Fall Fashion 2012: Where to Find the Hottest New Styles in Shanghai

Fall Fashion 2012: Where to Find the Hottest New Styles in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli , eChinacities.com

Fall is practically upon us, and with it comes longer hemlines, heavier fabrics, and perhaps a jaunty scarf or two. Fashion is ever changing, however, so some closet cleaning may be in order. And I don't mean just for ladies—that's right, designers are remembering the men this season too (because why should the women have all the fun?). From Milan to New York, the biggest designers have debuted their wares and the trends have appeared. So read on for the biggest fall fashion trends this year and where you can find it all right here in Shanghai.


1) Red, Red, Red
Because I'm sick to death of hearing "[insert new trend here] is the new black," let us just say that red is very popular this year. And I'm talking red, not some subdued shade of maroon or burgundy. Red, the kind of shade that turns heads and brightens moods, will be lightening the cloudy fall days this year. While some runway models decked themselves from head to toe in the cheerful shade, those of us who live in the real world and, you know, have to go to work, may want to settle for an occasional red statement piece paired with more neutral colors. Try a fitted red sweater with a black skirt or a red scarf over a camel colored trench for an extra special pop.

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2) Wide Brimmed Hats
The floppy, wide brimmed hats from the 1970's are back in a big, big way. Gone are the beanies and knit caps—embrace the bigness instead. Usually made of wool felt, these hats come in a ton of different styles, shapes, and colors (red, anyone?). They are instantly recognizable and trendy without being too "out there." There's also that little bonus involved in the fact that they keep your head warm during the approaching cool weather. Fashionable and functional? Sounds good to me.

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3) Black/White Combo
If you're ever in doubt this fall as to what to wear, just remember this: black plus white equals trendy. One popular incarnation of this duo is the white dress with a thin black belt. As perfect for the office as it is for the bar, this combo is instantly sleek, classy, and timeless. But it doesn't stop there – black and white patterned dresses, shirts, and pants are also all the rage, as well as black and white stripes, black and white polka dots… well, you get the idea. Fashion rarely gets this easy, so take advantage of it while you can!

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1) Patterns
Men get the opportunity to play a little bit more than usual this fall with the outpouring of patterns coming from the runways. And while stripes and plaids have been around since the beginning of time, these patterns get a bit funkier—think paisley, mini polka dots, and every other kind of non-solid design you can think of. This trend is most often seen on long sleeved button up shirts, but it has also been utilized on sweaters and, for the bolder ones out there, on pants. The most fun option in Shanghai for this trend is to go to the fabric market and hand select the patterns you find most appealing. Variety has never looked so good.

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Open: Daily, 9:00-18:00

2) Bright Anything
While red appears to have dominated on runways around the world, and in both men's and women's fashion shows, the general trend with men this year is towards bold, bright color of any sort. Think vibrant shades like dazzling greens, sapphire blue, or eggplant purple. Anything completely saturated with color that lends a pop to your outfit will do. If you're not feeling up to investing in a bright blue sweater though, try something smaller like a tie, hat, or even belt. It's true that men don't have as many fashion options as women, but adding an unexpectedly bright touch to your outfit is one way to experiment without going overboard.

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3) Interesting Outerwear
This year, men can make their boldest fashion statement without even taking off their coats. It is, in fact, the coat itself that proves a focal point in this fall's trend watch. Fitted pea coats and military style jackets are still the most popular cuts, but now there seems to be more and more variations within those styles to make each look unique. From unusual textures (like tweed or wool) to unusual collar cuts to endless patterns to funky buttons, you may just want to keep your outerwear on even indoors.

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