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Well done Cyberia... you just totally missed the point! 恭喜您!

Jun 15, 2011 17:39 Report Abuse



China, the most progressive nation? I don't know where you get your information from but I can take one guess. While China is slowly making some progress, it is still light years away from the modern world. It is still a third world country and will remain to be for a very long time.

Oct 16, 2011 19:44 Report Abuse



No, Christianity is not prevalent in China. The only "Christians" that are open about their faith (in the more populated areas) are missionaries. I’m fairly certain a lot of Chinese people may "say" that theyre Christian or believe in "God," but never to the extent of Christian westerners - China is primarily an athiest/agnostic country with some tradition seeping into their beliefs. However, I dont see why thats important - why does it matter? Are other countries suddenly "bad" or "evil" if Christianity is not their main religion? Why should it be a factor in how westerners perceive China to be? If so, maybe some of you should consider being more open-minded about the beliefs of others instead of feeling uncomfortable with the idea that maybe, just maybe, the culture of another country is different from your own. News flash: Christians arent the only people with morals.

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I actually think that a lot of western media is hugely deferential to China. There are some silly, mild sensational stories but most of the ones about growth and economy are positive. There are a lot of things about slave labor, corruptions, and China's foreign policy that could be covered in a much darker light but for whatever reason--lack of access, reader interest, not wanting to piss off China--aren't.

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I'm not sure how much experience you have with Christianity in China, but what you wrote does not resound at all with my experience being Catholic in China. I'm a member of a [registered] Catholic church in Fujian, and while I go to Chinese Mass, the English service is open to anyone. That's certainly not to say there are no challenges unique to China when it comes to being a practicing Christian, but as far as I have seen or heard in my year here, Catholic doctrine is not watered down at all. Maybe you were trying to use hyperbole, but in an article trying to disprove misconceptions, it can be really misleading. Don't underestimate Chinese Christians or write off their faith as different from what Christians in the West believe.

Jun 14, 2010 05:43 Report Abuse



Yes. Honor. Saving face. He slept with his female student. Wife was angry. He was saving his face and beat her. Hypocrites! Face savers damn you!

May 15, 2010 11:30 Report Abuse



I have been in a city in England and seen a man attack a woman's car with a hammer, at a road junction. At the traffic lights, at night, he smashed up the lights of the car and dragged the woman out of the car by her hair. This was a rough city. However, in my home town I never saw this. And so when you want to compare a city in China, be aware that a particular city may not represent China. A bit like crime levels in some areas of Detriot are not representative of the USA.

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Interesting opinion but lacking in social context. First, 10 months in China is not even scratching the surface of reality. Where are you from? I am a expat New York City person, and speaking about brutality is a daily way of life there. So lets not compare apples and oranges. Do you not know in other cultures outside the western box , that family honor and saving face may have been involved in the incident you viewed as cruel. What do they call that in the west? Before you express your opinion about something you do not know, I suggest asking the people what is going on? I get the impression you are a young person with very little life traveled experience, and really do not know about global cultures outside your sheltered homeland. Wife and husband bashing has been going on since the cave days, regardless of where and why. I personally have lived throughout Asia since 1966 and lived in many countries, and not once have I seen elder people get mugged and knocked to the ground like in my home city New York. So before you criticize China society think of yours, I bet you ignore the truth when you see it, just look in the mirror.

Apr 30, 2010 00:48 Report Abuse


Just J

Wow, as a fellow New Yorker, you really don't sound like you are from New York... Maybe you should try visiting there some time, or visit some of the countryside of New York. There is much more to the USA than "crime ridden streets" in the big cities... Just something that Chinese media gets wrong about the USA. Of course, neither America nor China are perfect, so we just have to live with being where we are in the world, and make the best of it by being a good representative of our respective countries.

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No one has said the US is better than China or that China is better than the US.
What does or does not happen in the US has nothing to do with the topic.

