10 Great Healthy Restaurants in Shanghai

10 Great Healthy Restaurants in Shanghai
By Cynthia Lopez , eChinacities.com

2014 is here and it’s time to start on those New Year’s resolutions! So if you’re one of the many who decided that this year you need to start eating healthier, then keep on reading. We’ve compiled a list of 10 healthy restaurants in Shanghai. Whether you want vegetarian, vegan, organic or just simply healthy food we’ve got you covered.

Fancy a healthy chicken salad from Wagas?
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1) SproutworksView In Map
Yum, yum and yum, Sproutworks is delicious! There’s not an item on the menu that we don’t like. Sproutworks is a newcomer to the Shanghai restaurant scene and has won our hearts with their tasty ‘sides’ menu items. You can choose from 2, 4 or 6 sides. The sides’ selection is always changing, but some of the tastiest ones include the roast cauliflower, mint, feta cheese (yes, that’s all one side!) or the roasted vegetables with pan-fried garlic breadcrumbs. They also have an assortment of soups, salads and sandwiches.

Add: Super Brand Mall, Floor B2, 168 Lujiazui Xilu, Pudong New District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市浦东新区陆家嘴西路168号正大广场B2楼
Tel: 021 6890 5966
Price range: 25-60 RMB
Getting there: Take subway Line 2 to Lujiazui station

2) Nosh
Nosh is delivery-only, with free delivery to certain areas. Check out their website for more details. They have some of the healthiest and most delicious wraps, we are particularly fond of the Mediterranean wrap and Avocado wrap. They also have great breakfast deals, like the bagel combo deal, which comes with two different bagel halves. We know, we know, bagels aren’t the best thing to eat if you’re trying to lose weight, but splurging on one bagel once a week isn’t too bad. And did we mention they’re scrumptious?

Add: (Delivery ONLY) 126 Yongkang Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 021 3469 0668
Opening hours: Daily, 12:00-21:30
Price range: 25-70 RMB
Website: www.noshdelivery.com

3) OriginView In Map
Origin is located in the lovely Tianzifang and they serve some of the freshest and richest food in town. This is one of the best brunch places in Shanghai, but is only available on weekends (10:30 – 17:00). You can choose between 5 different brunch sets and the prices range from 75-108 RMB and all include a drink. Make sure to try the eggs Benedict or their poached eggs. And finally, don’t forget to sample their excellent assortment of teas. The mint green iced tea with a tad of liquid sugar is divine.

Add: Lane 39, Tianzifang, 155 Jianguo Zhong Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市卢湾区建国中路155号
Tel: 021 6467 0100
Opening hours: Daily, 10:00 - 22:00
Price range: 20-120 RMB
Website: www.originsh.com
Getting there: Take subway line 9 to Dapuqiao Road station

4) Organic KitchenView In Map
Organic Kitchen is located in the Former French Concession. All the ingredients used are fresh and organic. They even have a selection of wines made with 50% organic ingredients. They exclusively use free-range chicken and if you want to know where any of their meats are sourced from just ask as they are always willing to share that information (Make sure to check out their website for more details about their meat products). Also, if you’re worried about suspicious Shanghai water, then worry no more when you eat here, Organic Kitchen uses Japanese technology to purify their water.

Add: 1/F, 57 Fuxing Xi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 021 6418 3220
Opening hours: Daily, 8:00-23:00
Price range: 20-80 RMB
Website: www.organickitchenshanghai.com
Getting there: Take subway line 10 to Shanghai Library station

5) Urban Soup Kitchen
When you get sick, they say that you should eat lots of soup. Most western-style restaurants will have one or two soups on their menu, but Urban Soup Kitchen has a wide-selection of healthy and hearty soups. This NYC-style restaurant has three locations in Shanghai. They offer an abundance of soups and their selections are consistently changing through out the month. Make sure to try their roasted pumpkin soup, tomato garlic soup or chicken noodle soup.

Park Place ShopView In Map
Add: Reel Mall 1FL LOT 1D-1, 1601 Nanjing Xilu, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
地址: 上海市静安区南京西路1601号芮欧百货1楼D1铺
Tel: 021 3331 1861
Opening hours: Daily, 08:00-22:00
Price range: 25-55 RMB
Website: www.urbansoupkitchen.com
Getting there: Take subway line 2 or 7 to Jingan Temple station

Kangding ShopView In Map
Add: 1035 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
地址: 上海市静安区康定路 1035 号
Tel: 021 3331 1861 
Opening hours: Daily, 08:00-22:00
Price range: 25-55 RMB
Website: www.urbansoupkitchen.com
Getting there: Take subway line 7 to Changping Road station

