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You are offended, yes, because someone said something bad about your people but your behavior totally supports his point. You sound loud mouthed, conceited,entitled...generally the very picture he described of Chinese women. A graceful,sexy woman would never talk like that, there are other ways to prove a point but I guess they don't teach you that around my dear are a typical,average Chinese woman busy belittling and insulting their men.(I do know some nice Chinese girls too but they are very rare, honestly I wouldn't recommend a Chinese girl to the people I care about...but thats just me).

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I think you might be mistaken by the term laowai. It's a term typically used to label white people in general not foreigners. The same way we label Africans of whatever origin as black, though not pc, it has become a thing of habit. I only speak Cantonese myself, but from what I have gathered, guailo is the Cantonese equivalent to laowai.

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that was some great words!! really admirable!!

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You are wrong, you should mind your language. Should not talk like totally moron, that concept you have given is somehow right and somehow wrong., It also depends on you, that how are you treating a girl. It is same everywhere in the world. I had 60 girlfriends in china since i am here 3 years, incl women,girls,lady and 10 from another countries. They all love me, and i love them all... Money is god in china, china has no religion, this is true, but there are some good peoples also, like left world, everywhere is some good peoples and bad peoples exits, but it doesnt means throught judging only one we blaim all country. You must did some stupidity or may be she was asshole, but everybody is not like you, or every girl is not like your wife. So better to stop spreading bullshits here

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Am sorry he is talking this way but marriage is emmotional and the scares you get cant be taken away. I understand your sentiments, I am married to a chinese but my wife is an angel but from what I know and have seen, most chinese women are not sincere when it comes to marring a foreigner. I may have been lucky to get one of the angels but others are not of the same story as me, so cool down and no insults.

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Agreed. I would say the brainwashed are the people who believe in a god, the one their parents happen to believe in. In the West, a person is most likely Christian, in the Middle East, most likely Muslim. At the very least this is nothing more than indoctrination. Non-belief is the absence of brainwashing or indoctrination and a willingness to accept the obvious.

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The rage of an exposed china twat!

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well said amy, guys like this should go home

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@Amy Chou....your remark is well educated and honestly tempered. I am married to a wonderful Chinese woman. We spent 4 to 8 hours a day on video chat talking and discussing subject under the sun from money and job to sex and politics for 8 months before I came to China to meet her. By the time we finally met, our eventual marriage in Oct 2014 was fate. We are happy and money is just money and it does not rule our life. We have found a peace and understanding that grows with each passing day. We have seen our home life and relationship grow through the hard times and the good times. Our marriage is not a sham, it is not fraught with misplaced trust or deceit, but it is based with communication and trust. We deal with the culture difference, the social microscope and bias from Chinese and westerners alike with a united heart and the strength of our love. She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I am proud and honored she is my wife. These comment posts will always be filled with the negative and narrow minded opinions of ignorance and bigotry, but there will always be that one voice, like your own, that presents the literal truth with open honesty and emotion...and there will always be the American who will applaud you and give verification to the truth of your words. You are a shinning example of the true women of China. Kudos to you for slamming the door so gracefully and completely on the insecurity and bigotry of BIGBADBULLY.

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You're not far off. Not having religion is the only thing the Chinese got right, at least "God" isn't screwing up their lives any more than they already are. Yes, Chinese girls are money/power hungry succubi that seek to drain the soul out of whatever man is desperate enough to keep them for longer than a night. I assume all the down votes you've received are from those foreigners in China still under the impression that THEIR relationship will work out. That's laughable at best.

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I completely agree with you, there are people hating here because they are the outcast foreigners in China still in the delusion that their girlfriends are legitimate. Too old to be successful in the west now, they seek to stroke their egos with weaker, and more accepting Chinese women. On their last stand, they actually think that those women are with them for love, and they claim that YOU don't understand Chinese women because you've shown them a side of truth. These same people will silently retreat in shame within years, after their Chinese wives have extorted them, found other "boyfriends", and eventually forced divorce.

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haha, "Amy Chou". You Chinese snakes are here by the boatload I guess. There may be a couple of respectable women in China, but you are not one of them. What about the women seen dating men over 30 years older than them? What about the Chinese university girls being picked up by BMWs and Mercedes every friday from the parking lot? What about the Chinese girls that immediately suggest moving back to the husbands home country? What about the Chinese girls that marry a foreigner and sit at home "working" or selling trinkets on taobao? What about the Chinese girls that fuck on the first date and bring toothbrushes and quilts to your apartment looking to move in on the second? What about the girls that wechat you for casual sex, with the prerequisite of taking them on a certain amount of dates first? No, not all girls are like this, but certainly enough to generalize you all as snakes and con artists. China is the home of the scheming snake, without morals, and without dignity.

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You are probably what we call a LBH, loser back home. You idiot! You arrived in China and thought you were a god because all these girls were into you even though you were probably much older and a lot less attractive than they were. The decent Chinese girls werent interested in you, but the gold diggers saw an opportunity and all YOU cared about was how hot she was. Dont make Westerners look bad by posting this stuff for everyone to read on top of how you have already embarrassed yourself in real life. She was desperate, you were shallow. You got burned. SHOCKING! It is guys like you who make western people look bad.

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