Your English is very strange for someone from the US ;)

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I have lived in Guangzhou for about 10 months now, and I've seen men beating women, seemingliy unprovoked, a total of three times now. Once on a bus. Once in a restaurant. And once on the street. The first two I intervened and stopped. The last one, well, the guy was so old he couldn't do any damage to the woman if he wanted to. It was funny. In all of these incidences, Chinese people just stood by and did nothing, and so did the friends of the scumbag women beaters...

Apr 29, 2010 17:06 Report Abuse



Where on the hell you see men beat women on the street??? It is so strange ! i was born in China and grow up in china. in my life the frequency of seeing weirdos is much much less that I heard form expats. What on the hell you are doing here!!??

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i saw it in nantong jiangsu at 8 pm, when an old woman grocerer dropped or hit some fruit basket and the basket fall down, her husband picked up a stone and throw at her as i witness with my eyes.. luckily i was nearly missed with the stone. i watched this until the fight ended. but that man did beat his old wife on the road at night. it was really harsh i still for sorry for the old lady.
another one the same city but a different place. i was eating dinner in a resturanut suddenly me and my friend heard loud noise near the shop. the husband near the shop beat her wife on the foot path. but the woman also return many punches and kicks even some stones as well. but woman got some bruises on her face, little bit blood as well........

i am the eye witness of this and it happened in 2009 summers or after that as far as i can remember them.

Jun 22, 2011 08:53 Report Abuse



I saw it too, 2 times, and both time I was not able to help - coz others help the man. the woman once almost felt under the truck wheel which just run around ... second time the man was kicking the wife in his mercedes benz, kicking, catch the hair, beating with fists. i was unable to stop the car that time. sorry to that woman.

Oct 15, 2011 01:19 Report Abuse



It's hard to know where to start. I haven't yet read the other comments, so I can't gauge the conventional response. Chinese women? Shanghai women? There's a big difference between the two. Suicide and abortions? Several times a week I see a man beating a woman on the street, often with several male onlookers supporting him. In Shanghai. Your premise is worthy, but I think that you're protesting too much regarding how China is perceived by western media. Usually, I think, the way China is depicted is fairly accurate...and there aren't enough axes to grind that can change a country increasingly uninterested in making friends with the rest of the world. Its ascendancy is fraught with intrinsic problems. We're all complicit, I suppose, in trotting out repeatedly the 'developing country' trope. Locally, it's a very tense society. Are things good? Not very good, but as good as who expects? Damn, its own people tell me they expect better.

Apr 26, 2010 10:52 Report Abuse



On Andy's comment on foreign media transparency: I think it is more of an issue for the West to understand China rather than China wanting to be understood by the West. China are able to learn a lot about the West and does, however this isn't a two way street. If you know yourself, and you know your enemy, you will win every battle.

Apr 26, 2010 01:52 Report Abuse



^The more i learn about China from living here, the more i think the locals don't actually care about being understood by the west! Just a vibe i get.

Fair do's!

Jun 15, 2011 01:09 Report Abuse



you are right!

Jun 16, 2011 06:56 Report Abuse



There does still seem to be open season for 'China bashing' in the western media. Perhaps with people losing jobs, homes, etc, people are looking for someone to blame. There is a long list of those to direct their ire at; including banks, Wall St., and China. So don't expect balanced reporting about any of these.

Apr 25, 2010 16:43 Report Abuse



I think it's worth getting everything into perspective. All five points are quite good starters as to where China is miss-read in the west but there are far more. But what the western media is actually scared to tell its readers/viewers/netziens etc is actually how fast China is growing, and will overtake Japan this year as the world's second largest economy, and in time (though that's less clear when) the US. So much is scaremongering and keeping people in ignorance - because at the end of the day western politicians don't want to own up to how they let it happen...or their media.

Apr 25, 2010 10:14 Report Abuse


Big L

Andy makes a very good point.

