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I can totally relate to this article. Spot on.

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Yip. Back in the boom days when this website actually had a few bloggers of quality. Those of still around just have to look back on those days with a touch of nostalgia.

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Yes. Old article, but well written. I've been here a long time now - maybe over stayed, but things have changed. I have a great young son to raise. I've visited old friends Stateside and loved it (with reversed culture shock and all). Yet, I realize I can't afford to live there until I can save more money! Fortunately, I've found a better job in many aspects which allows me to play catch up, or make up for my earlier time "exploring" carefree in relatively "voluntary simplicity". Now, life is quite similar to that of back home when things were steadier. I have a decent, meaningful job (at an international high school) with good pay and decent hours, living in a fairly decent apartment in a decent neighborhood mostly focused giving my kid a decent life experience as a multicultural individual - the exception is home schooling, since we attest the school system here!

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