Michelin Star Dining in Beijing

Michelin Star Dining in Beijing

China has long been known for its rich culinary culture, but with the import of some of the world’s greatest chefs carrying Michelin stars with their name, there’s never been a better time for exquisite international dining in Beijing than now. At present, not one but three Michelin star chefs work their magic in Beijing’s kitchens, creating mouth-watering delicacies that leave critics and guests raving again and again. Although Beijing doesn’t have a Michelin Guide of its own, we show you some of the restaurants where you can treat yourself to the Michelin star experience.

But first, to appreciate the worth of a meal prepared by a Michelin starred chef, it is essential to understand the system behind it. Michelin stars are awarded to a very small number of restaurants of outstanding quality and based on a strict assessment of the food. These assessments are carried out by a notorious team of professionally trained, anonymous inspectors. The highest number of stars a restaurant can obtain is three, and in 2009 only 81 three star restaurants existed in the world. Michelin stars are judged solely by what’s on the plate, not taking into account the quality of service or interior deco (with the exception of value for money). Michelin stars are notoriously difficult to obtain which is why even restaurants with just a one star rating are instantly showered with respect, status, acclaim -- and the pressure to live up to its title.

1) Claudio Sadler - Ristorante Sadler 三乐意式餐厅View In Map
Walk past the Gate of Heavenly Peace at the Forbidden City, stop to admire the portrait of Mao overlooking the vast open space of Tiananmen, continue south along the square to Mao Zedong’s Mausoleum, make a left on East Qianmen Avenue and by now you should already see the glorious entrance of Ch’ienmen 23. It is within the walls of this historic building which once served as the compound for the American Legation during the Qing Dynasty, where world famous Chef Claudio Sadler set up his first restaurant in China. Famous for his mastery of the Italian kitchen and his spontaneous creativity , Sadler won not one but two Michelin stars for his first restaurant Osteria di Porta Cicca in his hometown Milan. Injecting the same attention to detail and quality into his Beijing venture, Ristorante Sadler has instantly become one of Beijing’s most exquisite dining destinations. Exciting Italian dishes with a modern twist, prepared by one of the world’s most talented chefs and served in one of Beijing’s most beautiful, luxurious landmark buildings - Claudio Sadler’s star rating is truly reflected in every aspect of the restaurant.

Add: Ch’ienmen 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010 6559 1399
Website: www.sadler-beijing.com
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:30-14:00, 18:39-22:30
Average price: lunch menu 160 RMB +/ dinner 600 RMB +

2) Daniel Boulud – Maison Boulud 布鲁宫法餐厅View In Map
French chef Daniel Boulud has been described in many ways: “super chef”, “one of America’s leading culinary authorities”, “one of the most renowned chefs of our times” etc. All titles allude to one very clear fact – this three star Michelin chef is one of the most renowned and revered culinary masters in the world today. Therefore, it was not without much excitement and publicity that Boulud opened his first restaurant in Beijing, Maison Boulud. Like Claudio Sadler, Boulud chose the majestic manor house setting of Ch’ienmen 23 to set up his restaurant. Maison Boulud serves French “soul food” as the chef calls it and tries to source his ingredients locally as much as possible. Although the restaurant is not as formal as his more famous establishments in New York City, Boulud is well aware that the coveted honour of earning three Michelin stars comes with high expectations and tough scrutiny akin to the strict requirements necessary to earn such a title in the first place. Although his Beijing establishment doesn’t serve his world famous ‘Royale’ truffle burger, the exquisite menu has nonetheless attracted and pleased the most serious foodies from China and abroad.

Add: Ch’ienmen 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010 6559 9200
Website: http://www.danielnyc.com/maisonboulud.html
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30-14:00, 18:00-22:00, brunch 11:00-16:00, 18:00-22:00
Average price: 600 RMB+

3) Yannick Ehrsam – Le Pré LenôtreView In Map
Another big player in Beijing’s exquisite dining scene. French restaurant Le Pré Lenôtre counts Yannick Ehrsam as its latest catch. Yannick worked with famous three star Michelin chef Marc Veyra from 2004 to 2005 and later was promoted to Sous Chef de Cuisine at La Bateau – a two star Michelin restaurant in Paris. With over six years of culinary experience at two of France’s top restaurants, you’re sure to feel the Michelin stars tingle in the mouth when dining at Le Pré Lenôtre in Beijing.

Add: Sofitel Hotel,Wanda Plaza, 6 F, 93 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010 8599 6666 ext. 6528
Website: www.sofitel.com
Opening hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00, dinner 18:00-22:30 (closed at lunch Sat-Sun)
Average Price: 600 RMB (dinner)

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