Madang ShopView In Map
Add: 280 Madang Lu, near Zizhong Lu, Luwan District (Xintiandi), Shanghai, China  
地址: 上海市卢湾区马当路280号
Tel: 021 3331 1861 
Opening hours: Daily, 8:00-22:00
Price range: 25-55 RMB
Website: www.urbansoupkitchen.com
Getting there: Take subway line 10 to Xintiandi

6) Pure & Whole (formally known as Kush)
Kush changed its name a few months ago, to Pure & Whole, and is a vegetarian paradise. If you’re looking for a healthy take-out lunch option, then order from Pure & Whole through Sherpa and enjoy their afternoon delights. You get a little bit of everything on their menu, half a sandwich, wrap or pasta and a small soup, salad or drink. Their smoothies are also delicious and if you’re vegan or if you have lactose intolerance well then you’re in luck, their smoothies are made with soymilk. As healthy restaurants in Shanghai go this is one of my personal favourites.  

Jing’an RestaurantView In Map
Add: 98 Yanping Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市静安区延平路98号
Tel:  021 5175 9822
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30-22:00
Price range: 20-70 RMB
Website: www.livekush.com
Getting there: Take subway line 7 to Changping Road station

Kerry Parkside RestaurantView In Map
Add: 1378 Huamu Lu, Pudong District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市浦东新区花木路1378号B1楼
Tel: 021 5061 0618
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30-22:00
Price range: 20-70 RMB
Website: www.livekush.com
Getting there: Take subway line 7 to Huamu Road station

7) New Age VeggieView In Map
If you’re looking to eat healthy, vegan Chinese food, then come to New Age Veggie. They have a fusion of different foods from pizza and pastas to dumpings and veggie “pork” fried rice. Yes, I did say pork and this place is vegan. On the menu they’ll have items listed as chicken or pork, but really they’re made with meat substitute. New Age Veggie prides itself in using no meat or eggs in their ingredients. Try there mala tofu or chilli-fried veggie “chicken”, they’re both spicy but tasty.

Add: 988 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 5899 9910 
Opening hours: Daily, 10:00-22:00
Price range: 15-100 RMB
Getting there: Take subway line 1 or 10 to South Shanxi Road station

8) Vegetarian Lifestyle (Jujube Tree)View In Map
Vegetarian Lifestyle is also known as Jujube Tree. It became popular a few years back with its location in Lujiazui. Now, that location is closed and they’ve moved to Puxi. This is another Chinese vegetarian restaurant and just like New Age Veggie, there are plenty of mock meat dishes here too. Not as many spicy dishes as New Age Veggie, but their most memorable dish is the spare ribs. Vegetarian spare ribs of course. Many of their “meat” dishes are made with tofu or wheat gluten ingredients.

Add: No.258 Fengxian Lu, near Jiangning Lu, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
地址: 上海市静安区 奉贤路258号
Tel: 021 6215 7566
Opening hours: Daily, 11:00-21:00
Price range: 15-80 RMB
Website: www.jujubetree.com
Getting there: Take subway line 2 to West Nanjing Road station

9) Wagas
Wagas is one of the most well-know healthy western-style restaurants in Shanghai. This large Shanghai-based chain has won our hearts with its consistent quality of good, healthy food. Wagas has almost 30 locations in Shanghai, a few locations in Beijing and Suzhou, and has opened various sister restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Baker & Spice is on that list and definitely worth checking out. If you stop by a Wagas in the evening, try out their pastas. After 18:00 all pastas are 42 RMB. Make sure to check their website for a full listing of all locations.

Citic SquareView In Map
Add: Citic Square, B/F, 1168 Nanjing Xilu,
Tel: 021 5292 5228
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 07:30-22:00
Price range: 15-60 RMB
Website: www.wagas.com.cn
Getting there: Take subway line 2 to West Nanjing Road station

10) Element FreshView In Map
And a final option for healthy restaurants in Shanghai is Element Fresh serving fabulous dishes, like their turkey breast salad, spicy steamed tilapia, or scallops and prosciutto pasta. There are branches in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and of course Shanghai. In Shanghai alone, there are about a dozen locations, including the Element Fresh Vintage branch. Although, Element Fresh is a pricey it has its own delivery service if you live with 2km from one of these 12 locations then the delivery is free with a minimum order of 40 RMB. Make sure to check out their website for a complete listing of all there locations.

Jing’an Restaurant
Add: Room 112, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xilu, Jingan District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市静安区南京西路1376号上海商城东楼112室
Tel: 021 6279 8682
Opening hours: Mon-Thu & Sun, 07:00-23:00; Fri-Sat, 07:00-00:00
Price range: 60-200 RMB
Website: www.elementfresh.com
Getting there: Take subway line 2 to Jing’an Lu station

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