I'm not sure how much experience you have with Christianity in China, but what you wrote does not resound at all with my experience being Catholic in China. I'm a member of a [registered] Catholic church in Fujian, and while I go to Chinese Mass, the English service is open to anyone. That's certainly not to say there are no challenges unique to China when it comes to being a practicing Christian, but as far as I have seen or heard in my year here, Catholic doctrine is not watered down at all. Maybe you were trying to use hyperbole, but in an article trying to disprove misconceptions, it can be really misleading. Don't underestimate Chinese Christians or write off their faith as different from what Christians in the West believe.

Jun 14, 2010 05:43 Report Abuse



I actually think that a lot of western media is hugely deferential to China. There are some silly, mild sensational stories but most of the ones about growth and economy are positive. There are a lot of things about slave labor, corruptions, and China's foreign policy that could be covered in a much darker light but for whatever reason--lack of access, reader interest, not wanting to piss off China--aren't.

Jun 23, 2010 06:48 Report Abuse



No, Christianity is not prevalent in China. The only "Christians" that are open about their faith (in the more populated areas) are missionaries. I’m fairly certain a lot of Chinese people may "say" that theyre Christian or believe in "God," but never to the extent of Christian westerners - China is primarily an athiest/agnostic country with some tradition seeping into their beliefs. However, I dont see why thats important - why does it matter? Are other countries suddenly "bad" or "evil" if Christianity is not their main religion? Why should it be a factor in how westerners perceive China to be? If so, maybe some of you should consider being more open-minded about the beliefs of others instead of feeling uncomfortable with the idea that maybe, just maybe, the culture of another country is different from your own. News flash: Christians arent the only people with morals.

Sep 04, 2010 07:10 Report Abuse



Wow, this list is ridiculous. Did you all time travel from the 1940s? The stereotyping is seriously far-fetched. If you don’t live under a rock, youd know that China has been by FAR the most progressive nation in the last few decades - China in the "Dark Ages?" Seriously? It more than underwent TWICE the amount of modernization that the US did in less than HALF the time.

Sep 04, 2010 07:15 Report Abuse



Well done Cyberia... you just totally missed the point! 恭喜您!

Jun 15, 2011 17:39 Report Abuse



China, the most progressive nation? I don't know where you get your information from but I can take one guess. While China is slowly making some progress, it is still light years away from the modern world. It is still a third world country and will remain to be for a very long time.

Oct 16, 2011 19:44 Report Abuse


Live Here

Do you ever actually READ the "foreign media?" I do. It simply doesn't say what you claim it says. Where are quotes from actual foreign media sources? Please tell me you don't get paid to write this drivel. If you were to call this article "5 Things Uninformed Foreigners BELIEVE About China" this might have been a decent article. I live in China and read quite a bit of "foreign media" and most of it is pretty accurate in its reporting about China. How does one get a job writing for Ecities, anyway? Is this a "guanxi" thing or something? This article is simply garbage, sorry.

Oct 14, 2011 19:52 Report Abuse



I'd like to see an article about how much Chinese media misunderstands the west. Cause it's a hell of a lot worse.

Oct 14, 2011 20:44 Report Abuse


David 1

To state the "bleeding obvious", the Communist[?] government censors all references to "the Square" Tibet and would rather not discuss Taiwan.
The majority of Chinese, even the well educated often swallow the party line. Why wouldn't they when they haven't been allowed to hear any other view.
It seems to me that most people in China , especially the young have no interest in politics which suits the government fine. The main objective of the Communist [?] Party is to stay in power

Oct 14, 2011 21:21 Report Abuse



I agree with the above article. There are so much misconceptions about China, and in my opinion if we want to know China we need to travel there and not rely on paper views.

Oct 14, 2011 23:49 Report Abuse



Foreign media is white media . if it's not white it's not right. Anything that happens in China is happening in the west now or did happen at one time.
The biggest media owners are white and corrupt, not to mention some are spies for their goverment including those so called christian priest (spies).

All we see and hear is controlled by the white devil, unless you are blind, dumb, and deaf .

China needs to defend it's self at all times as much as possible from the white is right mentality.

Oct 15, 2011 19:05 Report Abuse



Chinese media is Chinese government media - the govt tells the media what they are allowed to tell the people, and tells them what they are not allowed to talk about - AT ALL! If it's not a bright happy face about China, then it's not allowed. NO criticism of Chinese government or policy is allowed in the media. People are not allowed to express their own opinion which goes against the government - for fear of being put in jail.

The Chinese government is 100% completely corrupt! To be in government here, it means, by definition, that you are corrupt - have taken pay-offs, have offered pay-offs, to expect pay-offs.Attempts to weed out corruption have themselves been destroyed by that corruption.

The Chinese government has spies to ensure that anyone who criticises the government finds themselves removed from society.

All you see and here in this country is carefully censored by the government.

The rest of the world... oh, and all those in China as well - needs to be cautious about anything to do with the Chinese government at all times, and the China is always right (and strong, and free, and....).

