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It is erroneous to think that teaching ESL to preschool kids means babysitting or giving the required care for kids and that's it. I am a licensed teacher and preschool kids should also be exposed to correct spelling as well as correct pronunciation. Older preschool kids need to learn how to read sight words and not just sing nursery rhyme songs. They also need to master phonograms taught in phonics class and read simple sentences. Those who don't have a degree in preschool education and elementary education think that teaching kids is just about playing games all the time. On the contrary, kids need to learn basic language skills so if their teacher does not even know the difference between the homonyms "no" and "know," then they are screwed. Even native speakers of English need to learn this in kindergarten as part of their sight words.

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FROM THE EDITOR'S NOTE: "The article mentions the massive amounts of red tape a school faces when hiring a foreigner but does not fully take into account the connection between China's overly strict requirements for foreign teachers and the number of illegal teachers working in China. In our opinion, China needs to better realize its market, which is often young people right out of college, and offer more roads to a legal teaching visa. It is really the young teachers who are taken advantage of by tutoring centers in China, and the number of “criminals” who come pose as teachers in China are the extreme minority." Why publish an article, especially as an editor, when you cannot verify nor do you believe in it's content?

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This website seems to basically post whatever is popular on Chinese media so that those of us who can't or won't read it can see what the Chinese are saying about things.

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Kinda sucks for those of us who don't want to read this sh*t...I quote "Planet of the Apes": "it's easy to be monogamous here"

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Not a word about the crooks who run the schools then? Sloppy, disinterested and unprofessional.... Plus the writer of this article seems to have no idea what a CELTA actually is. Printed off from the internet it is not....I sweated for that bugger!

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Yeah, CELTA is a bit more involved than a simple TEFL/TESOL crash teaching course. I did the TEFL course before moving to China, and with my non-relevant Biology master's degree, I'd fall into the article's third category of teachers who often perform poorly. For a select few institutions I'm underqualified, but i recieved plenty of offers from reputable international schools in Shanghai and Tianjin when I looked around. The light skin blue eyes qualification reigns supreme. I easily met the FEC criteria, but ended up working for an illegal school because it was near my wife's hometown. I returned to Europe, leaving pakistanis behind to masquerade as an Australian and an American. They later found a real Irish woman to teach, but I still get contacted by the school to help them find old teaching materials I made.

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