七) line to Nongyeyuanqu station (农业园区站)

Mahota StoreView In Map
Add:  1F, 1580-10 Kaixuan Lu, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: 021 5267 9988
Getting there:  take line 4 to Hongqiao Lu station

4) Organic FarmView In Map
Organic Farm offers both boxes and individual items for purchase and their range of products is not limited to fruit and vegetables. Make-up, clothing, pulses, meat and dairy are all available for purchase. However, one must have a Zhifubao (支付宝) account to pay for the goods online. The other alternative is lodging the money into their bank account (details available on their website). Customers can also choose to have their goods delivered to their door (10 RMB) or collect the order at their pick-up location on 2601 Xietu Lu (斜土路).

Add: Sicun Village, Yexie Township, Gongjiang District, Shanghai
地址:上海市松江区叶榭镇四村村, 有机农庄
Tel: 021 5788 0793 
Getting there: take the Tangwei (塘卫) line to Tangkou stop (塘口)

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