Like many non-Chinese visitors to this country, I love most of it - but China has some significant improvements before it becomes a First World country. Such as removal of corruption, transparency in government, freedom of speech, good laws and law enforcement, quality assurance measures, cleaner environment, and much less materialism and more respect for other people. These are not 'western' ideals - they are CIVILISED ideals! Ideals that I've heard many Chinese say they wish for their own country!

"The west" =\= "America". Nor just the UK, Australia. The west also means Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy and a whole stack of other countries - all with different values, attitudes, opinions - but with similar ideas about what 'civilised' is... and it doesn't matter if in that country you are black, brown, yellow, white, pink or any other colour - those ideals still remain the same for everyone!

Oct 16, 2011 21:57 Report Abuse



Your right, most people don't really understand that China has changed in the last 50 years or much about the country or people for that matter.
I think China should make themselves known to the outside world and bring down the Great Firewall of China. How is anyone able to get to know China if they stop people from talking about China. Good or Bad, it should be discussed. I love this country, people and culture and I am not even Chinese but that is why I stay.

Oct 15, 2011 22:54 Report Abuse



Just like to comment on Christianity in China. English services are offered in big cities and i attended a lot of them and just like home. But just a point to stressed out, Christianity without Jesus is not Christianity at all. Because Jesus is the Christ, where the name CHRISTianity comes. Very basic, though. :) God loves us all.

Oct 16, 2011 23:58 Report Abuse



Personally, I think the Christianity bit on this thread is pretty irrelevant... religion in general, though, would have been more significant!! There IS misconception about that.

But, in reference to it, what little Christianity I have experienced from the local converts suggests to me that it is not very well explained. All of those I've spoken to don't even know that there are different denominations, nor therefore the differences between them.

As Pinoy said, Christianity, by definition, requires Christ... those converts I've spoken with don't seem to fully understand Christ's significance in the religion, but just say that they believe in God.. and that Jesus has something to do with it... somehow, somewhere..... just, not sure how and why!

Oct 17, 2011 01:44 Report Abuse



Personally I think all the non-citizens of china should mind their own business. The reason America is ion such shambles now is because we butt in too much. Let other countries and their citizens deal with their own issues! If the men in Shanghai dont want to be under the control of their wives like a pussy then they should get a different woman and if the women in other parts wealthy or not, well dressed or not dont want to put up with their husbands, then they should leave also. If neither know any better, then so f#*!ing what...too bad. EXPATS stop getting into others business. If America let well enough alone in other countries, we would not have had to experience 9/11 or Pearl harbor. And before you all reply with angry smart blah blah comments...I'm American...have been an expat living in China,....served in the Army and am happily married to a chinese women that is NOT americanized and she and I know that the minute she becomes "Americanized" I'll be finding another wife. And yes...i do believe there is a reason why america has the most stressed out husbands and highest divorce rate. (TO HONOR AND OBEY) is ignored in america! My wife is more than happy to continue to live and practice her countries more traditional culture and I'm happy to accept that!

Oct 17, 2011 02:18 Report Abuse


Dan Smith

here is a nice steaming cup of shut the hell up....

no 9/11?

you blame the USA?

you have been drinking something or smoking something that is not even

related to common sense.

America got itself into bed with the internationalists and fiat money crowd.

China has the good sense to avoid these leeches.

But, to blame America for getting itself attacked on 9/11 when many of us

lost friends and associates to an Islamic idiot- that tears it.

Oct 17, 2011 17:02 Report Abuse



I'm an atheist from Scandinavia and I thought christianity would be more common here in China because a childhood friend of mine who has been working for the church here told me so.
But after living here for one year I would say the Christianity is luckily still very small here.
And I hope it stays small, as I think the west has much to learn from the east when it comes to morality and ethics. A world without Christianity, Islam and Judaism is much more peaceful and friendly. So I beg you all missionaries. Please don't go here. Please stay at home and start with finding out what went wrong in the west, before you mess up China!

Oct 17, 2011 02:58 Report Abuse



"The Wolves Pursuing Sol and Mani" (1909) by J. C. Dollman.
It's very suggestive northern gods mythology, beeing catholic open eyes not only on death matter, but after it? who gave life to life? bad behaviour of christians sounds louder, why? what people really expect from Christ?

Oct 17, 2011 10:54 Report Abuse


Herbert N. Hale

How do such articles get published?
Heck, how do they get read?
Worse yet, how can anyone find them of value?

Oct 26, 2011 18:42 Report Abuse



You write something then, herbert.

Oct 27, 2011 04:08 Report Abuse


Michael Baron

Actually I wrote an article about the foreign media being unfair to China a while ago: (The article title is Get the Message Right and it was published by Beijing Review)
So I fully agree- Westerners fail to see the Chinese prospective and are highly subjective when it comes to appreciating life and events that take place in another culture!

Nov 13, 2011 06:08 Report Abuse



Demonization other races especially their males is in western men's blood

Jun 23, 2012 14:26 Report Abuse



How can you say that there is Christianity for the Chinese when they leave out the whole "Jesus thing". All this article shows is that you have no idea what you are writing about. It is like teaching Buddhism but leaving out the whole Buddha thing.

Oct 28, 2017 12:48 Report Abuse



Propaganda BS.

Oct 28, 2017 22:59 Report Abuse