Roads to Recovery: Mental Health Services in Shanghai

Roads to Recovery: Mental Health Services in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

Sometimes life in Shanghai can be a little rough. Whether you have just moved here and are experiencing some serious pains of adjustment, or you are an old-time expat who needs some new perspective on life, or you are just feeling plain ol' blue, there are some places around the city to find help. Depending on your financial situation and the level of mental care you may need, there are a few different options in Shanghai, ranging from hotlines to counselling networks to private practices. Below are some different routes that all aim to lead to a happier, more well-balanced psyche.

Roads to Recovery: Mental Health Services in Shanghai

1) Counselling Networks:

Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA)View In Map
The Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA) was created in 2008 as a network of therapists and counsellors aimed towards the international community. This association currently comprises of 29 mental health professionals (including psychiatrists, marriage counsellors, etc.) who, as a group, speak ten different languages. This is the place to get assistance if you are not quite sure which type of therapist is best suited to your needs.

Add: Suite 303B, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Tongren Lu, Shanghai
地址:  上海市南京西路1376号303B室, 近铜仁路, 地
Tel: 021 6279 7943

Parkway Health
or Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics
If you are lucky enough to have (really good) health insurance, your best bet may be either Parkway Health or Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics. While both have gained a reputation for overcharging expat patients, if your insurance covers it you might as well go ahead and take advantage of it. Both have trained staff on board for a range of psychiatric issues and problems. Doctors come from a variety of different countries, ensuring you will find someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Parkway HealthView In Map
Jin Qiao Medical & Dental Center (branch)
Add: 51 Hongfeng Rd., Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai
地址:  上海市浦东金桥红枫路51号
Tel: 021 6445 5999
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 08:30-19:00; Sat & Sun, 09:00-17:00

Shanghai United Family Hospital & ClinicsView In Map
Add: 1139 Xianxia Lu, near Lingquan Lu (branch)
地址: 上海市仙霞路1139号, 近林泉路
Tel: 021 2216 3900
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 08:30-17:30

2) Private Practices:
Private practice consists of a qualified individual working either from an office or from home. There are a handful of private counsellors out there, advertising their services throughout the city. One such person is Christine Forte, of Forte Counselling, who works with both children and adults on a variety of issues including relationships, substance abuse, depression, grief, and anxiety. Additionally, AnsHooft, a Netherlands-trained counsellor, specialises in various topics including helping those who are struggling to adjust to life abroad. When visiting a private practice, it is important to choose someone with whom you connect and feel comfortable, so do not be alarmed if you don't find the perfect fit immediately.

Forte CounselingView In Map
Add: 500 Xiangyang Nan Lu, Rm 608, near Jianguo Xi Lu, Shanghai
地址:  上海市襄阳南路500号608屋
Tel: 137 9547 0448
Opening hours: By appointment

AnsHooft CounselingView In Map
Add: 169 Jiashan Lu, Studio No 5, near Jianguo Lu, Shanghai
地址:  上海市嘉善路169号5号工作室, 近建国路
Opening hours: By appointment only

3) Alternative Treatments:
For those who prefer a different sort of approach - or who perhaps are not plagued by anything specific, but instead desire a more general mental jumpstart – there are some "total body" studios dedicated to just that thing. MeWellness, for example, is technically a "lifestyle consulting service" geared towards people living in the daily grind of Shanghai. Here they employ specialists in an array of fields, such as nutrition, physical fitness, culinary arts, and overall "medical, mental, and emotional wellbeing." Body and Soul Medical Clinic, on the other hand, introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques to the field of psychology, in addition to practicing acupuncture and other medical treatments.

MeWellnessView In Map
Add: 668 Huai An Lu, near West Suzhou Creek Lu, Shanghai
地址:  上海市淮安路668号
Tel: 021 188 0189 4007

Body and Soul Medical ClinicView In Map
Add:14/F, 760 Xizang Nan Lu, near Jianguo Xin Lu, Shanghai
地址:  上海市西藏南路760号14楼, 近建国路
Tel:  021 5101 9262
Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, 09:00-18:00; Tue and Thurs, 09:00-20:00; Sat, 10:00-15:00; Sun, 09:00-17:00

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