Find a Good Cuppa Joe: Cafés in Fuzhou

Find a Good Cuppa Joe: Cafés in Fuzhou

In need of a pick-me-up? Although café culture isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Fuzhou, China’s new-found love of coffee hasn’t escaped the city. Major chains like Starbucks and Sculpting in Time can be found here, and it’s also home to a growing number of smaller and privately owned cafés too. As the café fervor continues to intensify, expect to see many more cafés cropping up in Fuzhou in the near future. Below are five of the most popular café staples in the city.

1) Starbucks (Sanfang Qigang branch)
It seems like no major city in China is Starbuck-free these days and that’s not necessarily a bad thing (don’t listen to what CCTV is saying!). When you’re in need of a caffeine fix, Starbucks is always there to save the day. Perk yourself up with their signature Frappuccino and pair it with a blueberry muffin. Or go for the budget-friendly option and get their coffee of the day which will cost you around 15 RMB. It may not taste as good but it’s got the required dose of caffeine to wake you up.

Of course, Starbucks in Fuzhou, as elsewhere in China, is the venue of choice to see and be seen among the city’s outgoing youth. Bring your Mac or iPad, log on to the free WiFi, sip on your green tea Frappuccino and fit right in. This particular branch has a small courtyard out the back with additional seating, making it a good choice for language exchange meet-ups or wiling away the afternoon on your laptop or tablet.

Add: 101 Nanhou Jie, Gulou District, Fuzhou
地址:福州市鼓楼区南后街101号, 星巴克(三坊七巷店)
Tel: 0591 8766 6231
Opening hours: 07:30-22:30
Getting there: Take bus No. 1, 5, 18, 22, 27, 55, 66, 80, 118, 128, 301 or 317 to Shuangpao Qiao (双抛桥) stop

2) Sculpting in Time
With its tasteful décor and trendy clientele, Sculpting in Time has established a solid reputation in Fuzhou. The walls are plastered with film posters and an arty vibe wafts through the air. Sculpting in Time in Fuzhou only opened last year, but it’s already become a mainstay for the city’s fashion-conscious students and hipsters. But enough about the clientele, this place serves a decent cup of coffee as well. Pair your cappuccino with one of the café’s many sweet or savory snacks. From sandwiches and salads to cakes and pies, Sculpting in Time offers enough fuel to re-energize at any time of day.

Add: 2F, Bldg. C, Shidalin Jie, Shangsan Lu, Cangshan Lu, Fuzhou
地址:福州市仓山区上三路师大临街C楼二层(戴斯酒店西侧), 雕刻时光咖啡馆
Tel: 0591 8851 1177
Opening hours: 09:00-23:30
Getting there: take the No. 4, 20, 42, 47, 50, 60, 66, 83, 87, 113, 115, 124, 126, 162, 167, 307, 502, 901 or k1 to Shida (师大) stop

3) Maan Coffee
This upscale coffee joint from Korea already enjoys a solid reputation in Beijing where the scent of fresh waffles and good coffee draw in the well-healed in droves. Maan Coffee in Fuzhou opened its doors in September 2012 and, just like its branches in China’s capital (13 and counting), attracts a steady following to its two-floored coffee nest. The spacious interior has vintage-inspired deco, Moroccan lamps, plush wooden seats, free WiFi and plenty of electrical sockets, cementing its popularity with the laptop carrying crowd.

If hunger sets in, choose from one of their many desserts and snacks on the menu. Their cheesecake muffins, sandwiches, burgers and, of course, waffles, are all big hits. And let’s not forget about the coffee: Maan Coffee baristas undergo rigorous training at their Roasting Factory and Coffee School in Jiangfu and this is reflected in the quality of the coffee and service. 

Add: 185 Wusi Beixiufeng Lu, Pu’an District, Fuzhou 
地址:福州市晋安区五四北秀峰路185号(近枫丹白鹭), 漫咖啡
Tel: 0591 8790 1717
Opening hours: 09:00-02:00
Getting there: take bus No. 17, 19, 52, 68, 111, 128 or 132 to Fengdanbailucheng (枫丹白鹭城) stop

4) Miu Café
The owners of this cozy living-room style café seem to have an affinity for cats. Don’t be surprised if a super fluffy, white cat jumps onto your lap to make your acquaintance. But the resident cat is not the only cute thing about this quaint hideout. From small table lamps to quirky accessories, Miu Café succeeds in creating a laid-back, warm atmosphere. And what about the menu? The café serves all the standard coffees, as well as milk teas, other caffeine-free hot drinks and desserts. The drinks and food aren’t anything to write home about but, if it’s a basic caffeine fix and a relaxing environment to wile away an afternoon that you’re looking for, Miu Café will do the job.

Add: 3 Yanhe, Shaoyuan Yihao Cultural and Creative Park, Baima Beilu, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591 8850 0064
Opening hours: 13:00-24:00

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For a city of this size (about 4 million), there are not many foreigners living in Fuzhou apart from one local area near Fuzhou Normal University.

Jun 06, 2016 18:45 Report Abuse



if you want to know more about fuzhou you can go to you will find some info here but fuzhou hasn't a large pop of visitors from abroad. and thats how we like it!! yes you can't see us around because we are all hiding :P

Mar 12, 2016 12:08 Report Abuse



Got same question like hazel-0fmine... where do foreigners hang out?

Aug 22, 2015 11:33 Report Abuse



is there a place where foreigners meet??

Sep 01, 2014 09:51 Report Abuse



Have you found an expat venue in Fuzhou yet? Been here a month and have yet to see another foreigner.

Sep 27, 2014 12:15 Report Abuse



I live about 4 hours away, went for visit over golden week. only foreigner I saw was a restaurant owner. expected to see more foreigners?

Oct 19, 2014 10:10 Report Abuse