Gulangyu Island: Small Family Hotels That Will Make Your Visit Worthwhile

Gulangyu Island: Small Family Hotels That Will Make Your Visit Worthwhile

Gulangyu is the perfect location for a late summer break, an escape from the busy city, or an escape from the polluted air. These four family-run hotels will make a trip here worthwhile, whether you want to relax, do sightseeing or be active on the beach, they will make your visit.


1) Coastal Sunshine Family Hotel (日光海岸家庭旅馆)

Sunlight Seacoast Family Hotel is located at the bottom of Gulangyu’s sunlight cliff, walking distance from the sea, with a snack street only a few minutes’ walk away. The location is perfect, because the main scenic spots are all very close by: Gulangyu Music Hall, the Piano Museum and Sunlight Cliff.

The hotel itself is surrounded by beautiful greenery, and located in a very tranquil environment, perfect for a walk in the crisp air, minutes from the beach or a bird watching hot-spot if that’s your cup of tea. Alternatively, you can relax in the hotel’s garden, have some tea or relax and chat.

On the third floor of the hotel, there is free Wi-Fi, a 24 hour supply of hot water, luggage storage, as well as laundry services. The rooms themselves are equipped with a bathtub, air conditioning, a television, broadband and free tea; what more could you need? The owner is also extremely friendly and speaks conversational English. The only thing that you need to know is that the hotel doesn’t provide breakfast, and that it is better to call up for a room-booking in advance as there are only 19 rooms.

Add: 53 Huangyanlu, Gulangyu, Xiamen
Room Prices: 175 -508 RMB
Tel: 059 2206 2108 or 059 2670 5705

Getting There: The hotel is about 17 kilometers from Xiamen airport, and 8 kilometers from Xiamen train station. The easiest option is to get a taxi from either of these.
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2) Chhit Tho Hotel (游走日月家庭旅馆)

Just past the Gulangyu tunnels, you’ll be able to see a picturesque little white house, the walls of which are proudly adorned with cartoon drawings: you have made it to Chhit Tho Hotel.

The hotel is quiet, not full of tour groups, and highly suitable for a few days’ solid rest. In the hotel itself there are three stories of red brick architecture, and in front of the building is a communal relaxation area, with a tiny yard in the back. Within its direct surroundings are also a sculpture garden and a beach football pitch, suitable for running or sports until dusk, when there are snack stalls nearby to enjoy on a breezy evening.

Each room has a different theme, indicated by their names. All rooms have their own bathroom facilities, and second floor rooms even have special bathtub facilities for complete relaxation. All rooms are also equipped with free Wi-Fi, an integrated television system, air conditioning and broadband. The boss speaks basic English.

Add: 320 Neicuoaolu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Room Prices: 256-398 RMB
Tel: 059 2219 5582
Getting There: Chhit Tho Hotel is 5.5 kilometers from Xiamen train station and 14 kilometers from Xiamen airport, the best way to get there is by taxi.
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3) Sijiaolou Family Inn (四角楼客栈)

Sijiaolou Family Inn was opened in 2010 and is one of the most low-key family owned hotels in the area. Right outside the inn, visitors can enjoy a 100 meter beach strip, and enjoy the ‘Celebrity World’ museum-think fake Madame Tussaud’s- only 50 meters away. Xiamen’s gorgeous night skyline is visible from the coast, and the run rise is also spectacular.

The hotel has 2 floors of rooms, with 8 rooms that all have different sized beds. These rooms all have free Wi-Fi installed, as well as air conditioning, heating, hot water and broadband available. The owners are extremely friendly, but they do not speak any English, so if you have any questions you’ll have to prepare them in Chinese.

Add: 73 Lujiaolu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen (50 meters from ‘Celebrity World’ Museum)
Room Prices: 299- 399 RMB
Tel: 059 2208 3626
Getting There: The hotel is 15 kilometers from Xiamen airport and 8 kilometers from Xiamen train station, the best way to get there is to take a taxi.
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4) 1930 Hotel

1930 Hotel is located very conveniently on the Dragon’s Head Road. The snack street, Underwater World, Sunshine Cliff and national exhibition buildings, and the Hongshan Park scenic area are all within 5-10 minute walk away.

This hotel is the tallest one, and from the top you can look over the entire island, also enjoying Xiamen’s skyline. There are four floors with a total of 20 rooms, all of a different style, including single, double and king sized beds.

The rooms have everything fitted in, including free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, 24 hour hot water, broadband, hair dyers, and there are even non-smoking rooms. What is important to remember is that the hotel staff speak basically no English at all, bar one.

Add: 245 Longtoulu, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Room Prices: 128- 378 RMB
Tel: 059 2219 1717
Getting There: 1930 hotel is 9 kilometers from Xiamen train station and 17 kilometers from Xiamen airport, the best way to get there would be to take a taxi.
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