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As EVERYONE in the world knows, China is a developing country. Not a developed country. For people from other developed countries to come here and expect Chinese people to behave and think like they do is not fair. That will take a long time, like it took us too to become developed and well mannered.

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I am amazed that people want China to reliquish its culture to please tourist. Whether it is developing country or not, surely it should retain its culture. We can see to many countries where western culture has destroyed native cultures, with alarming consequences. I would suggest that people that complain about China still have deep rooted imperiaIist views. Globalisation does not mean every country should adopt western values, to create a global village. I have travelled in many countries, and would have to say China is one of the most hospitable I have lived in.
Think about things before you critisize. What a dull world it would be if everyone, and everywhere is the same.

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Western culture has destroyed native culture....poor choice of words, as far as i know its the people of said native countries that decide to accept anything of western values and culture nothing is forced upon anyone...and vice versa.

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So... being polite and considerate of others, means relinquishing Chinese culture? Interesting viewpoint.

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Stop blaming Western culture for Chinese problems. The Chinese could have rejected Western concepts like fast food, consumerism, money worship, but no, they stupidly embrace it. It was not forced upon them.

Now they will pay the price for it!

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Dude, it's the darkness of ignorance, not an argument about individuality. Anyone can be uncivilized.
re: "I am amazed that people want China to reliquish its culture to please tourist..."
It's not 'culture' that people are miffed about... dude. It's 'lack ' of culture.

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yeah, they definatetly could have boycotted, then they'd all still be wearing blue uniforms and declaring their affections for Mao. Oh, ... hang on, they still do.... the 'Mao' part! Didn't their 're-education' on the camps teach them anything? What a waste...

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So very true, lets keep the diversity, The west is not as civilized as it thinks it is.

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Im about 50/50 when it comes to Chinese people,there are good ones and there are bad ones.i have lived in China for 1 yr now and have seen many things that would not be acceptable in my country but im not in my country so i just have to go along like everybody else does.but this article is biased imo.

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After spending a month in China, most of coventional wisdom, that I once believed is spin. The economy is thriving. The people are industrious. They know how to enjoy life. I fell in love with China and the Chinese people. I was very well accepted and my experience was the Chinese love Americans I came back to the US and spoke positively about my trip. I would return to China In a heart beat. China, please accept my heart felt thanks for welcoming me to your country

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Lorenzo, you came to China for one month, and you are a know it all. Live here for four or five years, then you have the right to comment. You will find out what China is really like.

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Well, I for one have been here for five years, and LOVE it! It has not always been "peaches and cream" and I have had my moments of culture shock yet overall I would fully agree with Lorenzo. What the Chinese people may lack in manners they more than make up for it in friendliness and hospitality.
Now, four or five years is hardly enough to know "what China is really like" and as foreigners I dont think we will fully understand. Overall my view of China is even better than when I first came so go ahead Lorenzo! Express yourself!

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Why would you be there 4 years if you are so uncomfortable. I went on a year's contract and stayed 8 . Frustration at times because of some of the conditions, but I would go back and live if it was possible. I found that I was incompatible with most ex-pats and frequented few of their places. I wanted to experience China, not be a tourist, or an Ugly American. I did and I love it. Now fortunately I can be a host to many of my Chinese friends who come to the U.S. to visit me. I can show American hospitality to these much loved friends. In the next two months I will welcome, one fellow teacher and the parents of one of my students. Lifelong friendships.

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My fiance lives in Guilin and I was there last week. Lovely city, but what do you do for relaxation. I was not there long enough to search enough to relax and I did not see much in the way of expats. I look forward to hearing your stories.

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While I love China dearly there are things that send me around the twist daily, and for the most part I have learned to live with it. However I do have the occasional meltdown. The pissing and shitting on the streets by children and adults (even educated ones) the bad driving, the me first theory finally gets to me and I blow. I vent and then I am good for another 6 months.

Your comments about China are mostly accurate about the people in general, However, a 30 day experience does not allow you to offer a raving review of China. Come back and stay for a few years and then we will see if your review is the same. Hell a 30 day visit to Miami could be a wonderful experience too. Just don't go to the seedy-side of town and expect to stay safe.

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Totally agree, I am going back for a month to visit 5 maybe 6 cities, in some I have been lucky enough to be offered a place to stay, I am also set up here to host friends visiting Australia.

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Why exactly are you doing in China if you keep on posting these derogatory remarks about the country? I don't understand your logic here. If you dont' like China, if you have contradicting views from those who enjoy their experience in China GTFO!!

Seriously, I come on this site as a Chinese American to get to know others who live in China but you just come on here to vent all your aggression and frustrations i dont' understand. :S If you dont like China your more than welcome to move back to whatever place you came!

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I know a lot of Chinese, mostly from language exchange it's true, but when i have visited China they are just so happy to show me around, and not just suck my English off me, one did not have much time to see me, but paid for my hotel and made some suggestions, later showing me a few things. another hired a car just to drive me around for a day, all were very kind and friendly. The kindnes and hospitality of these friends was great. While some of it is curiousity, most is just plain good old hospitality. Sure they have different ways, some do eat dog while a dog is my best friend, eating dog is not bad, but not to my taste, we need to accept the differences or at least tolerate them, they tolerate ours. I have never understood this habit of looking for problems with others, is it to make us feel better about ourselves, we are after all far from perfect.

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I disagree, eating dogs and cats is uncivilised behavior. Especially the way that some Chinese people ( in some provinces ) torture cats and dogs ( and rabbits) before they eat them.

That is just sick, uncivilised, and disgusting behavior. The people who take part are barbaric and evil individuals. Please don't use "culture" as an excuse for this. Chinese people always use that "different culture" rubbish, and I'm sick of hearing that shit.

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Well good to know your opinion.
In my eyes though, eating a cow or a sheep or a pig is no much different than eating a dog. Its about customs and what youre used to. I know its hard for people like you to try to see things from other people's point of view, but at least give it a try sometimes.

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No one is forcing you to live in china,if you don't like it then leave or are you not wanted in your country,hmm except that

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really? can you people come up with a better reply than the old. if you dont like it leave thing.because its getting old. stop being so damn sensitive about criticism. china is far from perfetct, and so is every other country in the world. so if you cant handle a little criticism about china i suggest you stop coming to this site, and maybe go to ww.chinaisthebestcoutryinthehistoryofever!!. com so you and people like you can have discussions about how incredibly awesome china is, and everyone is happy

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Brutality, is wrong, but that has nothing to do with " what" your eating, and the Chinese I know would not do it. Be against the brutality, but please don't condemn a food source or those who eat it because it turns "your" stomach, I don't condemn those that eat KFC or MC Donalds or bear or deer. Only those that are eating a species into extinction.

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Granted we have our own views on what is right and what is wrong. But please don't generalize the whole entire ethinic group of CHinese based on you ignorant mindset.

As a Chinese American, I've seen both side views of China more so i realize just how many Americans like yourself still judge others not as indivsuals but as a whole stereotypical group. That is quite sad.

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Sean Patrick Sarto

This article and it's comments comes off as a lot of pandering rot to my ears.

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