Shanghai Street Guide: Exploring Kangding Lu

Shanghai Street Guide: Exploring Kangding Lu
By Susie Gordon ,

Kangding Lu runs from Wanhangdu Lu in the west, cutting a swathe across the north of Jing’an District until it reaches Suzhou Creek and turns into Nan Suzhou Lu. While taken up with residential and office buildings for much of its length, Kangding Lu is home to several clusters of dining, nightlife and retail venues. Here are some highlights.

Chalet Suisse

1) Chalet Suisse  瑞士人家View In Map
There are several Swiss restaurants in Shanghai now, but Chalet Suisse takes the crown for the most authentic. Popular dishes include the raclette, which consists of melted cheese shaved from a huge block at your table and eaten with boiled potatoes and pickled vegetables. A comprehensive wine list and chalet-style interior add to the Alpine charm. It’s classy rather than gimmicky, and is unsurprisingly popular with Shanghai’s Swiss community.

Add: 1582 Kangding Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu, Jing’an District, Shanghai
地址: 上海静安区康定路1582号, 近万航渡路
Tel: 021 3353 3887
Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 17:30-23:00

Finest Foods, Photo:

2) Finest FoodsView In Map
Taking the mantle from the likes of Feidan and CityShop, Finest Food serves the surrounding housing complexes with a huge range of American, British, Filipino, Thai and Japanese imported food and beverages. Imported goods always run pricey, but Finest Foods manage to keep their prices below the competition. Highlights include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a whole section devoted to cereals and a deli section selling fresh meats and cheese. There are books, magazines and kitchenware too.

Add: Unit B, 1582 Kangding Lu, by Wanhangdu Lu, Shanghai 
Tel: 021 6832 7548

3) Priscilla’sView In Map
The InFactory complex is home to creative agencies, magazine offices and photography studios, as well as Priscilla’s Restaurant and Bar. It’s on the top floor of a converted warehouse, and is popular for business lunches. The exposed walls and huge skylights add to the atmosphere.

Add: Bldg B, 2/F, InFactory, 1147 Kangding Lu, near Wuning Nan Lu, Shanghai
地址: 康定路1147号InFactoryB楼2楼, 近武宁南路
Tel: 021 5228 5356
Opening hours: 11:00-21:00

Pomodoro Bistrot

4) Pomodoro Bistrot 珀茉朵意大利餐厅View In Map
The building that houses the Tongji Garden serviced apartments has a row of restaurants at street level, all sharing the wooden terrace that runs parallel to the sidewalk. Pomodoro Bistrot is one of those neighbourhood Italian eateries that mix reasonable prices with hearty classic dishes. Look out for the huge, brightly-coloured oil paintings of fruit and vegetables on the walls.

Add: 1023 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路1023号,近延平路
Tel: 021 6218 3798
Opening hours: 11:00-00:00 

Legend Taste

5) Legend TasteView In Map
Yunnanese food is some of China’s tastiest and most interesting. The Lost Heaven restaurants in the French Concession and the Bund area corner the market for expensive Yunnan cuisine, but Legend Taste brings you the same flavours at a lower price. The quality and service are great, and some people actually prefer it to Lost Heaven. Try the Naixi buckwheat cakes, jingpo chicken and Dai marinated pork for a true taste of Yunnan.

Add: 1025 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路1025号,近延平路
Tel: 021 5228 9961
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-23:00 

Chiang Mai

6) Chiang Mai 清迈府泰国料理 View In Map
Next door to Legend Taste is Chiang Mai, a popular restaurant that’s homelier than some of the more expensive Thai places downtown. The walls are adorned with portraits of Thailand’s royal family along with an array of Buddhas, fairy lights and pictures of Thai scenery. The food covers classics like green, red, and yellow curries, papaya salad, satay and pad thai.

Add: 1019 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路1019号,近延平路
Tel: 021 5228 1588
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-23:00

7) Crocus View In Map
The Kangding 528 complex is a mini-district containing a handful of popular bars attracting the young creative professional crowd. Crocus is the first bar you see when you enter the complex, and is managed by two cheerful Filipino brothers. Daily happy hours, regular sport screenings and friendly staff make it a local favourite.

Add: 528 Kangding Lu, near Xikang Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路528号,近西康路
Tel: 138 1611 2688
Opening hours: Tue-Sun; 10:00-2:00


8) Kuluska View In Map
Basque food isn’t a cuisine you hear much about, but Kuluska brings the flavours of northern Spain to Shanghai, along with drinks and dishes from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s a favourite meeting spot for the city’s Spanish community, especially on Wednesday nights when drink prices are slashed. ¡Viva sangría!

Add: 528 Kangding Lu, near Xikang Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路528号,近西康路
Tel: 021 6288 3085
Opening hours: 18:00-02:00; closed Sundays

9) CuvéeView In Map
Another Kangding 528 bar, Cuvée is a cosy wine bar with an impressive drinks list that also covers cocktails. Thanks to its location, it is spared the unmanageable crowds of the downtown wine bars, and you can pretty much always get a table. It shares an outdoor space with beer bar Kaiba next door, so you’re sorted whether you feel like the grape or the grain.

Add: 528 Kangding Lu, near Xikang Lu,Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路528号,近西康路
Tel: 021 6288 1189
Opening hours: Tue-Fri, 16:30-late; Sat-Sun, 14:30-late

10) KaibaView In Map
Belgian beer bar Kaiba now has a branch on Dingxi Lu, but this one in Kangding 528 was the original. If you’re tired of tasteless Tsingtao, Kaiba’s 65 varieties of Belgian and international offerings should satisfy your need for quality hops. Bar staff are trained in pouring technique and temperate control, and the interior décor has that Trappist monastery feel – dark wood, stone floors, medieval ambiance. Lovers of strong brews will be impressed by their selection of Chimay.

Add: 528 Kangding Lu, near Xikang Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海市康定路528号,近西康路
Tel:  021 6288 9676
Opening hours: 16:00-2:00

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