On The Hunt for a Burger in Shanghai

On The Hunt for a Burger in Shanghai
By Susie Gordon , eChinacities.com

The humble hamburger. Much vaunted; much maligned. If you’re an expat in Shanghai, the onslaught of Chinese food can sometimes get a bit much. Of course, we’re always up for a decent dish of noodles, but there comes a time when you crave a slab of minced beef between two halves of sesame bun, slathered in mayo and decorated with lettuce, onion and tomato. Hell, even Eduardo Vargas agrees – his new restaurant, Bistro Burger hadn’t opened at the time of writing, but it will have done by the time you’re reading this, and may well take the city’s burger crown. Meanwhile, where else can you find a good burger in this town?

Bistro Burger View In Map
Add: 1/F, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu富民路291号1楼 近长乐路


First and foremost, for a massive burger menu (literally – their menu is printed on huge boards that are almost as big as the tables) head to The Spot. This sports bar is regularly rammed with Americans satisfying their meat cravings. Statesiders know what they’re talking about where burgers are concerned, so if they like The Spot, it must be good. It isn’t just your regular hamburger that graces the menu here; we particularly like the lamb pita burger. All sandwiches come with fries, a cabbage salad and a soup, and prices range from 60 RMB to over 100 RMB.

The Spot View In Map
Add: 331 Tongren Lu, near Beijing Xilu铜仁路331号近北京西路

The Spot, Shanghai

The Blue Frog is another favourite for burger-seeking folk. With multiple branches including Xujiahui, Jing’an and French Concession the Frog does a respectable line in burgers. At 80 RMB, their legendary Big Montana is the one to go for. It’s huge. The meat is joined by an onion ring, cheddar, lettuce, bacon, tomato and barbecue sauce, and comes with fries. Go there on Mondays for 2-for-1 specials.

Blue Frog 蓝蛙
Xujiahui Branch:View In Map
Add: B1, Yongxin Plaza, 131 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Xingeng Lu 徐汇区天钥桥路131号永新广场B1楼
Jing’an Branch:View In Map
Add: 86 Tongren Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu 静安区铜仁路86号近南京西路
French Concession Branch:View In Map
Add: 207-6 Maoming Nanlu, near Fuxing Lu 茂名南路207号近复兴路


Tongren Lu seems to have nearly as many burger joints as strip bars. Malones’ Twin Peaks burger tips the cash register at 95 RMB, but is worth every penny. It comes with two beef patties, tomato, lettuce, ham, bacon, and Swiss cheese. That’s three types of meat, on one burger… Heavy. It comes with potato wedges, so make sure you’ve skipped lunch before embarking.

Malones马龙美式餐厅View In Map
Add: 255 Tongren Lu, near Nanjing Xilu 铜仁路255号近南京西路
Tel: 021-68861309 

Grand Café, Shanghai

If you’ve got more money than sense, try the Grand Café at the Grand Hyatt’s cheeseburger. At 118 RMB a pop, this one is strictly a pay-day treat unless you’re completely loaded. It’s as good as you’d expect for this price, and you get a great birds’ eye view of Puxi thrown in. Another stupidly pricey effort comes courtesy of the JW Mariott’s California Grill. For the price of a mini-break in Suzhou (188 RMB) you could be chowing down on a ‘Wagyu & Foie Gras Burger’ among the best of them.

Grand Café 君悦咖啡厅View In Map
Add: 54/F, Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue 世纪大道88号金茂君悦大酒店54楼
California Grill 加州扒房View In Map
Add: 40/F, Tomorrow Square, 399 Nanjing Xilu, near Huangpi Beilu 南京西路399号金威万豪酒店40楼近黄陂北路


Kakadu, Shanghai

More sensibly priced is the Rendezvous Burger from Rendezvous Café in Minhang. This baby is 60 RMB worth of All-American goodness. But it doesn’t all have to be Yank-style. Aussie mainstay Kakadu does the Australian Burger (65 RMB) with a surprising slab of beetroot along with the regular fillings. And there’s the Tijuana Tangler (¥63) at the Gourmet CaféThis one comes with salad instead of fries, but makes up for the stab at healthiness by slathering the patty in Mexican salsa and cheese.

Rendezvous Café 朗迪姆View In Map
Add: 435 Jinfeng Lu, near Baole Lu 金丰路435号近宝乐路
Kakadu 卡卡图 View In Map
Add: 8 Jianguo Zhonglu, near Chongqing Nanlu 建国中路8号1104A座近重庆南路
Gourmet Café 堡仕康 View In Map
Add: 455 Shanxi Beilu, near Beijing Xilu 陕西北路455号(近北京西路)
Add: 1111, Shanghai Centre, 1357 Nanjing Xilu 南京西路1357号上海商城111单元


Gourmet Café, Shanghai

Lauded by some as the best burger in Shanghai, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouseis proud to present The Wrangler, for ¥78. It is classic all the way. No frills, aside from lettuce, pickle, tomato and cheddar.

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
高峰美国牛排馆 View In Map
Add: 5/F, City Hotel, 5-7, Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Yan’an Zhonglu 陕西南路5-7号城市酒店5楼近延安中路

Then of course there are the budget fast-food options of McDonalds and Burger King, but this somehow feels like a cop out. If we’re going to go Western, we’d rather not slum it. However, if you don’t fancy busting out a hundred on a burger, try Windows Too. A bar by night and a rather grimy café by day, it is famed for its 10 RMB burger. We’re not saying it’s good. We’re just saying…

Windows Too 蕴德诗 View In Map
Add: 2F, Jiuguang Department Store, 1618 Nanjing Xilu 南京西路1618号久光百货2楼

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