5 Reasons to Stay in Shanghai for Chinese New Year

5 Reasons to Stay in Shanghai for Chinese New Year
By Andrea Scarlatelli , eChinacities.com

Chinese New Year is coming up quickly, and we all know what that means – a mass exodus from the city, when it is impossible to get a plane ticket without mortgaging your house and it is impossible to get a train ticket no matter what you do.Stuck in Shanghai this Spring Festival? No doubt your friends are regaling you with tales of upcoming adventures to tropical islands and exotic locales. But don't let them fool you – there are some definite pluses to staying in Shanghai during Chinese New Year. Don't believe me? Read on for just a few reasons why you'll fall in love with this city all over again…

1)  You can walk more than five feet without running into another person
Shanghai transforms itself, into a place where you can walk a half a block – heck, sometimes even a WHOLE block – without bumping into another living person. With all the migrant workers and out-of-towners having headed back to be with family over the holidays, it's a bit shocking to see how few people are actually native Shanghai-ers. And if you discover the urge to fling your arms out and twirl in a giant circle just because you can, go for it – enjoy the personal space while you have it!

2)  Silence. Blessed, blessed silence
How wonderful it is to hear nothing! The absence of honking vehicles, construction equipment – agh,  #@*%&$*fireworks! Okay, so you won't find perfect peace and quiet in Shanghai over CNY – in fact, the constant fireworks going off will likely drive you to the brink of sanity itself. But over the din of your exploding 2:00am (and 4:00am, and 7:00am, and…) wake-up call, savor the reprieve from other noises that usually get under your skin: construction drills, car horns, shouting, bull horn announcements from local schools…

3)  You'll lose weight
Either that, or get to know your Sherpa delivery people very, very well. It would be an exaggeration to say that all the restaurants in Shanghai shut down during Chinese New Year, so I'll just say that most restaurants in Shanghai shut down during Chinese New Year. Granted, the Western ones are likely to remain open, although some of those will be on hiatus also if they rely heavily on a Chinese wait staff. So either see this as the prime time to lose those extra pounds you've wanted to drop, or become BFF's with your Sherpa's guy. Your choice.

4)  You don't have to worry about rush hour traffic – or any traffic, for that matter
Taxis will certainly be harder to find during CNY, but by no means impossible – this gives you the perfect opportunity to marvel as your commute time is basically halved, no matter where you're going. You're in Xujiahui at 19:00 on a Friday evening and want to get to the Bund? No problem! Witness your taxi cruising along at a shockingly brisk 55mph with nary a car to stand in its way. If you've ever wanted to explore part (or all) of the city, now is the time to do it – before everyone comes back and you're once again forced to share the road.

5)  Extra time to catch up on chores/things you've been  meaning to get around to
With so many businesses closing (potentially including your favorite bar or restaurant) and more efficient public transport, you'll inevitably have more time on your hands to do other things. Now's the time to spring clean your flat and throw out all that unnecessary clutter you've accumulated over the months/years living in China. Or why not use your kitchen more and try out some of those recipes you've been drooling over? Stock up on food before the Spring Festival and start cooking and freezing batches of mouth-watering dishes if necessary – the future you will be thankful when you get to swap your usual greasy noodle lunch for a slice of delicious homemade lasagna. Or you could devote more time to that newly acquired New Year's hobby of yours—the sky's the limit!

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