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Let Your Hair Down: Bars & Clubs in Yiwu

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When looking for a drink with friends in Yiwu after a bustling workday, there’s no shortage of places to go. The city is littered with traditional pubs, wine bars and trendy hangouts. To help you and your friends find a place to drink and relax that won’t disappoint, we have rounded up several popular bars and clubs in Yiwu.

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1) Means Club
Decent music, affordable drinks, an elevator-powered T-shaped dance floor and hi-tech rotating VIP booths! This club is an earthly paradise for young people to enjoy their nightlife. Means Club is a popular bar and nightclub located in Jindu Meishicheng and is the perfect choice for large groups, birthdays, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Where: Beifanglian, Jiangbin Beilu, Yiwu
Opening hours: 20:30-02:30
Tel: 0579 8502 1999
Getting there: Take buses 1 or 3 to Yiwu Commodity City (小商品城站) and alight

2) Dena Pub
Dena Pub has established a reputation as one of the most popular bars for expatriates in Yiwu. Enjoy its cozy atmosphere, while listening to live performances by singers and bands from home and abroad. Dena also serves up some western grub including steaks, pasta, pizza, cheese cake and tiramisu. Get ready to meet a diverse crowd that knows how to have a good time.

Where: 18 Yin’enmen, Danxi Beilu, Yiwu
Opening hour: 10:30-02:00
Tel: 0579 8552 5666/138 1679 8401
Getting there: Take bus 1 to Henfenjituan (恒风集团(南方联)站) and alight

3) Gebi Pub (Neighbors Pub)
A retro nightclub in a discarded Daoist Temple, Gebi Pub features live music, exotic drinks, and a diverse, multicultural crowd. Located at the Nanmenjie Street and Huancheng Nanlu crossroad, this pub often invites a wide variety of singers and bands, including Vialka from France, Don Vito from Germany, Zhang Yide and many others. For newcomers, it may be difficult to find as the bar is just several small houses, but that just makes it more exclusive. Tip: the wall outside is painted Chinese.

Where: 777 Nanmenjie, Yiwu
Tel: 158 6895 4433/151 5794 6237
Getting there: Have to jump in a taxi

4) 88 Club
88 Club opened in December 2009 and is one of the biggest nightclubs in Yiwu, covering a whopping 2,500 square meters. With its blended decor, it claims to specialize in the best party music, hiphop in particular, in the world. Though, having experienced many of China’s big clubs, we would question this declaration. For 580 RMB you can get unlimited supplies of Harbin beer; and for 780 RMB you get unlimited supplies of Budweiser.

Where: ground floor of Yiwu Meihu Sports Center
Opening hour: 20:00-02:00
Tel: 135 7597 7593
Getting there: Take bus 300 to Nianxi stop (鲇溪站) and alight

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