Apr 24, 2010 23:28 Report Abuse



Your thesis and headline is that foreign media gets it wrong about China yet you offer no proof of this..Only your own opinion. Number 1 point you mention "people" but nothing about Western media. What people ? Number 2, 3, 4 and 5 have no mention of Western media. Your article is not convincing, is completely biased based on your own experience and you are not a credible journalist. Suggest change the headline and thesis.

Apr 24, 2010 20:50 Report Abuse



Hello. Thanks for the article-- About woman in China- just look at the UN facts about girls in China. China and India are the only countries in the world where a girl under the age of 5 has a 2.5 times chance of dying than a boy. So JUST ask the question WHY WHY. Money spend on health care is mostly spend on boys- alot of these deeper issues goes back to Confucius beliefs that the boy carry on the family name and is thus more important than girls. Another fact- I read and heard stories of foreigners stopping a man from backing up his wife in public and guess what teh foreigner goes to jail. Wife abuse is considered a private family affair despite the Chinese Consitution that calls for equal right of woman!!!! I lived in China for 18 months and I have gone there 7 times. YES YES I love Yunnan Province town you mentioned it is quite amazing!!!

Apr 24, 2010 12:03 Report Abuse



I would say that either you are not a Chinese or know very little about India & China.
What you write probably was 40 years back in India. I know that for shure as I am an Indian. Regarding China, i have known quite a lot by this time, by virtue of staying inChina for 2 years.
After having toured more then a dozen of countries, I can tell you that the governess in China is one of the best in the world. The country has progressed & still progressing at a rate which no one in the world could have ever imagined. Regarding dominance of Male over female, I would say that Females are equally dominant as their counterpart male. Regarding religion, dont you feel that its a personel choice. In this regard, please tell me how many christians in the west follow christianity strictly. Religion is for self discipline & you will agree that one can be self disciplined even with out a religion. To me religion as taught by our parents lasts till we are 18 years and then most of us tend to firget that. So my opinion about China is, being a big country with the higest population, China sets an example to the world about good governess, progress, respect to its citizens & foreigners & above all modest to admit that its still a developing country.
Journalists & Press: Trust me the gates will open soon, when China would be a country with the maximum no of press & foreign journalists.

Oct 15, 2011 04:26 Report Abuse



I have been in Shanghai for 8 months. I've witnessed husbands and boyfriends beating their wives/girlfriends in public. It has always been from afar and over before I could intervene. However, last night in a very public venue I saw a husband (very drunk) beating and stomping his wife. I immediately intervened.

I yelled and got between them and stopped him. He began crying and slapping himself. His friends grabbed me and told me not to interfere.

They woman was beaten so bad, she would not get off the ground or show her swollen bleeding face. As I tried to assist her, the husband's friends confronted me. I had to shove them and threaten them to get them to back off.

The husband began hitting his wife again, and I grabbed him and shoved him, and then had to fight off his two friends. I am a strong enough man to have been able to beat some justice into these men, but I have heard that foreigners doing this will see jail time. I stood my ground and helped the woman leave the scene.

I went around asking every man and woman that witnessed what had happened why they would not help. A total of about 40 people.

Only one Chinese man said he would stand with me and fight if they came back. All of the other men and women said it was not right for me to get involved. When I asked if we should just watch the man beat her to death, they just shrugged their shoulders. Many of the men laughed at me even considering trying to help.

I went to the security guards in the area, and asked for help. Nothing doing. I found the police, and they said it was not my business, and if I had hit the Chinese husband, they would have taken me to jail.

I have been traveling to China since 1998. I have always maintained a very high opinion of the Chinese people, but actually living in China and witnessing this sort of violence against women and the cowardice of Chinese men and women refusing to aid the woman and stop the man has changed my opinion of the Chinese people over night. I have been physically sick ever since the entire event. The worst part is so many people just watching it happen and not caring.

Nov 14, 2011 03:32 Report Abuse