2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai

2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli , eChinacities.com

You may be mentally prepared for the summer, but is your wardrobe? As we step into the sizzling, summer months, we've prepared a guide on how to beat the heat, the stylish way. From chunky bangles to bold neon getups, here are this summer's top five hottest trends and where to get your hands on them.

1) Gold
As the weather heats up, that sun-colored metal makes a comeback. So retire the wintry silvers and steels until next season and stock up on anything involving the warm hues of yellow gold. Whether it's on your clothing, accessories, or shoes, the key to this look is brightness, like those items seen at Gucci's summer 2012 show. Think Egyptian chic or retro 70's – any way you rock it, be thankful that this colour tends to complement all skin types (unlike this year's head-scratching trend of tangerine). But if you do decide to incorporate gold into your wardrobe via jewelry, you might be interested in the next item on the list…

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2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai
Photo: topstylista.com

2) Chunky Bangles
… chunky bangles. This is one of those trends that are the most fun to wear because you get the most versatility out of the simplest accessories. Case in point are these chunky bangles, which designers like Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent have shown can consist of any material in any combination. Incorporate the also-in-season gold, or branch out with wood, leather, or over-the-top jewels. Wear one if you're feeling mellow, or stack up a few in varying styles and widths for a more dramatic look. The runway even showed bangles snaking all the way up the arm for a vague Egyptian goddess type look.

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2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai
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3) Neons
Chances are that you've already noticed those blindingly bright sneakers and dresses on the storefront mannequins of your favourite shops, and draped on an increasing number of real live people walking around the city. Believe it or not, this is in fact, a thing. Yes, day glo colours have resurrected themselves from the 80's and are back with a vengeance. Think neon pink, lime green, aqua blue and lemon yellow. But before you take the trend too far by breaking out your Nirvana T-shirts and ripped jeans, keep in mind that the runways usually showcase their neon pieces side by side with more neutral tones, like camel or charcoal. Less is kind of more, if less is even possible while wearing neon.

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2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai
Funky rocket heals by Prada.

4) Funky High Heels
High heels have taken a turn for the funky this summer as unique new designs are making a fashion statement all on their own. From Prada's flaming rocket stilettos to Louis Vuitton's ornately jeweled mules (ie: slingbacks) to heels with no back spike at all, the idea seems to be the more whimsical the better. There's something perversely fun about pairing smart, sensible business attire with footwear that can spark water cooler talk all on its own. The overall sense of this summer's fashion trends lead towards fun (note: see “neon” above), so these crazy new high heel designs fit right in.

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2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai
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5) Head to Toe Prints
For those of you tired of the clean lines, boring blacks, and basic solids of the past few seasons, get ready to rejoice – not only is print back in a big way, but mismatching prints (think florals paired with stripes, or polka dots paired with swirls) is actually encouraged by the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and D&G. Yes, all those rules you learned in grammar school about basic fashion do's and don't's are now just as useless as most of the other things you learned in grammar school. For those still hesitant to completely throw common sense out the window, you can simply choose one pattern and wear it head to toe. Whichever you choose, just make sure you wear it boldly.

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