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“Mistress Anonymous” - And the Chinese men wonder why nobody thinks highly of them. People are getting tired of Chinese abusing immigration policies of other countries while the expats in China have none. We can't even get permanent residency. And Chinese journalism hand-picks stories involving foreigners to incite xenophobia... Perhaps, China was best left closed off to the rest of the world in 1978.

Jul 17, 2014 01:45 Report Abuse



Your comment is spot on the mark. Even visas here are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. The fact is, the world doesn't revolve around China. In fact, the world is very tolerant of Chinese and their uncivilised behaviour. I too am getting sick and tired of these articles attempting to make foreign countries look bad compared to China. These articles could not be furter from the truth. Just last week in Guangzhou, I was denied entry to a night club because I was a foreigner! Where else on earth would you get away with such blatant racism? In Australia, if I denied a Chinese person entry to any kind of establishment, it would be front page news and I would be cast out of business and deemed a racist. Robk, I agree with your last statement. China SHOULD have remained closed and still should be until it learns to cooperate with the world and understand that being an "open" country, means acting "openly". I still cannot understand how China hosted the Olympics - man, the bribes must have been huge.

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Yeah, I have been here eight years. And things are changing (some good) but the attitude towards foreigners and the outside world seems to one of increasing disdain. Those expats with children or wives should probably plan an exit within the next three years. I don't see things getting any better and the government deals with more problems and always looks to blame the "outsiders" in some form or another.

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Ok, so now we might abuse immigration policies. You white people have abused the entire world for ages, so suck it up.

Jul 22, 2014 04:47 Report Abuse



Cooperate? you think democracy bombs is cooperation? By the way, a complot between white countries to enslave the world is not "cooperation" :)

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