China's Biggest Second Hand Market Opening in Beijing

China's Biggest Second Hand Market Opening in Beijing

Beijing’s biggest second-hand goods market is about to open at the end of the month. Xinqicai Commercial Centre (新七彩商业中心) opened for business on December 31st in Yaojiayuan (姚家园), Chaoyang District. The market’s location is behind Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) and according to the Chaoyang government, the market will also feature a special trade area to encourage white collar traders to open up businesses within the venue. Once the market opens its doors, it will become China’s largest second-hand market covering an area of 30,000 square metres.

A wide range of items will be for sale at the market, including clothes, crafts, household appliances, musical instruments, antiques, articles for daily use and more. There’ll also be a large selection of firelighters, second hand leather products and all sorts of specialty hand-made arts and crafts from famous tourist sites around the country. The enormous market will be divided into three sections with a total of 600 stalls on site. Besides the commercial sections, there will also be an entertainment area within the building.

Another exciting aspect the venue has planned for the future is to introduce a “second-hand sales corridor”, which will consist of a designated space where residents can bring along their second hand goods and set up a stall for free. This initiative is planned to open in June or July 2010.

Second hand culture is a fairly new phenomenon in China. Although antique markets have been flourishing throughout the country for many years, Chinese authorities and consumers are much more reserved when it comes to second hand items such as clothing. In October 2009, police in Guangdong Province burnt more than 120 tons of used clothes that were smuggled into the country illegally from Japan and Korea and local authorities have vowed to clamp down on the trade. Many laws and restrictions still govern the sale of second hand items and strict measures are also in place in the new Xinqicai Commercial Centre. Hygiene is the main concern in regards to used products in China, and officials of the new Xinqicai Commercial Centre have stressed that all sellers must verify the source of every single item they sell.

While flea markets have been a popular part of culture for many years in most parts of the Western world, China too is slowly succumbing to the trend as this new market is a clear indication of. Though not a flea market in the Western sense, Xinqicai Commercial Centre will hopefully yield some great unwanted treasures. For those interested in where else to find vintage clothing and accessories in Beijing read on here. Happy shopping!

Xinqicai Commercial Centre 新七彩商业中心View In Map
Add: Beside the main road on Yaojiayuan, between the 4th and 5th ring road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Getting there:
By bus: 406, 431, 496, 608 to Dougezhuang Lukou Xi (豆各庄路口西)
350, 499, 640, 673, 729, 750, 758 , 111 express bus to Yaojiayuan Xikou (姚家园西口)
By subway: The market will be within walking distance of Beijing subway Line 14 when it opens at Chaoyang Park Bridge Station (朝阳公园桥站)

Map (Chinese):

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