Beer-Battered Goodness: Shanghai’s Best Fish & Chips

Beer-Battered Goodness: Shanghai’s Best Fish & Chips
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,


Is there anything better that lightly beer-battered white fish and piping hot fries, lovingly wrapped in newspaper and then drowned in a sea of malt vinegar? For many, the answer is a resounding "no!" And while no one claims that Shanghai is the primo place for fish and chips (we'll let the Brits and Aussies battle it out for that one), it is possible to find quality fish and sufficiently crisp fries right here in the city. Read on for your best bets the next time you get in the mood for this sinfully good comfort food.

1) The CamelView In Map
The hands down favourite in Shanghai, when most people ask about fish and chips in Shanghai, The Camel is usually the first place that's recommended – and for good reason. Long chunks of moist white fish come coated in a beer batter that remains light despite the whole deep frying process. Overall, the combination of crunchy batter and tender fish meld into almost perfect harmony. The fries are hit or miss – sometimes hot and salty, other times just… fries. But with the fish as the main star, the somewhat average fries will only come as a slight annoyance. You'll most likely be too distracted swooning over your fish…

Add: 1 YueyangLu, Shanghai (near Dongping Lu)
Tel: 021 6437 9446
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 11:00-2:00; Sat-Sun, 10:00-2:00

2) Sailors Fish and ChipsView In Map
Chances are you've already heard about Sailors Fish and Chips, located on that rapidly expanding strip along Yongkang Lu. Started by two students at Fudan University, the place is appropriately small, cosy and unpretentious (as evidenced by the menu written out longhand on the blackboard up front). Choose from three different types of fish – sea bass, pollock or flounder – to be battered and fried at your request. The beer batter is delightfully crispy, but my recommendation is that the owners stop telling people where they found the recipe – from an internet search. While that certainly doesn't make it taste any less delicious, it tends to take the magic out of it somehow.
Add: 35 YongkangLu, Shanghai (near Jiashan Lu)
地址: 上海永康路35号,近嘉善路
Tel: 021 150 0009 9490

3) Catch!View In Map
There must be some physical law that once a niche restaurant opens and becomes slightly successful in Shanghai, a million more just like it will follow. Hence the second fish and chip shop to open on Yongkang Lu within a few months of the aforementioned Sailors. Catch! advertises three types of fish straight from New Zealand – monkfish, blue cod and ling. They're all about the choices here, as you can choose from three different types of batter (herbal goodness, spicy Thai, or backwoods beer) that are all made in-house (as is their tartar sauce) and two types of fries (regular or sweet potato). While fish and chips purists may balk, these options certainly do help expand their customer market. But the truth is that it's their high quality fish that lands Catch! in the ranks of Shanghai's best.

Add: 63 Yongkang Lu, Shanghai (near Xiangyang Lu)
地址: 上海永康路63号, 近襄阳路

4) KakaduView In Map
Kakadu can rightly call themselves Shanghai's only upscale Australian restaurant, but that doesn't mean they're not willing to get down and dirty with the basics. Their extremely popular "Fish & Chips Feeding Frenzy" proves that unequivocally. Every Saturday, from 12:00 until 16:00, you can try their fish and chips (along with extras like jumbo scallops, calamari and prawns) for half price. Choose from three types of fish (it rotates depending on what is in season) and two types of coating – either "crumbed" or battered. However you get it, expect fresh fish and batter that's been perfected down to a science.

Add: 8 Jianguo Xi Lu, Shanghai (near Chongqing Nan Lu)
地址: 上海建国西路8号,近重庆南路
Tel: 021 5468 0118
Opening hours: Daily, 10:00-00:00

5) The BulldogView In Map
This place has had its ups and downs over the past couple of years (mostly due to shifting management and a massive staff exodus) but it seems like they've gotten things back on track. Throughout it all, their fish and chips have consistently proved to be some of the best around, albeit with a bit stronger (ie: fishier) flavour than most. This is one set of fish and chips that I would argue can stand up on its own without the malt vinegar, mainly because its flavour is pleasingly strong all by itself. And the thick cut fries on the side are perfect for dunking in the accompanying tartar sauce. It is, without question, the highlight of The Bulldog's dinner menu.

Add: 1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, Shanghai (near Dongping Lu)
地址: 上海乌鲁木齐南路1号,近东平路
Tel: 021 6466 7878
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs, 17:00-2:00; Fri, 17:00-3:00; Sat, 11:30-3:00; Sun, 11:30-2:00

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