Get Your Skates On: Best Ice Skating Rinks in Shanghai

Get Your Skates On: Best Ice Skating Rinks in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

What better way to spend these last cold, dreary days of winter than practicing your pirouettes at one of Shanghai's many ice skating rinks? Of course, for most of us who engage in such activities, there is less pirouetting, and more slipping and sliding. Nevertheless, there are (surprisingly) enough ice skating rink options in the city for almost anyone's tastes. For the serious skaters, the budget-minded, or the rowdy group excursions, read on for where to indulge those secret Olympic fantasies.

Get Your Skates On: Best Ice Skating Rinks in Shanghai

1) Ice Skating RinkView In Map
This oh-so-creatively named rink is actually known as the Hongkou Outdoor Swimming Pool during the warmer months. It used to be the largest rink in Shanghai at 1,200 square metres, but alas everything gets bigger and better in this city. It is one of the cheapest deals around at 40 RMB for two hours of skating time though, so this is a great bet for all you cheapskates (sorry, couldn't resist!) out there.

Add: 500 Dongjiangwan Lu, near Dongtiyuhui Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海东江湾路500号, 近东体育会路
Tel: 021 5671 5265
Opening hours: 7:00-21:00
Price: 40 RMB/2 hours

2) Shanghai Century Star Skating ClubView In Map
One of the newest rinks in Shanghai, The Century Star Skating Club is located in the basement of the Mercedes-Benz arena in the Expo village. Though measuring 1,800 square metres, this rink can get pretty crowded! This is also where the youth hockey team The Shanghai Thunderbirds meet for practice, and that professional feel is reflected in the skating equipment available for rental - socks, pads, helmets and gloves are all included in the admission price.

Add: B2/F, Mercedes-Benz Arena, 1200 Expo Avenue, Shanghai
地址: 上海浦东新区每赛德斯奔驰文化中心B2层
Tel: 021 6833 6786
Opening hours: Daily, 10.30-21:30
Price: 60 RMB (10:30-14:30); 70 RMB (15:00-21:30); 480 RMB for monthly membership card with unlimited access

3) Songjiang University ArenaView In Map
The Songjiang University Sports Center houses the adult Shanghai ice hockey team, making it, along with the aforementioned Century Star Skating Club, one of the more professional options around the city. The rink, all 1,860 square metres of it, has arguably the best ice conditions and makes for a relatively laid back experience (the lack of heavy crowds also helps matters). Feel free to goof around on your own, or try a figure skating lesson (260 RMB/45 minutes) or ice hockey class (180 RMB/45 minutes). Just call ahead to set up an appointment.

Add: 2000 Wenxiang Lu, near Longyuan Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海松江区文翔路2000,龙源路
Tel: 021 6782 7272
Opening hours: Daily, 13:00-20:00
Price: 60 RMB/2 hours non-students; 40 RMB/2 hours students; 15 RMB for skate rental

4) New World Ice RinkView In Map
This is the rink to visit if you're in the mood to be, um, social. And by social I mean crammed into a 500 square metre space on the sixth floor of a mall. Perhaps it's because the skating rink is smack in the middle of People's Square, but this seems to be the one to which everyone gravitates, despite the pretty poor condition of the ice. If you're going to go, be sure to get there in the morning before the ice gets chipped to oblivion by hordes of excited teenagers.

Add: New World Department Store, 6/F, 2 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海新世界百货, 南京西路2号6层, 近西藏中路
Tel: 021 6358 4983
Opening hours: Daily, 9:30-22:00
Price: 60 RMB/2 hours

5) Sunshine Zero Skating ClubView In Map
Another mall-based ice skating rink, this one has a surprisingly good reputation (probably based on the various Shanghai hockey teams that practice and play there). This is one of the only rinks that also has its own skate shop where you can buy anything from ice skates (starting at 800 RMB) to pads and helmets to sports skates. It's a bit pricier than most, as 60 RMB only gets you an hour and a half on the rink, as opposed to the usual two hours, but considering ice condition and location, it's still one of the better rinks in Shanghai.

Add: Bailian Shopping Centre, 7/F, 8 Songhu Lu, near Zhengtong Lu, Shanghai
地址: 上海杨浦区淞沪路8号百联又一城7, 近政通
Tel: 021 5552 9900
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30-22:00
Price: 60 RMB/1.5 hours

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