A Slice of Variety: Chongqing’s Best Pizzas

A Slice of Variety: Chongqing’s Best Pizzas
By Micah Steffes , eChinacities.com

Not long ago, Pizza Hut was your only option for readily available, moderately authentic Western food in Chongqing. While bacon and eggs are still hard to come by (Café Arabica is about your only bet), pizza has become as ordinary as one could imagine something cheesy would ever become in China. Praise be.

1) Best variety: Nova VeneziaView In Map
New kid on the block Nova has already established quite the reputation among Chongqing's expats as the Italian restaurant in Chongqing. Among the classic Italian food that owner Tina serves up (examples include eggplant parmesan, lasagne, gnocchi, and some amazing tiramisu), Nova offers the greatest variety of pizza toppings to be found anywhere in Chongqing. From carbonara to smoked salmon, from a rocking awesome four cheese to the unlikely "Pizza Americana" (topped with hotdogs and french-fries), Tina offers 16 varieties available in an 8' calzone, 10 pan pizza, and 12 inch stone-baked pizza. Prices range from 25 to 60 RMB, making Nova's one of the best deals in town. Try the pizza parma or even the classic pizza margherita and your taste buds will think you've died and gone to Italy.

Add: 1/F (by the number 8 glass elevator), Wanda Plaza, Nanan District, Chongqing
地址: 重庆南岸区南坪万达广场8号观光电梯上1楼
Tel: 02362961561; 13983165427
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Delivery: Yes; Up to 20 KM; Fee varies from 15 to 60 RMB

2) Best chain: Papa John'sView In Map
For good ol' American-style chain pizza, Papa Johns is the place to go. Plenty of pepperoni, pools of tasty aromatic pizza grease, soft doughy crust and that signature yellow sauce are enhanced by friendly wait staff, plenty of seating and a peaceful dining environment. All said, Papa Johns' Wanda Guangchang location is head and shoulders above other chains' inattentive and sometimes unfriendly service. While inconveniently located away from expat centres Shapingba and Jiefangbei, if you like your pizza cheesy and saucy with super-savoury pepperoni, Papa John's pizza is worth the trek out to Nanping.

Add: Lower Level, Wanda Plaza, Nanan District, Chongqing (Across from Wanda International Cinema)
地址: 重庆江南大道万达购物广场首层
Tel: 4008887272
Website: http://www.papajohnschina.com
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Delivery: Yes; Fee includes taxi fare

3) Best taco pizza: The Cactus View In Map
The Cactus and its neighbour the Harp are a conveniently located, easy-to-find place to get your pizza fix in Chongqing. The toppings on these stone-baked pizzas will seem familiar mainly to Americans, who will find the meat-lovers, supreme, and vegetarian pizzas to be quite authentic. The Harp and the Cactus have an additional edge in being the only place in Chongqing offering tex-mex favourite taco pizza. The prices as compared to Nova and Suzie's are a bit of a drawback, ranging from 60-100 RMB per 12 inch pizza. However, the cost is partly offset by the Cactus's quality drinks – if not by the novelty of eating Mexican-flavoured pizza in China. Go on Monday night for "Pizza and a Pitcher" night for 10 RMB off all large pizzas and pitchers on special.

Add: 9/F, Hongyadong, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
地址: 重庆渝中区洪崖洞9楼
Tel: 2363038655; 13983873702 (English)
Website: www.cactustexmex.com/
Opening Hours: 11:00 – Midnight
Delivery: Yes; Jiefangbei Only; 10 RMB with fee waived for purchase over 120 RMB

4) Best all-around: Suzie's Pizza Home
Long ago (about two-years ago), before there was Nova, Papa Johns, and The Harp/The Cactus, pizza-loving expats comforted one another with stories of a mythical pizza paradise hidden in an apartment in Shapingba, where a Chinese girl named Suzie mastered the art of great pizza. 

Suzie's Pizza Home, while no longer quite so mythical, is indeed run out of an apartment – its most recent location on the 12th floor of Sanxia Guangchang's UME theatre complex high-rise. Once you get there, you'll be charmed by the homey décor and Suzie herself. Definitely go for the margherita for 28 RMB or better yet, the Chicken Oregano for 48 RMB. Each serving is the perfect size for a hungry individual but pizzas can be made half-and-half for diners who want to share but can't decide.

Suzie also offers Chinese interpretations of "pasta" that while inauthentic, are surprisingly good and reasonably priced. A note: thin-crust home-style pizza is the specialty here, so if you're a doughy, cheesy, stuffed-crust fan, stick with Papa John's or Pizza Hut.

Tel: 13696419653
Opening Hours: Hours are variable so call ahead.          
Delivery: Yes; Fee starting at 10 RMB

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I just showed this story to Suzie, via WeChat, and she noticed an error. Her correct phone number is: 136-9641=9353

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Suzies' Pizza has great food but this place is much more than a place to eat. Suzie treats her guests like friends, and this makes it quite special!

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