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My boss still won't allow it, ffs!

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WOW!! This is AWESOME. thanks SO much for telling people who have been in China for YEARS how to behave if they want the simplest thing done when it should be done, when it was due, or when completion was promised. Of course I won't tell my colleagues to 'stop being so greedy' when they dive into the candies I brought with me to share and one person takes 50% of them like children. And of course I will happily let them **** me over because i am a spine-less laowei and that is all we deserve. Of course our life experience in things means nothing to the Manager who is only there because of guanxi, and not ability of any sorts, and the fact that they are destroying the business and my job should be left un-remarked on. And i will remember not to cough in the polluted air lest the sensitive locals take this as a personal insult to China. If my colleagues fail to do their work because the are on QQ or WeChat and this impacts on mine, of course I won't say anything to them because it might hurt their feelings. If my colleagues 'forget' to tell me something important for my work, I will remember to thank them for allowing me to be present in their company, and not that they didn't do their job properly. In a professional environment, I expect my colleagues to behave in a professional manner, regardless of their country of origin, as I behave. If you are going to have 'hurt feelings' every time a manager or colleague reminds you of your professional responsibilities, maybe you should be in another business.

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thanks Guest 314114 (AKA quyen - great name by the way). my comment is appropriate for the article. And the article is symptomatic of the standard of featured posts that ECC has reached since the start of the year. Keep up the good work ECC.

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don't worry, sorrel, they don't understand sarcasm

Jul 30, 2015 12:49 Report Abuse



LOL. China is a Kafkaesque experience. (cough cough)

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