Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Whether you are looking for something to do with the family or with kids, or just for a good day trip, Wuhan has a lot of furry (or scaly) attractions. These are three of the best places to if you are an animal lover, or if you know someone who is.

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1) Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World

If you’re an animal lover, you have to come take a look at Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World. The park specialises in polar animals, and it is China’s only indoor polar themed animal park. There are a total of five parts to the park; the polar animal exhibition area, the Happy Theatre, the Polar Theatre, the two mile seabed, and ‘Happy Children’s Island’.

The polar bears, seals, walruses, sea lions, manatees and the emperor penguin are the highlights of the park. The marine animal exhibit has a range of coral and sea anemones on display, as well as other interesting sea creatures. All these animals can be viewed from up close, making for a great experience, especially for kids.

Please beware that you need to plan ahead if you are planning to visit during peak time in order to make the most of your visit, as it has the tendency to get very busy.

Add: 96 Jinyintan Dadao, Dongxihu District, Wuhan
Website: www.hcwhjd.com
Tel: 027 8569 9999 or 027 8768 0358
Opening Times: 09:00-19:30 (Summer Season), 09:00-17:00 (Winter Season)
Price: 150 RMB
Getting There: Take subway line 2 to Jinyintan Station (金银潭站) and switch to bus 216 until you get to Polar World Stop (海洋世界站).

2) Wuhan Zoo

Wuhan Zoo is the largest out of the 8 big zoos in China. The entire area covers 48.3 square acres, including mountainous areas, and exotic natural scenery. There is a bird pavilion, crane island, a panda enclosure, a hippo pavilion, golden monkeys, elephants, lion, tigers, and a deer park that has more than 20 different types of deers.

The 20 RMB price ticket even includes the panda enclosures, the crane pavilion, the Sichuan golden monkey enclosure and the white bears, as well as 200 other rare endangered animals, a lot of them endemic to China.

The park itself is rather large, and you can easily spend the whole day here. It gets busy on weekends and holidays, so make sure that you are prepared. You can make the most of the park by checking the performance and animal feeding times beforehand and planning your visit around that.

Add: 1 Dongquyuanlute, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8484 4610
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00, daily
Price: 20 RMB
Getting There: Bus 7, 553, 413, 580 and 646 all go to Dongwuyuan Stop (动物园站).

3) Wuhan Donghu Sea World

Opened in 2002, Wuhan Donghu Sea World is 30,000 square meters, and has a lot of different rare animals on show from the bottom of the sea: more than ten thousand different types of animals and fish.

The park even has a jellyfish room, a tropical selva room, an underwater tunnel, a sea mammal threatre, a little mermaid theatre, and an underwater creatures specimen room. There are a lot of live performances including seals and sea lion performing art shows, dancing with sharks, underwater ballet dancing, etc.

Add: Donghuliyuan, Wuhan
Website: www.whhysj.cn
Tel: 027 8677 6578 or 027 8677 2929
Opening Hours: 08:30-17:00, daily
Price: 80 RMB
Getting There: Take bus 8, 411, 573 or 605 to Liyuan Guangchang Stop (梨园广场站).

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