Shanghai to Launch 20 RMB "One Day" Metro Tickets during Expo

Shanghai to Launch 20 RMB "One Day" Metro Tickets during Expo

On March 6, 2010, Chairman of the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Mr. Hong, revealed that Shanghai Metro will launch 20 RMB one day travel cards this month in anticipation of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. One day travel cards are nothing new in countries with long-standing, well developed subway systems like London or New York, but for Shanghai the news comes a nice surprise, especially since prices for hotels and services have been rising steadily.

The so-called “one-day tickets” are valid for use within 24 hours after you swipe in for the first time. Besides allowing passengers to avoid long queues at the ticket counters each time they want to travel, the card also helps passengers save money if they plan to make several trips throughout the day. Therefore, the more trips one makes throughout the day, the better value for money the card becomes and the more time passengers save.

According to Mr.Hong, this new measure is clearly targeted at short term visitors to Shanghai who plan to make several journeys throughout the day, and not for the average worker who just rides the subway to and from work. However, although the ticket is being introduced as a measure to bring greater convenience to tourists at the Shanghai World Expo, Mr.Hong also stated the “one-day ticket” will be continued even after the Expo.

However, the one aspect passengers should take note of is that the validity of the ticket goes by the moment you swipe in, and not by the “natural day”. So regardless at what time you swipe in, the ticket will remain valid for 24 hours from that moment onwards. What’s more, Hong also revealed that Shanghai Metro plan on launching other ticket schemes such as multi-day travel cards and multiple use travel cards some time in the near future. The exact date of the one-day ticket has yet to be announced, but according to Hong they will be available for purchase this month.

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